Abortions and BBQ


Not only does the new anti-choice law in Texas make getting or giving an abortion illegal after six weeks, even in the case of rape and incest, it will punish anyone who helps a woman get an abortion. And this isn’t one of those bullshit laws like the one in Alaska that makes it illegal to push a live moose out of an airplane. People helping other people get abortions happens way more often than moose-pushings from airplanes.

The penalty for helping a woman get an abortion in Texas is $10,000. Plus, any Texan can bring a lawsuit against any abortion provider or anyone who helped with an abortion. How does that work where you can sue someone when nothing damaged you? I can see you being able to sue if a moose lands on you after being pushed from an airplane, but not when someone else getting an abortion doesn’t affect you.

You know how often white Christian right-wingers believe they were violated. Beyoncé playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show hurts their feelings. They’re going to go crazy with this shit.

And get this: There is a website in Texas set up by anti-choice fuckers that describes any helping as “aiding and abetting.” I’m a-betting these fuckers are assholes because what’s considered “aiding and abetting” doesn’t just include the abortion providers, but anyone else who assisted. This includes anyone who drives someone to a clinic which will probably create a new Uber policy where you have to click a box before ordering your ride promising your destination isn’t to receive an abortion. This can also include anyone who hands out a pamphlet explaining how to get an abortion or where to go. Someone who pays for an abortion can be fined and sued. Maybe it’ll include any judges who vote against this law. Maybe it’ll include protesters. Maybe it’ll even include political cartoonists which are rarer in Texas than abortion clinics.

People are already attacking the website but they’ve yet to shut it down. People are hitting this website with false claims, photos of Shrek, and furry porn. Wait. What the hell is “furry porn?” Do I need to Google this and see what it is? Sure, I’ll take one of for the team and…OH MY GOD!!!! DO. NOT. GOOGLE. FURRY. PORN. Trust me on this. That is no way to treat the rabbit from Zootopia. I’m going to have some serious bunny butthole nightmares. What was I talking about? Oh yeah…this website.

Basically, people are bombing this website with…really? The rabbit? I’m sorry….back to work. They’re bombing this website with a lot of shit in order to shut it down. It’s like that time TikTokkers ordered all those reservations for Trump’s Tulsa hate rally and the campaign set up a giant screen outside for the overflow crowd for the millions of MAGAts they were expecting, but then nobody showed up which embarrassed the campaign and Brad Parscale got fired. That was a good day. Those TikTokkers did to Donald Trump what I just saw a cartoon Michael Jordan doing to Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend. Why so many rabbits?

The website is Prolife Whistle Blower or some shit like that. Normally, I hate to post links on my blog for jerkwads but I’m all for chicanery, shenanigans, and being a stinker. There’s another route you can take which is to report the site to its host which is the same host for this very blog, GoDaddy.

This anti-choice site that helps uptight knuckle-dragging cave-dwelling Neanderthals rat (Agh! Just got another furry porn flashback) on people for doing something that’s a very private and sensitive manner may be violating GoDaddy’s Terms of Service. So, if GoDaddy doesn’t want to help create a bunch more daddies, including uncle daddies and rapist daddies, they’ll take this hate site down.

There is a tipline at GoDaddy. There is another page for abuse reports. Finally, you can just send them an email at privacy@godaddy.com. At the very least, GoDaddy will not want to be bogged down in a political quagmire and will delete the site for that reason alone.

If everything else fails, I got some Lola Bunny pics you can send them.

Signed prints: The signed prints are just $40.00 each. Every cartoon on this site is available. You can pay through PayPal. If you don’t like PayPal, you can snail mail it to Clay Jones, P.O. Box 9103, Fredericksburg, VA 22403. I can mail the prints directly to you or if you’re purchasing as a gift, directly to the person you’re gifting.

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  1. You know how when you tell someone to NOT do something, they just gotta do it?

    “ Results for furry porn may contain adult-oriented content. Safe Search must be turned off to display these results.

    Turn Safe Search Off
    YahooPowered by Bing™‎”

    This is what I got for Images and Videos searches. I did not turn off Safe Search.

    Just reading the Search Results list for Web and News searches was enough to gross me out. I did not follow any of the links.

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  2. The women of Texas need to weaponize sex in order to deal with their Texas Taliban lawmakers. Better yet … all women should move out of Texas and any man that follows her to the Texas border will meet an armed battalion of pro-abortion militant female snipers with orders to shoot for the balls. The backlash for this law will happen when Texas Taliban pervert legislators, that commit incest and rape and impregnate their daughters, seek resolution through back alley abortions. Texas is no longer the Lone Star State… it is the Golden Coat Hanger state. Climate change can’t come soon enough to turn that redneck dumbass state into a Sahara desert. Abort the Alamo!

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  3. yesterday, i contributed to both these organizations . my way to fight the texas taliban. you’ll have to dig up your own links. 1 Fund Texas Choice 2) Lilith Fund


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    In a nut shell … and much more info! ‘Profile Whistle Blower” link provided!!

    I hate Texas and have never been there!! … “Not only does the new anti-choice law in Texas make getting or giving an abortion illegal after six weeks, even in the case of rape and incest, it will punish anyone who helps a woman get an abortion. And this isn’t one of those bullshit laws like the one in Alaska that makes it illegal to push a live moose out of an airplane. People helping other people get abortions happens way more often than moose-pushings from airplanes.”


  5. Being a female (although well past child-bearing age), I fully, totally, and completely support this post!

    Certain members of the current Supreme (?) Court need to be tarred and feathered and run out of the country by people with pitchforks! That’s how backward they are for supporting this absolutely horrendous law.


  6. To women everywhere, go on total strike. Refuse to do anything for the men in your lives, or even the men not in your lives!
    UNTIL THISLAW IS REPEALED REFUSE to cook, clean, do housework, raise children, anything considered “woman’s work.” Most of all, no more hetero sexual relationships until the men in your lives stand up for everyone everywhere, and until they force Texas, and any future copycat state, to give you the right to have control over your own bodies.
    The men your lives will understand. If they don’t, get rid of them.

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  7. While many genuine Christians have rejected Trump (albeit mostly silently), regardless of his tempting conservative politics and pro-life professions, it’s the very vocal and politically active ‘Christian’ element celebrating Trump conservatism that gets the brightest news-media spotlight. Christ was about compassion, non-violence and charity.

    Surely they realize that Jesus clearly would not tolerate the accumulation of tens of billions of dollars while so many others go hungry and homeless. But that blatant contradiction apparently takes a back seat to Trump’s successful nominations of three conservative justices for the U.S. Supreme Court; and, from my understanding, he was strategically doing likewise with a number of lower courts. There also was his politically/diplomatically destabilizing (fire-stoking?) move of the U.S Embassy in Israel, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. …

    Meanwhile, when a public person openly supports a guaranteed minimum income, he/she is deemed a socialist and therefore somehow evil. Yet, Christ’s teachings epitomize the primary component of socialism — do not hoard morbidly superfluous wealth in the midst of poverty. That’s institutionalized Christianity for you!

    I, a believer in Christ’s unmistakable miracles, am not writing these things to troll for some agitation; rather, it’s as someone angered by supposedly Christian people behaving very little or nothing Christlike. I feel that too many have, unfortunately, created God’s nature in their own angry and vengeful image, especially the part insisting via publicized protest pickets that God hates this or that group of people. Often being the most vocal, they make very bad examples of Christ’s fundamental message, especially to the young and impressionable.


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