We’re Still Here


I’m not sure if this cartoon will widely be understood but I don’t mind taking a wild shot on a weekend. A normal person would have taken the night/morning off.

During Bill Maher’s last show of the season he talked about Donald Trump’s victory and the divide between Coastal and Rural America. During the show he gave each guest his audience a “We’re Still Here” cap. I’m not sure if that’s going to take off with people who oppose Trump, but who knows.

I actually did some research on this and learned that HBO is not marketing the caps. There is a schmoe on the internet selling them but I wouldn’t buy one. I don’t think the proceeds are going to a political movement or a cause other than some opportunist’s wallet.

If you’re skulking about your town and you see someone with a “Make America Great Again” or a “We’re Still Here” cap, try not to smack them. Dirty looks and putting gum in their hair will do. Just kidding. Who chews gum anymore?

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  1. I had a great idea for a post unfortunately I cannot draw so it is stuck in my head. Title Drain The Swamp At the bottom of the swamp sitting around a official presidential looking table are Trump and all of his cronies Newt, Rudy, Kellyanne etc with the bodies of a newt, the reptile. Please draw. It is awful to have this stuck in my head and not be able to put pencil to paper.

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  2. “Mine”, not “My”… dangit! Any chance for an edit button, Clay?

    Or, “Hat” My hat says, “Hindsight in 2020” (I’m trying them out. which is better? “In 2020”, or “Is 2020”.)

    BTW, I think hindsight is 50/50 at best.

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  3. Hey Clay,

    I don’t know that you know this (I suspect you do) that when you were “Between engagements” and your Go Comics page was stuck on the one with you at the bar after your separation from the paper.

    So I had a running gag on there where I’d recommend a song to fit the mood of the news of that day.

    I don’t know if this link will work. But it’s to what I consider to be my new fight song! It’s from Jeff Beck’s Loud Hailer album.

    Like I say I don’t know if it will work. But I encourage you to find “Live In The Dark”

    Cause it’s gonna be dark! But I’m not afraid of the dark!

    Rock on, brother!


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