Biden’s Pick


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The funniest thing about this cartoon is that a few people who left comments about it on social media took it seriously. They were like, “No, we can’t trust her. She’s a Trump.” and, “I would prefer so and so blah blah blah.”

People. It’s a cartoon. I’m not advocating for Joe Biden to pick Mary Trump. In fact, she’s not even a candidate among his prospects.

It’s a cartoon. Sometimes, I want to virtually slap people on the back of their heads.

OK, who do you want to see Joe pick?

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  1. SUSAN RICE!!! She is articulate, has political and international relations experience and, believe me, we need that badly.

    Beau says it all . . .

    Something else I wanted to mention here: The foofaraw [yes, that is an actual legitimate word] about Biden’s age. Age doesn’t matter; if he has a good VP and surrounds himself with knowledgeable staff, all the way down from VP, he, himself, won’t matter all that much, in the long run. And neither will his age.

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    1. “If he has a good VP and surrounds himself with knowledgeable staff, all the way down from VP, he, himself, won’t matter all that much, in the long run.”

      Yeah, even the Incompetent Criminals that Ki45*TF inflicted on the nation in ITs lame excuse of an administration have OCCASIONALLY (but far from always) managed to stop IT from doing the extreme amount of damage that IT was trying to do.

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  2. Any of the women I’ve seen under consideration would be good, although I think Warren would be better if left as Senator; then President Biden could tap her as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where she woud be astounding.

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