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After finishing yesterday’s cartoon, I treated myself to a McDonald’s breakfast. As I was walking back into my apartment, I saw breaking news on CNN about Herman Cain. I was hoping the “breaking news” was that he was being released from the hospital after acquiring coronavirus. I am sad it wasn’t. I don’t wish bad health or death upon anyone, no matter their politics.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw a post from a conservative cartoonist complaining about the media “implying” Herman Cain caught the coronavirus at Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally. How dare that dastardly media for reporting the facts. That same conservative was upset President Obama “politicized” John Lewis’ death by talking about the issue John Lewis dedicated his life to, voting rights, but ignored that Donald Trump used Herman Cain’s death to hurl another racial slur about the “China” virus.

Perhaps if we had better contract tracing, we would have a better understanding of where Cain caught the virus, but as the facts stand, the Tulsa rally is a pretty good culprit. Cain was hospitalized less than two weeks after attending Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa.

Local officials warned the Trump Campaign not to hold the indoor rally. While preparing for the rally in Tulsa, several members of the campaign and the Secret Service caught the virus. While the turnout was seriously disappointing for the campaign, as most people didn’t want a hate rally to kill them, it was still too large of an indoor gathering during the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the rally, Donald Trump played down wearing masks and social distancing. Neither was mandated at the rally in a state where the virus was surging. The campaign removed social distancing stickers from seats. They discouraged any safety measures being taken at the rally. Yet, they still required all attendees to sign a waiver absolving the Trump Campaign of any liability in the case of them catching the coronavirus. During this pandemic, Donald Trump said he took no responsibility for any of the government’s failures. And if you catch the virus while going out of your way to praise him, he won’t accept any responsibility for that either.

Herman Cain was excited to attend the rally. He tweeted that not wearing a mask to the rally was freedom. During the rally, he tweeted a photo of him with several “Black Voices for Trump” and “Having a fantastic time.” Nobody was wearing a mask in the photo. Shortly before entering the hospital, he tweeted about Donald Trump’s July 4th South Dakota rally and that people were “fed up” with having to wear face masks. He was cheering over face masks not being mandated at that particular rally. But which is a greater inconvenience, wearing a face mask or being dead? Well, we can’t ask him.

Even after he was hospitalized, Herman kept up with politicizing the virus. He touted hydroxychloroquine as a treatment. No word yet on whether it was used to treat him. He tweeted three days ago, “Thank God baseball didn’t panic like the media wanted” over the widespread coronavirus contamination of the Miami Marlins which is probably going to cancel the rest of the baseball season.

Donald Trump expressed his condolences to Herman Cain’s family and he blamed China without mentioning his Tulsa rally. But before tweeting anything about Cain, he illegally promoted a pizza place (not Godfather’s) on Long Island that has some controversy over flying a Trump flag. Trump said, “Great pizza” about the pizza he’s never had in his life. For all he knows, it’s on the same level as Sbarro.

When it comes to the virus, Republicans are slow learners. Even while having the virus, Herman Cain continued to politicize it. He politicized it all the way to his grave. Politicizing it is what put him in there. Are Republicans learning from this?

Congressman Louis Gohmert has spent months politicizing the virus and being an anti-mask wearer. After contracting the coronavirus, he informed his staff in person while…wait for it…not wearing a mask. So, no. Republicans are NOT learning from this. Later, Louis said he probably caught the virus from the facemasks he hardly ever wore. Now, bald-headed mask-hating Louis is going to fight the virus with…wait for it again…hydroxychloroquine. Gohmert is risking his life to cater to Donald Trump’s ego. Herman Cain lost his life kissing Donald Trump’s ass. Republicans are slow learners. You don’t want to die with your lips fully planted on Trump’s ass.

And the thing about Louis Gohmert being tested is that he wasn’t tested for his health. He was tested to protect Donald Trump as was required before boarding a plane with him.

Herman Cain’s death was tragic and it could have been prevented. The Tulsa rally could have been postponed, canceled, or never planned in the first place during a pandemic. Donald Trump was selfish for his cult’s worship during a pandemic. Unfortunately, his friend’s wellbeing, like that of the rest of this nation’s, was not important to Donald Trump.

If nothing else, we could be learning from Herman Cain’s death, or using it to at least educate Republicans. But with Trump still attending fundraisers maskless and people like Louis Gohmert continuing to cling to political conspiracy theories instead of science, Herman’s life was truly wasted.

For my conservative “pal” upset the media is “implying” Herman Cain caught the virus at Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally, sorry. All evidence points at the Tulsa rally. And instead of calling it the “China Virus,” call it the “Trump Virus” because the Trump Virus killed Herman Cain. It was wasted in the name of Trumpism. It was the cost of being in the Trump cult.

Donald Trump killed Herman Cain. His greed, selfishness, and sheer stupidity killed Him. Herman could have saved his own life by never joining the Trump cult. Donald Trump kills people. Donald Trump is a cancer. Donald Trump is poison.

But Herman isn’t the only one. So far, the Trump Virus has killed over 152,000 Americans. What’s our national plan for fighting it? We still don’t have one and Donald Trump now wants to risk your children’s lives for his own self-interest. At this point, it’s definitely the Trump Virus. Since Donald Trump doesn’t want to do anything to combat the virus and save Americans from it, the only cure is to vote him out of office.

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump asked black Americans, “What do you have to lose?”. Today, ask all Americans that question. Herman Cain has your answer.

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  1. Yes, Trumpy says what do you have to lose if you take hydroxychloroquine, but what would he have to lose by wearing a face mask? and encouraging the nation to wear face masks?

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  2. HERE LIES HERMAN CAIN. He failed to mask it – instead got a casket.
    [I have no sympathy for these ignorant asses. Had this virus not been politicized by trump 6 month ago, and had a real president acted to protect the American people we’d be looking in the rear-view mirror at this virus by now. Yes. Republicans are slow learners and goat-phucker Gohmert will never learn. I do hope other republicans pick-up the pace.]

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  3. Consider, Cain could have been the one to bring Covid to the Tulsa rally. If he was already sick, but showing no symptoms, he would have been at the height of his contagious period. It is completely possible had he worn a mask and social distanced and therefore DISRESPECTED his fellow repuglycans, no one might has caught Covid there. I don’t know if anyone else who attended the rally has died, but it is possible Cain is the real killer here. Trump is just a main conspirator to cause death. Does Trump’s waiver cover conspiracy? Does the waiver protect Cain’s estate from being sued for wrongful death? Injured parties need to to be made aware.

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  4. I wonder if the people on Gohmert’s STAPH (deliberate, NOT a typo) had to sign a waiver as a condition of employment.

    I wonder if and/or why any of them still work for him, and why anyone would be working for him to begin with.

    I wonder why I even bother to comment about GOPOCRITE COVERUPUBLICANS Risking Other People’s Lives just so they could move to the front of the line for kissing Ki45*TF’s Butt.

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