Suburban Dreams


Once again, Donald Trump is telling his base he’s a racist while unconvincingly telling the rest of us he’s not. But, when someone like Donald Trump tells you who he is, believe him.

Last night, South Carolina Representative James Clyburn told Chris Cuomo on CNN that he couldn’t determine if Donald Trump hates people who look like him, but he knows Donald Trump doesn’t respect people who look like him. As Clyburn explained, you can hate someone you perceive is above you or on your level, but you disrespect those you deem beneath you.

Clyburn’s theory is a good one because Donald Trump has demonstrated he only respects himself and people like Vladimir Putin. In fact, he’s deathly afraid of Vladimir Putin. But the disrespect theory lines up with explaining why Trump hires black people and at least pretends one or two of them are his friends. When someone like Herman Cain puts his life on the line to cater to Donald Trump’s politicization of the coronavirus, that’s not something to respect. People don’t respect people who kiss their ass, even if it kills the asskissers.

The black friend defense for Donald Trump, and pointing out he put Ben Carson in his cabinet, fizzles when you point out Strom Thurmond slept with back women. Hiring Ben Carson doesn’t mean Donald Trump respects him. Donald Trump could be fucking Ben Carson and still not have any respect for him.

But if Donald Trump doesn’t hate black people (get that Trump/Carson image out of your head), he definitely disrespects them and is using racism as a wedge issue to cater to his racist base. As some have pointed out, he doesn’t care about the Confederate flag, monuments, or bases named after treasonous generals who fought against the United States to preserve slavery. For Trump, it’s just a tool. Why would a New Yorker care about Confederate statues? Even Queens resident Archie Bunker, who flipped out over the Jeffersons living next door before they moved on up, probably didn’t care about Confederate statues.

Last Wednesday, Donald Trump made an appeal to suburban voters, a group he’s losing. In doing so, he made a racist pitch in a tweet. Donald Trump tweeted, “I am happy to inform all of the people living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream that you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood…” He continued it into a second tweet, “…Your housing prices will go up based on the market, and crime will go down. I have rescinded the Obama-Biden AFFH Rule. Enjoy!”

Donald Trump is trying to save the suburban housewives of America by telling them to “enjoy” the lack of diversity in their neighborhoods. To “enjoy” their home prices not falling because of black people moving in. The thing is, they’ve already moved in. When you knock on that door, there’s no guarantee a white person will answer it. Donald Trump will be like the racist delivery guy in Next Friday.

Suburbia was the refuge for white Americans fleeing cities and integration. Why, there won’t be any black kids at your kid’s school if there aren’t any black kids in the school district (Oops. There was bussing). But today, the suburbs aren’t just white anymore. They’re also not just middle and upper income. Poverty has also hit the suburbs.

Donald Trump is out of touch with the suburbs if he envisions them the way his father did. The suburbs are no longer strictly white. They can’t be stereotyped like Leave it to Beaver. In fact, June Cleaver speaks Jive.

It’s understandable Donald Trump is out of touch with the suburbs because he’s probably never been to one. But he is in touch with trying to keep property values up by using his racism. Back when he was a private citizen doing his small part to destroy the country, before he became president (sic) and started doing his large part to destroy the country, Donald Trump was sued by the Justice Department for discriminating by refusing to rent to black tenants. The Justice Department sued him…twice.

Donald Trump is a racist. He’s telling white America he’ll keep the black people from moving in next door, or as he likes to say it, “the blacks.” But being an official white guy, I hear more complaints about assholes living next door than I do about anyone’s race. I can also tell you from personal experience, the best neighborhoods I’ve lived in have been diverse. America is now a place where it’s not just the neighborhoods that are diverse, but families are too.  Why would I worry about blacks and Latino people living next door when I have black and Latino people in my family? My nightmare would be living next to someone who flies a Trump flag. Ew. You know they don’t recycle.

It’s the emerging diversity of this nation that scares Donald Trump and his base. They believe their white privilege is in danger and as more rights are extended to people who don’t look like them, somehow it threatens their rights. Maybe it just threatens our privilege (yes, I have it too). What’s scares them and can’t be stopped now is in the future, white will no longer be the majority. We’re already at the point the only way whites control Congress is by gerrymandering and voter suppression. The only way someone racist like Trump can be elected president is through the racist antiquated electoral college.

Leave it to Beaver is not the representation of the neighborhoods of Donald Trump’s supporters. No, it’s the St. Louis couple on their lawn with automatic weapons because black people are walking by their house. It’s their defense of being in danger because pedestrians were black. That’s Donald Trump’s America.

In 2016, America showed us it’s a lot more racist than we believed. It was enlightening and frightening. Hopefully, 2020 will show us it’s not as racist. Donald Trump is betting all his racist cards that it is.

That’s because Donald Trump is a racist and the last thing I want is to live in a neighborhood full of Trump supporters. That’ll drive the property values down and really keep the good people out.

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