Rush To Heaven


Call me crazy, but it’s my belief that if the only people who are going to cry and miss you after you die are Nazis and Klansmen (you know, Trumpers), then you’re probably not going to Heaven.

In case you haven’t heard the news, Rush Limbaugh died today.

When people saw this cartoon shortly after I posted it on social media, many of them said there’s no way Rush is going to Heaven. First, this is a metaphor. I don’t even believe in Heaven but if we go by the metaphor, he’s not in Heaven here. He’s just at the door where it’s decided if you’re in or not. I didn’t draw a welcome mat.

I liked drawing this because I don’t like drawing people going to Hell. I don’t really like drawing them going to Heaven either. I am not the person who makes those kind of calls and I’m not comfortable stating where someone is going to end up. Here, it’s up to the reader to decide what these angels are going to call. But yeah, Rush isn’t going to a place of love because he’s spent his entire life building a career out of hatred.

He hosted a groundbreaking show for decades that told people to hate each other. Rush Limbaugh was a racist and if Heaven does exist, I seriously doubt it’s a racist place. “Feminazi” and “slut” probably are not words tossed around a lot in the clouds.

In the early 90s, I considered myself a conservative. I really did, though looking back, I’m not sure why I did that. My cartoons were hitting everyone and I believed in stuff like gay marriage and was against stuff like flag amendments. But I lived in a small town, Batesville, Mississippi, where there was not a talk radio station and we couldn’t get AM signals from Memphis. But Rush had a TV show. My wife and I watched it.

At first, we were eager to watch the show. And with each episode, we grew less enchanted with Rush. He’d say one thing hateful and we’d be like, “I can’t support that.” He’d do it about something else and we’d go, “Not this either.” Then, Kurt Cobain died. Rush played a clip of Nirvana and the audience laughed. Rush then spoke to young viewers about how they didn’t need to listen to grunge or have teenage angst. Depression was all in their heads. The answer to their problems was the Republican Party.

We never watched Rush again. And my wife and grew to seriously dislike him. He stopped being funny and we realized he was just an angry old butthurt racist and sexist asshole. Television must have agreed because his brand of hate didn’t work on early 90s television. Fox News hadn’t been invented yet. Rush’s hatred only sold on radio.

Years later, right after I started my job in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the assistant editor of the editorial page was a Rush fan. He’d time his lunch to listen to a part of Rush’s show. I stopped going to lunch with him. His show was three hours of him barking racist bullshit. Who can listen to that for three hours? No wonder these people are so angry. It’s probably how you make terrorists. If you listen to enough of this shit, you’re gonna wanna blow something up.

I don’t like talk radio in general. I hated The Rush Limbaugh Show. Do you know why there has never been a liberal talk radio show as successful as Rush’s? Because liberals aren’t Kool-Aid drinkers. Rush’s fans were called “Dittoheads.” Liberals don’t say, “ditto.” Liberals think for themselves. It’s why I became a liberal.

Rush Limbaugh mocked the children who died at Sandy Hook were being used as “human shields” by President Obama. He mocked Michael J. Fox and accused him of faking his Parkinson’s Disease. He made fun of Ruth Bader Ginsburg for having cancer. He called Sandra Fluke a slut for taking birth control pills daily (Rush never figured out how birth control works). He was a huge advocate for the racist birther lie. He was adored by Donald Trump and was given a the Presidential Medal of Freedom by the guy who hated freedom. Irony, people.

And Rush said some dumb shit too. Rus claimed climate change didn’t exist. He said the existence of gorillas prove evolution is fake. He claimed President Obama turned NASA into a “Muslim outreach department.” He claimed Obamacare was the largest tax increase in the world. He said the Batman movie named their villain “Bane” to get at Mitt Romney’s former company, also called, “Bane.” He said Obama banned fishing (what happened to him banning guns?). President Obama wanted to mandate circumcision (which Rush planned to blame for his tiny…). In case you didn’t notice, he really hated President Obama. I wonder why.

Rush Limbaugh poisoned this country for years. His show was a home for hatred. He told us to hate. He sold hate. Hate made him a millionaire. I’m not going to tell you where the soul of Rush Limbaugh is going. I’m not even going to wish he goes to a bad place. I’m just going to wish that Rush Limbaugh, if there is an afterlife, gets what’s coming to him.

Also, I can’t wait to see some conservative cartoons memorializing him. I need a laugh.

Creative note: I did something very similar to this with Don Imus that was a reference to his “nappy-headed ho’s” comment. I drew that in December, 2019 and I honestly forgot I did it until a reader asked me if I had done this before. I had to think and then it hit me. Oh, well, It’s mine. If anything, I could probably draw this cartoon every time a racist dies.

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  1. Hate Radio host Rush Limbaugh is due the disrespect heading his way. He spent a life time earning it. Rush has completed the circle of life and the world now celebrates his successful demise. Congratulations Rush. He’s MAGAt (maggot) food now; starting another circle of life … that Rush just never stops giving.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Kind of a RUSH!! … “Rush Limbaugh poisoned this country for years. His show was a home for hatred. He told us to hate. He sold hate. Hate made him a millionaire. I’m not going to tell you where the soul of Rush Limbaugh is going. I’m not even going to wish he goes to a bad place. I’m just going to wish that Rush Limbaugh, if there is an afterlife, gets what’s coming to him.”

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