Scared Trumpers


Perhaps the main takeaway viewers got from CNN’s town hall with President Joe Biden was that we were listening to answers from an adult president. We have a president who isn’t a fear mongerer trying to capitalize from hate. Unlike his predecessor, we have a president now who does NOT behave like a poo-flinging monkey. I apologize for that comparison to all poo-flinging monkeys.

Even when President Biden gave answers liberals didn’t want, like you’re not going to get free college just yet, there was still comfort they were listening to an adult, someone who is honest. It was comforting. The highlight was probably when President Biden comforted a child.

A mother with her eight-year-old daughter stood up and asked Biden what to tell kids who are worried about getting Covid and dying. President Biden said, “Don’t be scared, honey. You’re gonna be fine. Don’t be scared. And we’re gonna make sure that mommy’s fine too.” He told her directly that kids don’t usually get the coronavirus, and when they do, they very rarely pass it on. He asked another questioner, whose son couldn’t get a vaccination from the virus despite serious medical issues, to hang around and talk to him after the town hall and he would see if he could help her. Did Trump ever hang around after to help anyone who wasn’t him? Did Donald Trump ever try to help anyone without getting something for it?

It was a refreshing change from a president (sic) who gave shout-outs to Nazis.

Of course, the MAGAts tried to fake outrage over President Biden calling a little girl, “honey.” These are probably the same people who laughed at Rush Limbaugh’s parody of “Puff the Magic Dragon,” but titled, “Obama the Magic Negro.” These are probably the same people who laughed when Donald Trump, “their president,” mocked a handicapped reporter with an impersonation.

Donald Trump was a hater who gained the presidency on fear and racism. His very first plan as a candidate was to build a racist border wall to keep out the “rapists and murderers” Mexico was sending us. He defended murderous Nazis marching with tiki torches while chanting “Jews will not replace us.” He gave a shout-out to the Proud Boys, a racist group the FBI says is an extremist group with ties to terrorism, while Canada doesn’t hold back and has classified them as terrorist.

President Biden said he had received calls from all of the living former presidents except one. I think we know who that is but he probably doesn’t count. And in reference to that guy, Biden didn’t want to talk about him and even referred to him as that “former guy.” I like that. It’s better than “former president.” But, some of us are obviously still talking about that former guy. So let’s talk about him.

There were a lot of things President Biden said that the former guy would never say.

That former guy wanted to feed his base, which is why he gave shout-outs to Nazis. President Biden actually told his base things they didn’t want to hear, as in no defunding of the police. He actually wants to increase funding for police. When a woman brought up the government canceling $50,000 in student loan debt per borrower and asked, “What will you do to make that happen?”. President Biden said, “I won’t.”

President Biden called those who support white supremacist ideals “dangerous” and “demented” and said his administration will review the rise of white supremacy among the military and former police officers (maybe defund racist cops? Hmm?). Donald Trump didn’t go after racists. He gave them shout-outs and praise. He talked about how much they “loved their country.” Donald Trump embraced Qanon cultists at his political rallies. By the way, if you’re still defending the attack on the Capitol, claiming the election was stolen, and support Donald Trump, you’re dangerous and demented.

President Biden said that for four years, the news has been nothing but Trump. He said, “For the next four years, I want to make sure all the news is about the American people.” Do you know who would never say that? The former guy who would hate that. He loved it being all about him. In fact, MAGA is all about Trump and less about policy. Today, 70% of Republicans want the party to be the party of Trump. MAGA is a cult.

But the one thing President Biden said that Donald Trump couldn’t have ever said even it was on a teleprompter in front of him, written by someone else, and after he had received a brain transplant was, “I literally pray that I have the capacity to do for the country what you all deserve need be done.” Pray? That former guy only went to church for photo-ops and literally didn’t know the Bible well enough to tell which side was up.

A lot of MAGAts refuse to believe Joe Biden is their president. Many still believe Donald Trump will retake the White House, not in four years, but next month. Seriously. And to be fair, Donald Trump wasn’t my president but that’s because I refused to recognize someone as president who was aided by Russia and conducted everything on hate. I refused to accept a “president” who didn’t actually want to do the job as president. I didn’t accept Trump as my president because being the president for white supremacists made it clear to me that Trump did NOT want to be my president. The people who refuse to accept Joe Biden do so because he’s decent and not that hater…except for the extreme liberals. They’re still upset he’s not Bernie.

No Green Deal, people. Sorry. It sounds good on paper but right now, people in Texas could probably use a few more cow farts.

But here’s the thing, MAGAts: Donald Trump is not coming back to retake the White House next month. And since he lost the popular vote twice, it’s not looking good for him in four years either.

Joe Biden is not perfect, but he is a good man. He’s decent. He’s honest. He doesn’t put himself first. It’s not all about him. He doesn’t try to scare everyone to keep himself in power. He doesn’t give shout-outs to Nazis. And I understand there are a lot of people, Republicans, who miss having a president who sucked up to Nazis. But he’s gone and he’s probably never coming back.

Joe Biden is your president whether you like it or not. And maybe you should start getting used to it….honey.

Creative note: I have not been happy with my caricature of President Joe Biden. Some days, I’m OK with it. Others, I am frustrated. And I was getting frustrated with it last night until this version came out of my stylus. I tried a new tactic of trying to draw his actual face instead of caricaturing him…then turning it into a caricature. The photo I worked off from, found in Google Images, is this one. How long I’m happy with it is still to be determined.

Other creative note: I had just started working on this cartoon and was planning to publish it yesterday afternoon when a friend messaged me that Rush Limbaugh had died. I had CNN on my TV but they hadn’t reported yet. A quick run to my FB timeline showed a lot of posts about Rush dying so I knew it was probably true. You can’t trust nitwits on social media. Last week, someone said Andy Griffith just died. But soon after, CNN came through. But I stopped drawing this cartoon and went to work on the Rush one you saw yesterday. That took about 20 minutes.

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  1. Trumpers are so willfully blind . . . Tucker Carlson’s newest conspiracy is that the Bidens’ marriage was a PR stunt planned 40 years ago for the 2020 election, and that it’s a farce of a marriage. Not a perfect one like drumpf and Melanoma have. Also that PRESIDENT Biden is not really religious and caring; unlike the evangelicals’ and “prophets'” idol, the former guy. Insanity reigns, still.

    Does anyone think that PRESIDENT & DR. Biden anticipated the antipathy that would ensue? Have eight years in the WH, working with PRESIDENT Obama and all the shite poured onto him and FLOTUS Michelle, inured them to all this criticism? I certainly hope so, ’cause it gets under MY skin, and I’m not even the direct target.

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  2. Oh, one could just hear the clatter of clutched pearls when Mr. Biden called that 8 year old girl “honey.” Thank goodness that he wasn’t wearing a tan suit at the time, or they’d be screaming for his impeachment!


    1. ” . . . or they’d be screaming for his impeachment!”

      This is, unfortunately, already happening . . . because of his ‘lack of response’ to the Texas crisis. We never impeached Bush for the Katrina crisis, nor for the war[s] he began, by lying about WMDs. They’re all eejits.

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  3. I would love Joe Biden to be more liberal like Warren and Bernie, but I know he’s a centrist. And at least he’s a centrist that has some liberal plans I can be happy with, like his environmental plan, and his willingness to raise the minimum wage. I will take what I can get be glad we have a decent adult who is at least straight-forward with us, setting realistic expectations, and not tweeting angry comments at 3am.

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  4. It’s sad how far the pendulum has swung. Bat wig Bernie and wacko warren would never have been considered for dog catcher much less anything else in saner times. But these are not those. Today we have a visibly ailing mental incompetent as President to the extent that the wack jobs look normal, which they are not. It is also sad that there are so many idiots willing to buy into the charade. But no worries, we survived the first black racist President so we can survive the puppet sock one too. Just so all you who think this guy is smart realize that there will be another day when you will be the sad one.


      1. Actually, I am more center-right. Rest assured, we will be the dominant force for the good of all. Not just some pandering constituency.


      2. Centre-right? In today’s political climate, the “centre right” is in the ditch on the right side of the road.


      3. I consider being called a ‘socialist’ – given the TRUE meaning of such – a compliment. Like being called a bitch – a female dog, which is my fave – is a compliment.

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      4. True I think for you. But for all the normal not brain dead folks we just point at you and tell our kids : see what drugs do to people.


      5. BTW, if you use[d] ANY of these, you, too, are involved in socialism: Roads, streets, highways, police, fire fighters, Medicare, Social Security (note the name of that program), public schooling. If you can prove that you NEVER USED ANY of these, then you are not a socialist. I doubt that you can do so.

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