Trump Riots

Trumpian Respect


When asked if he would visit the United States Capitol to pay his respects to John Lewis, Donald Trump said no. But, an invite to visit Mr. Lewis’ body lying in state in the Capitol rotunda is probably like that invite from the Yankees. It didn’t happen.

Instead of visiting the Capitol and paying his respects to the late congressman and civil rights leader, who had his skull cracked while protesting on the Edmund Pettus Bridge on Bloody Sunday, 1965, Donald Trump chose to stage a photo-op in North Carolina where he continued his lies about the coronavirus pandemic.

The thing is, kids, it’s hard to pay your respects when you don’t have any. Donald Trump doesn’t respect anything. He doesn’t respect the people who work for him. He doesn’t respect the office of the presidency. He doesn’t respect the racist idiots who support him. While his cult respects him, it’s OK if he doesn’t return it because they don’t respect themselves. Anyone with any self-respect, pride, dignity, ethics, morals, principles, or standards, would NEVER support the likes of a racist troglodyte moronic conman.

With over 148,000 deaths from the coronavirus, Donald Trump’s lack of respect for the life of American citizens has made it the Trump Virus. The other thing Donald Trump doesn’t respect is the Constitution of the United States of America.

Donald Trump doesn’t respect the military or those who serve in it. If he did, he would have confronted Vladimir Putin during a recent phone call about the report he put bounties on the lives of U.S. military members in Afghanistan. At the very least, he should have said something about it by now.

Donald Trump doesn’t respect America. He doesn’t respect the civil rights movement. He doesn’t respect John Lewis or what he stood for.

John Lewis was attacked by riot police in 1965. The government sicced the police goons on him and others fighting for civil rights. People who fight for civil rights fight for America. Today, Donald Trump, the President (sic) of the United States is sending unidentified armed goons to start riots and beat up protesters in America’s cities. It’s a disrespect to our citizens, civil rights, and the Constitution. It’s a huge dis to America.

The people protesting for black lives and racial justice today are the equivalent of the Freedom Riders of 1961. Donald Trump is the racist equivalent of Bull Connor, George Wallace, and Ross Barnett (who still has a lake named after him in Mississippi).

John Lewis is gone, but what he fought and stood for isn’t. As we fight for racial justice today, we need to keep alive the spirit of John Lewis, who never stopped fighting.

We all need to be more like John Lewis if we are to defeat those who aspire to be more like Donald Trump.

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We’re Still Here


I’m not sure if this cartoon will widely be understood but I don’t mind taking a wild shot on a weekend. A normal person would have taken the night/morning off.

During Bill Maher’s last show of the season he talked about Donald Trump’s victory and the divide between Coastal and Rural America. During the show he gave each guest his audience a “We’re Still Here” cap. I’m not sure if that’s going to take off with people who oppose Trump, but who knows.

I actually did some research on this and learned that HBO is not marketing the caps. There is a schmoe on the internet selling them but I wouldn’t buy one. I don’t think the proceeds are going to a political movement or a cause other than some opportunist’s wallet.

If you’re skulking about your town and you see someone with a “Make America Great Again” or a “We’re Still Here” cap, try not to smack them. Dirty looks and putting gum in their hair will do. Just kidding. Who chews gum anymore?

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Trumping, Tweeting, Trolling


A lot of people are upset that Trump haters are protesting the election. When I say “a lot of people” I’m talking about Republicans. They point out that this is a democracy and Democrats should accept the results of a fair election.

The problem with that is we are a democracy and our Constitution, for now, allows protests (and political cartoons that point out that Donald Trump is a racist). The other problem is that our election wasn’t really fair.

Donald Trump was elected with fewer votes than Hillary Clinton which is the second times this has happened since 2000, both times putting the Republican candidate into office. Trump was also supported by a foreign government who was hacking into his opponent’s email system and displaying their internal messages for all the world to see. Some of the messages were suspected to be doctored. Another assist for Trump came from the FBI which might be the final straw that convinced nimrods to mark the ballot for Trump.

The big issue with the Russians and the FBI is that both were apparently communicating with the Trump campaign. How fair of a system is that?

Before the election Trump claimed the electoral system was rigged. He complained about the electoral college and said he might refuse to accept the results if he won. That shows even he was surprised he won. What does he think of that rigged system now?

So while there are protests against Trump there are supporters of his attacking and intimidating African-Americans, Muslims, and Latinos. It’s not just happening in our streets. It’s happening in our schools. Children are being intimidated for the color of their skin by other children whose parents are doing a bang-up job raising little racist bastards. Trump tweeted out that complaint about protesters “Incited” by the media while ignoring his own inciting. He later tweeted support to the protesters and how wonderful it was they can express themselves. I’m thinking his team returned his Twitter account to him a bit too soon. If the guy’s Twitter account makes blood spill what’s he going to do when he gets the nuclear codes?

I wasn’t sure how this cartoon would work with posting a photo in it. I did it a year ago, or maybe two years, for a cartoon I drew for The Daily Dot. I remember thinking that turned out really well though I can’t remember what it was. I could look in my files but, eh. I’m lazy.

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