Roughing It, Volume 57

Time to check out some roughs.


When I sent this idea to CNN, I was showing a concept and not a completed idea. Then they picked it and I really had to go to work writing everything for it. I wasn’t excited about all the lettering I had to do.


But it was worth it. I was very happy with the way it turned out and it got crazy shares on social media.


I’m glad I did not draw this cartoon because every political cartoonist in the country has drawn a covid baseball by now. Stop it, guys. Just stop it. Hmmmm….maybe I’ll do a covid hockey puck. NO NO NO!!!!


Speaking of lame ideas. I was getting desperate when I threw this one out. It’s such an awful and worn out cliche. The only person who can bring any justice to these kind of cliches is usually Tom Toles. In fact, he did do a sinking ship last week and it was brilliant.


I was trying to show the disparity between the eloquence, brilliance, and class of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and whatever it is that’s wrong with Donald Trump.


This was my first suburbs idea. I kinda liked it but was a little daunted with how it’d work out artistically. It’s also based on that fear-mongering Trump campaign commercial. More about that in a minute.


Yeah, no, but dogs know more words than Donald Trump.


I liked my cowboys. I still may do something with this concept. Republicans are such hypocrites without any principles. Donald Trump could start blowing chemtrails out his ass and they’d all be like, “yay, ass chemtrails!”.


I didn’t draw this one because I figured someone else would too. I haven’t seen it yet. Yet.


I was trying to do something here with an empty convention and it wasn’t working.


Do you know that commercial from the Trump Campaign where someone’s trying to call the police but there aren’t any because they’ve been defunded and it’s showing violent scenes and warning that’ll be Joe Biden’s America, yet all the footage is from Trump’s America? This cartoon is based on that. Next, they’ll say Joe Biden’s America will kill over 150,000 Americans with a virus.


I liked this one. The Trump photo-op national tour.


As you see, I started to draw this cartoon. The entire thing was going to be one huge crowd scene. Yes, Waldo would have been included. In the middle of it, I stopped and did something else. I’m glad too. By the way, I threw an alien in there for shits and giggles and that was before the Demon Sperm Alien DNA lady came out.


I was going to draw this one but change the guy to a mom in a yellow shirt. I may bring it back depending on how things develop.

Are any of these good? Should I have made an official cartoon out of any of them? If so, tell me which ones.

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