Trump Riot


I had another idea I was fully committed to drawing until I thought of this about an hour before I went to work.

In the original idea I was going to point out that the people complaining about protesters and how they should accept their new president, never really accepted President Obama.

While they’re calling today’s protesters “whiny,” “sniveling,” and “crybabies,” Republicans spent eight years questioning Obama’s legitimacy. They accused him of being Muslim (as if that’s a disqualifier), questioned if he was born in this country, questioned his patriotism, and are still denying a hearing for his nominee to the Supreme Court.

Protesters have a right to protest. They’re opposing a man who ran promising to be a fascist. He even questioned why he couldn’t be a fascist, saying we shouldn’t even have the election, just give him the job. They’re protesting a man who started his campaign with racism and continued it with racism.

This man championed the birther movement for years. He accused Mexico of sending us rapists and murderers. He proposed a ban on Muslims and a police state monitoring them. He wants to deport Latinos and rip families apart. He said a man can’t sit as judge on his scam university trial because that man is of Mexican heritage. Simply put, a lot of people are not comfortable with Cheeto Hitler.

While conservatives are complaining about protesters you’re not hearing any of them telling the Ku Klux Klan not to hold their Trump victory parade in December in North Carolina. You don’t hear them bemoaning attacks by Trump supporters on gays and other minorities. I haven’t heard one of them criticize Trump supporters for sprawling Swastikas on walls and telling Muslims and Mexicans to flee for their lives. I haven’t heard one Republican talk about any of this.

So while there has been some violence and destruction by the protest, I support their right to protest. I don’t support their blocking traffic and impeding others. That’s not the way to get people on your side. And blocking traffic is so Chris Christie like.

The protesters have a point as they’re protesting a wannabee-fascist who most of the country did not vote for. He actually received fewer votes than Clinton, though he once tweeted that the “electoral college will destroy democracy.” Hey, that’s a more honest tweet than his return-to-twitter tweet accusing the protesters of being “professional protesters,” ignoring the fact they’ve been spontaneous. So much for winning making Trump more charming or honest.

They are also protesting a man who asked Russia to help him win the election, who received help from Russia to win the election, and as is now revealed, communicated with Russia during the campaign. Put that in your borscht and smoke it.

So if you wanna protest, protest. I don’t see why their rights should be any less than those given to the KKK. And if you attend a protest and you’re a pollster, you might wanna keep that to yourself.

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  1. It’s divide and conquer. Don’t trust the media on anything. They want the opposing parties to hate each other. Please don’t feed into it. All Americans are Americans still. I know plenty of trump supporters, I’m from frederericksburg, born and raised (live in Charlottesville now), they are not who the media wants you to think they are. Please go out and meet and talk to a few, or a lot today. Get to the bottom of it before accusing them of mass rascisim. I’m a staunch liberal and asking this of you.


      1. I’m surrounded with them in Alabama. Until the last few days they spent all their time worrying about the loss of their Confederate flags and worried that Obama was coming to take their guns. They hate that BLACK guy in the WHITE house. Now they say they have a first family they can be proud of. White.


  2. Don’t boo, VOTE!

    There is another election coming up in 2 years!

    I’m sorry that this is the situation, but the reality is that it is already getting late to get ready to take our country back! (And YES, I know who that sounds like.)

    Go to your local Democratic Party meetings, and help them select strong candidates. And then WORK to get them ELECTED.

    I mean EVERYBODY from Dog Catcher to School Board member to shop steward to sheriff to state assemblyman to State senator to Governor to Congressman to Senator!

    You want to live in a country that reflect your values, you’d better get up off your… your… couch, or push away from your computer desk (guilty) and wear out some shoe leather on the sidewalks of your city!

    Not carrying a sign of protest. Carrying the petition of a new crop of candidates dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. And that every citizen of this nation has a responsibility. One that we, as a nation, have abjectly neglected.

    As Sam Bee says, “We’re gonna tuck in our nuts and get back to work…”


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