Trump President

We’re Still Here


I’m not sure if this cartoon will widely be understood but I don’t mind taking a wild shot on a weekend. A normal person would have taken the night/morning off.

During Bill Maher’s last show of the season he talked about Donald Trump’s victory and the divide between Coastal and Rural America. During the show he gave each guest his audience a “We’re Still Here” cap. I’m not sure if that’s going to take off with people who oppose Trump, but who knows.

I actually did some research on this and learned that HBO is not marketing the caps. There is a schmoe on the internet selling them but I wouldn’t buy one. I don’t think the proceeds are going to a political movement or a cause other than some opportunist’s wallet.

If you’re skulking about your town and you see someone with a “Make America Great Again” or a “We’re Still Here” cap, try not to smack them. Dirty looks and putting gum in their hair will do. Just kidding. Who chews gum anymore?

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Trumping, Tweeting, Trolling


A lot of people are upset that Trump haters are protesting the election. When I say “a lot of people” I’m talking about Republicans. They point out that this is a democracy and Democrats should accept the results of a fair election.

The problem with that is we are a democracy and our Constitution, for now, allows protests (and political cartoons that point out that Donald Trump is a racist). The other problem is that our election wasn’t really fair.

Donald Trump was elected with fewer votes than Hillary Clinton which is the second times this has happened since 2000, both times putting the Republican candidate into office. Trump was also supported by a foreign government who was hacking into his opponent’s email system and displaying their internal messages for all the world to see. Some of the messages were suspected to be doctored. Another assist for Trump came from the FBI which might be the final straw that convinced nimrods to mark the ballot for Trump.

The big issue with the Russians and the FBI is that both were apparently communicating with the Trump campaign. How fair of a system is that?

Before the election Trump claimed the electoral system was rigged. He complained about the electoral college and said he might refuse to accept the results if he won. That shows even he was surprised he won. What does he think of that rigged system now?

So while there are protests against Trump there are supporters of his attacking and intimidating African-Americans, Muslims, and Latinos. It’s not just happening in our streets. It’s happening in our schools. Children are being intimidated for the color of their skin by other children whose parents are doing a bang-up job raising little racist bastards. Trump tweeted out that complaint about protesters “Incited” by the media while ignoring his own inciting. He later tweeted support to the protesters and how wonderful it was they can express themselves. I’m thinking his team returned his Twitter account to him a bit too soon. If the guy’s Twitter account makes blood spill what’s he going to do when he gets the nuclear codes?

I wasn’t sure how this cartoon would work with posting a photo in it. I did it a year ago, or maybe two years, for a cartoon I drew for The Daily Dot. I remember thinking that turned out really well though I can’t remember what it was. I could look in my files but, eh. I’m lazy.

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Trump Riot


I had another idea I was fully committed to drawing until I thought of this about an hour before I went to work.

In the original idea I was going to point out that the people complaining about protesters and how they should accept their new president, never really accepted President Obama.

While they’re calling today’s protesters “whiny,” “sniveling,” and “crybabies,” Republicans spent eight years questioning Obama’s legitimacy. They accused him of being Muslim (as if that’s a disqualifier), questioned if he was born in this country, questioned his patriotism, and are still denying a hearing for his nominee to the Supreme Court.

Protesters have a right to protest. They’re opposing a man who ran promising to be a fascist. He even questioned why he couldn’t be a fascist, saying we shouldn’t even have the election, just give him the job. They’re protesting a man who started his campaign with racism and continued it with racism.

This man championed the birther movement for years. He accused Mexico of sending us rapists and murderers. He proposed a ban on Muslims and a police state monitoring them. He wants to deport Latinos and rip families apart. He said a man can’t sit as judge on his scam university trial because that man is of Mexican heritage. Simply put, a lot of people are not comfortable with Cheeto Hitler.

While conservatives are complaining about protesters you’re not hearing any of them telling the Ku Klux Klan not to hold their Trump victory parade in December in North Carolina. You don’t hear them bemoaning attacks by Trump supporters on gays and other minorities. I haven’t heard one of them criticize Trump supporters for sprawling Swastikas on walls and telling Muslims and Mexicans to flee for their lives. I haven’t heard one Republican talk about any of this.

So while there has been some violence and destruction by the protest, I support their right to protest. I don’t support their blocking traffic and impeding others. That’s not the way to get people on your side. And blocking traffic is so Chris Christie like.

The protesters have a point as they’re protesting a wannabee-fascist who most of the country did not vote for. He actually received fewer votes than Clinton, though he once tweeted that the “electoral college will destroy democracy.” Hey, that’s a more honest tweet than his return-to-twitter tweet accusing the protesters of being “professional protesters,” ignoring the fact they’ve been spontaneous. So much for winning making Trump more charming or honest.

They are also protesting a man who asked Russia to help him win the election, who received help from Russia to win the election, and as is now revealed, communicated with Russia during the campaign. Put that in your borscht and smoke it.

So if you wanna protest, protest. I don’t see why their rights should be any less than those given to the KKK. And if you attend a protest and you’re a pollster, you might wanna keep that to yourself.

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Please Don’t Go


K.C. And The Sunshine Band was a really horrible 70s band but they did have one song that I always liked, even on a cheesy level. It’s called “Please Don’t Go.” Look it up. It’s cheesy.

Even when I thought Hillary was going to become president and make history as the first female elected, I was missing Obama. I was never excited about Clinton but I thought if she didn’t keep progress moving forward at the very least it would only stall and the Supreme Court would be safe. But now we’re going backwards and I just want to throw up in a bucket like in yesterday’s cartoon.

Now we are trading the first black man elected president for a racist troglodyte. The next president is a man who questioned Obama’s legitimacy because he’s black. The next president was endorsed by Nazis and the Klan. About the point that I stop feeling nauseous will be when I see Obama on the podium watching a reality TV Cheeto Hitler being sworn in.

Obama is an adult. Trump is every 50-year-old you know on Facebook who makes posts as if he’s an eight-years-old. To understand the stark contrast between the maturity all you need is to look at how both candidates handled hecklers.

Last week Obama had a heckler at a rally and he told the crowd not to boo the older gentleman. Obama noted his age and that he might be a veteran and he deserves our respect.

In contrast Trump has stated how he wants to fight his hecklers and even offered to pay the legal fees for anyone who attacks one of his critics. Trump has also thrown minorities, babies and handicapped children out of his rallies.

After Obama’s incident with a protester, Trump went on the trail and said it was disgusting how the president reacted. It’s as if Trump doesn’t own a TV and only reads Breitbart. That might be true.

I totally expected scandals and hootinannies with the Clintons back in the White House. But that was better than what Trump would bring. The Obama’s have been scandal free. No sex scandals. No cabinet members with illegal nannies. No daughters doing underage drinking on a college campus. But with Trump the scandals are going to be yuge.

We still haven’t seen his taxes. He still has many lawsuits pending. He’s sworn to sue every woman who has accused him of sexual assault. His wife is a porn star. His kids are American Psychos. He isn’t putting his business into a blind trust. He was propped by the Russian government. He’s going to appoint people like Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Katrina Pierson, and Sarah Palin. On top of all that he’s a racist who can’t pass a 7th grade civics test.

If Trump was a stand-up guy (we’re using our imagination here) and he wasn’t twice-divorced, never committed sexual assault, wasn’t on reality TV, never made a dumb-ass comment, wasn’t a racist, xenophobe, homophobe, Islamophobe, propped by remnants of the KGB, or a businessman who got rich by driving small businessmen out of business, we still elected a man who has not presented one detail to any of his proposals. We elected a guy who will strip health insurance from millions of Americans and replace it with “something better.”

Here’s another problem I’m having on a personal level. I’m wrestling with this and it’s semi-hypocritical. Sit down and get a cup of coffee because I’m about to rant.

I’m seeing and hearing a lot of people say “Donald Trump is not my president.” I hate that. I want to say the president is my president.

Remember when that guy in Iraq threw a shoe at George W. Bush? It was funny to watch W. all bug-eyed dodging shoes but at the same time it pissed me off. I didn’t like Bush. I didn’t vote for him. He was a failed president but he was my president. George W. Bush is a good man. Yeah, he was oblivious to normal people’s problems, stupid, dysfunctional while choking on pretzels, and such but he never denigrated half the nation. Couldn’t chew salty snacks but not a hater.

John McCain could be a jerk. A lot of people who know him personally don’t like him but yet they respect him. He served his nation. I and a lot of other people thought “hey, he’s a good guy. He’s alright. I’m not voting for him. But I don’t hate him.” He thought Sarah Palin was presidential material before he ever met her, so yeah he had bad judgement. Really bad judgement, but he didn’t seek to ostracize half the nation or engage into a twitter feud with Rosie O’Donnell.

Mitt Romney’s biggest flaw was that he was a rich snob totally out of touch. Plus, he was kinda weird creepy. The guy was qualified. Yeah, he’d give a Schnauzer an eight-hour ride on the roof of a car but he wouldn’t barge into a teenage girls’ locker room. Plus, his hair wasn’t ridiculous. Mitt Romney didn’t make my niece want to cry or make my son lose hope in his nation.

All three of those men were qualified for the job. None of these men made me fear for the nation’s survival (made me fear for the future and Schnauzers). They all had experience. Each one of them could have been my president (one was if you ignore Cheney), even if I wasn’t really happy about it. Donald Trump, he’s a different animal. None of the three men I just mentioned were horrible people. Donald Trump is horrible. Donald Trump is the worst we have to offer and we just gave him the presidency.

At this point I can’t say Trump is my president. Will I? Maybe down the road but at this point I’m having serious problems with it. I hated when people said Obama wasn’t their president, but Obama isn’t a disgusting human being. I don’t hate Trump because he’s white…or Cheeto flavored. Donald Trump is disgusting. How can this pond scum be my president. “President Donald Trump” sounds ridiculous. I thought seeing his name on the ballot was ludicrous yet enough people checked next to it. Now he’s president. This is disgusting, ludicrous, and ridiculous. Seriously? Donald Trump? The bad hair stupid TV guy who says “you’re fired?” The guy who once did a Wrestlemania? The guy who once made a video where he’s hitting on Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag? That’s our president?

North Carolina, I understand you’re still struggling with moving into this century while you can’t figure out which bathroom you’re allowed to use. Florida, we know you have issues. But Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania? You three don’t have any excuses and should take a time out for the next four years. You guys know better. You’re blue states. Not stupid states. You’re not like Indiana which is North Arkansas. You’re supposed to be educated and civilized where people use forks and spoons. Not voting for Cheeto Hitler and putting Sarah Palin in the cabinet. Thanks a lot.

I’m not a Democrat. I don’t join parties. I’m in the opinion journalism business. I don’t join causes or campaigns. But I’m really going to miss President Obama. With a …it’s really hard to type this less enough mouth it…Pres….i…dent…..Trump….ACk…I’m really going to miss Obama more.

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