Not My President

Scared Trumpers


Perhaps the main takeaway viewers got from CNN’s town hall with President Joe Biden was that we were listening to answers from an adult president. We have a president who isn’t a fear mongerer trying to capitalize from hate. Unlike his predecessor, we have a president now who does NOT behave like a poo-flinging monkey. I apologize for that comparison to all poo-flinging monkeys.

Even when President Biden gave answers liberals didn’t want, like you’re not going to get free college just yet, there was still comfort they were listening to an adult, someone who is honest. It was comforting. The highlight was probably when President Biden comforted a child.

A mother with her eight-year-old daughter stood up and asked Biden what to tell kids who are worried about getting Covid and dying. President Biden said, “Don’t be scared, honey. You’re gonna be fine. Don’t be scared. And we’re gonna make sure that mommy’s fine too.” He told her directly that kids don’t usually get the coronavirus, and when they do, they very rarely pass it on. He asked another questioner, whose son couldn’t get a vaccination from the virus despite serious medical issues, to hang around and talk to him after the town hall and he would see if he could help her. Did Trump ever hang around after to help anyone who wasn’t him? Did Donald Trump ever try to help anyone without getting something for it?

It was a refreshing change from a president (sic) who gave shout-outs to Nazis.

Of course, the MAGAts tried to fake outrage over President Biden calling a little girl, “honey.” These are probably the same people who laughed at Rush Limbaugh’s parody of “Puff the Magic Dragon,” but titled, “Obama the Magic Negro.” These are probably the same people who laughed when Donald Trump, “their president,” mocked a handicapped reporter with an impersonation.

Donald Trump was a hater who gained the presidency on fear and racism. His very first plan as a candidate was to build a racist border wall to keep out the “rapists and murderers” Mexico was sending us. He defended murderous Nazis marching with tiki torches while chanting “Jews will not replace us.” He gave a shout-out to the Proud Boys, a racist group the FBI says is an extremist group with ties to terrorism, while Canada doesn’t hold back and has classified them as terrorist.

President Biden said he had received calls from all of the living former presidents except one. I think we know who that is but he probably doesn’t count. And in reference to that guy, Biden didn’t want to talk about him and even referred to him as that “former guy.” I like that. It’s better than “former president.” But, some of us are obviously still talking about that former guy. So let’s talk about him.

There were a lot of things President Biden said that the former guy would never say.

That former guy wanted to feed his base, which is why he gave shout-outs to Nazis. President Biden actually told his base things they didn’t want to hear, as in no defunding of the police. He actually wants to increase funding for police. When a woman brought up the government canceling $50,000 in student loan debt per borrower and asked, “What will you do to make that happen?”. President Biden said, “I won’t.”

President Biden called those who support white supremacist ideals “dangerous” and “demented” and said his administration will review the rise of white supremacy among the military and former police officers (maybe defund racist cops? Hmm?). Donald Trump didn’t go after racists. He gave them shout-outs and praise. He talked about how much they “loved their country.” Donald Trump embraced Qanon cultists at his political rallies. By the way, if you’re still defending the attack on the Capitol, claiming the election was stolen, and support Donald Trump, you’re dangerous and demented.

President Biden said that for four years, the news has been nothing but Trump. He said, “For the next four years, I want to make sure all the news is about the American people.” Do you know who would never say that? The former guy who would hate that. He loved it being all about him. In fact, MAGA is all about Trump and less about policy. Today, 70% of Republicans want the party to be the party of Trump. MAGA is a cult.

But the one thing President Biden said that Donald Trump couldn’t have ever said even it was on a teleprompter in front of him, written by someone else, and after he had received a brain transplant was, “I literally pray that I have the capacity to do for the country what you all deserve need be done.” Pray? That former guy only went to church for photo-ops and literally didn’t know the Bible well enough to tell which side was up.

A lot of MAGAts refuse to believe Joe Biden is their president. Many still believe Donald Trump will retake the White House, not in four years, but next month. Seriously. And to be fair, Donald Trump wasn’t my president but that’s because I refused to recognize someone as president who was aided by Russia and conducted everything on hate. I refused to accept a “president” who didn’t actually want to do the job as president. I didn’t accept Trump as my president because being the president for white supremacists made it clear to me that Trump did NOT want to be my president. The people who refuse to accept Joe Biden do so because he’s decent and not that hater…except for the extreme liberals. They’re still upset he’s not Bernie.

No Green Deal, people. Sorry. It sounds good on paper but right now, people in Texas could probably use a few more cow farts.

But here’s the thing, MAGAts: Donald Trump is not coming back to retake the White House next month. And since he lost the popular vote twice, it’s not looking good for him in four years either.

Joe Biden is not perfect, but he is a good man. He’s decent. He’s honest. He doesn’t put himself first. It’s not all about him. He doesn’t try to scare everyone to keep himself in power. He doesn’t give shout-outs to Nazis. And I understand there are a lot of people, Republicans, who miss having a president who sucked up to Nazis. But he’s gone and he’s probably never coming back.

Joe Biden is your president whether you like it or not. And maybe you should start getting used to it….honey.

Creative note: I have not been happy with my caricature of President Joe Biden. Some days, I’m OK with it. Others, I am frustrated. And I was getting frustrated with it last night until this version came out of my stylus. I tried a new tactic of trying to draw his actual face instead of caricaturing him…then turning it into a caricature. The photo I worked off from, found in Google Images, is this one. How long I’m happy with it is still to be determined.

Other creative note: I had just started working on this cartoon and was planning to publish it yesterday afternoon when a friend messaged me that Rush Limbaugh had died. I had CNN on my TV but they hadn’t reported yet. A quick run to my FB timeline showed a lot of posts about Rush dying so I knew it was probably true. You can’t trust nitwits on social media. Last week, someone said Andy Griffith just died. But soon after, CNN came through. But I stopped drawing this cartoon and went to work on the Rush one you saw yesterday. That took about 20 minutes.

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Snow Flake Safe Space


There’s a new tale-tell sign of a conservative who can’t think for himself and has to rely on GOP talking points to voice their opinion. It’s not just the so-called and nonexistent “War On Christmas.” If you’re in an argument on social media or see a post by someone and they use the term “snowflake,” they’re using talking points. What’s the matter, Sunshine? Not smart enough to think of your own derogatory terms?

“Snowflake” is kinda new for these people. They’re using it to dismiss arguments from young people who they feel are eternally offended and politically-correct protesters. It implies that liberals are soft and whiny. I don’t know if it’s new because winter has arrived or Rush Limbaugh used it on one of his shows, or what. But it’s here for some reason or another. I can totally see Tomi Lahren, who’s eternally offended, using it.

I always find it hypocritical when I hear and see conservatives accuse liberals of being whiny and ultra sensitive. Really? This from the bunch that creates persecution for themselves? They come up with the “War On Christmas” because they’re threatened when someone says “happy holidays” or “seasons greetings.” They worry that white people aren’t catching all the breaks anymore. They become outraged if Baby Jesus isn’t on a coffee cup. Hell, they won the election and they’re still whining about it. They really hate when it’s pointed out that Hillary Clinton received more votes than Donald Trump. Even Donald Trump can’t stop tweeting out excuses about it.

Former Congressman and still-active ranting lunatic Allen B. West posted some crap on his website that was shared by the sort of people who don’t research or vet information, you know…conservatives. He claimed that Hillary Clinton only won 57 counties out of 3,141 in the election. Are you so threatened that you have to create lies? Yes, you are. Hillary won 487counties. Perhaps counting is the sort of vetting too complicated for conservatives.

Or they make the argument that Trump won more counties and more states, which is true. But land area doesn’t overrule the majority of human beings. If that was the case we should just let the eleven people who live in Alaska write all our laws for us.

Now they’re making a new argument that if you take California and New York out of the election results then Trump would have won the popular vote. So basically if fewer people were allowed to vote for Hillary Clinton then Trump would have won the popular vote. This is an argument that makes sense where? Probably not in California.

The whining over the details over their election win is probably a sign of things to come. Conservatives got what they want except they’ve replaced conservatism with Trumpism. No one is really sure what Trumpism entails other than idol worship for a narcissist and image and message over policy. Now when that disaster comes home for all of them we’ll see who’s whining.

Not many conservatives will be offended by this cartoon as most don’t venture far beyond their online safe spaces like InfoWars, Daily Caller, or Breitbart, and they’ll never see it. I don’t get many reprints in conservative safe spaces.

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We’re Still Here


I’m not sure if this cartoon will widely be understood but I don’t mind taking a wild shot on a weekend. A normal person would have taken the night/morning off.

During Bill Maher’s last show of the season he talked about Donald Trump’s victory and the divide between Coastal and Rural America. During the show he gave each guest his audience a “We’re Still Here” cap. I’m not sure if that’s going to take off with people who oppose Trump, but who knows.

I actually did some research on this and learned that HBO is not marketing the caps. There is a schmoe on the internet selling them but I wouldn’t buy one. I don’t think the proceeds are going to a political movement or a cause other than some opportunist’s wallet.

If you’re skulking about your town and you see someone with a “Make America Great Again” or a “We’re Still Here” cap, try not to smack them. Dirty looks and putting gum in their hair will do. Just kidding. Who chews gum anymore?

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Trumping, Tweeting, Trolling


A lot of people are upset that Trump haters are protesting the election. When I say “a lot of people” I’m talking about Republicans. They point out that this is a democracy and Democrats should accept the results of a fair election.

The problem with that is we are a democracy and our Constitution, for now, allows protests (and political cartoons that point out that Donald Trump is a racist). The other problem is that our election wasn’t really fair.

Donald Trump was elected with fewer votes than Hillary Clinton which is the second times this has happened since 2000, both times putting the Republican candidate into office. Trump was also supported by a foreign government who was hacking into his opponent’s email system and displaying their internal messages for all the world to see. Some of the messages were suspected to be doctored. Another assist for Trump came from the FBI which might be the final straw that convinced nimrods to mark the ballot for Trump.

The big issue with the Russians and the FBI is that both were apparently communicating with the Trump campaign. How fair of a system is that?

Before the election Trump claimed the electoral system was rigged. He complained about the electoral college and said he might refuse to accept the results if he won. That shows even he was surprised he won. What does he think of that rigged system now?

So while there are protests against Trump there are supporters of his attacking and intimidating African-Americans, Muslims, and Latinos. It’s not just happening in our streets. It’s happening in our schools. Children are being intimidated for the color of their skin by other children whose parents are doing a bang-up job raising little racist bastards. Trump tweeted out that complaint about protesters “Incited” by the media while ignoring his own inciting. He later tweeted support to the protesters and how wonderful it was they can express themselves. I’m thinking his team returned his Twitter account to him a bit too soon. If the guy’s Twitter account makes blood spill what’s he going to do when he gets the nuclear codes?

I wasn’t sure how this cartoon would work with posting a photo in it. I did it a year ago, or maybe two years, for a cartoon I drew for The Daily Dot. I remember thinking that turned out really well though I can’t remember what it was. I could look in my files but, eh. I’m lazy.

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Trump Riot


I had another idea I was fully committed to drawing until I thought of this about an hour before I went to work.

In the original idea I was going to point out that the people complaining about protesters and how they should accept their new president, never really accepted President Obama.

While they’re calling today’s protesters “whiny,” “sniveling,” and “crybabies,” Republicans spent eight years questioning Obama’s legitimacy. They accused him of being Muslim (as if that’s a disqualifier), questioned if he was born in this country, questioned his patriotism, and are still denying a hearing for his nominee to the Supreme Court.

Protesters have a right to protest. They’re opposing a man who ran promising to be a fascist. He even questioned why he couldn’t be a fascist, saying we shouldn’t even have the election, just give him the job. They’re protesting a man who started his campaign with racism and continued it with racism.

This man championed the birther movement for years. He accused Mexico of sending us rapists and murderers. He proposed a ban on Muslims and a police state monitoring them. He wants to deport Latinos and rip families apart. He said a man can’t sit as judge on his scam university trial because that man is of Mexican heritage. Simply put, a lot of people are not comfortable with Cheeto Hitler.

While conservatives are complaining about protesters you’re not hearing any of them telling the Ku Klux Klan not to hold their Trump victory parade in December in North Carolina. You don’t hear them bemoaning attacks by Trump supporters on gays and other minorities. I haven’t heard one of them criticize Trump supporters for sprawling Swastikas on walls and telling Muslims and Mexicans to flee for their lives. I haven’t heard one Republican talk about any of this.

So while there has been some violence and destruction by the protest, I support their right to protest. I don’t support their blocking traffic and impeding others. That’s not the way to get people on your side. And blocking traffic is so Chris Christie like.

The protesters have a point as they’re protesting a wannabee-fascist who most of the country did not vote for. He actually received fewer votes than Clinton, though he once tweeted that the “electoral college will destroy democracy.” Hey, that’s a more honest tweet than his return-to-twitter tweet accusing the protesters of being “professional protesters,” ignoring the fact they’ve been spontaneous. So much for winning making Trump more charming or honest.

They are also protesting a man who asked Russia to help him win the election, who received help from Russia to win the election, and as is now revealed, communicated with Russia during the campaign. Put that in your borscht and smoke it.

So if you wanna protest, protest. I don’t see why their rights should be any less than those given to the KKK. And if you attend a protest and you’re a pollster, you might wanna keep that to yourself.

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