Germin’ With Herman


I don’t care who you are or if you’re a Republican or a Democrat when it comes to science. You should listen to scientists, not politicians. You should especially listen to scientists over stupid politicians.

While Donald Trump and his surrogates keep downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus and put a happy spin on it, people close to Trump continue to catch it. A Secret Service agent who accompanied Mike Pence to Arizona, a virus hotspot, has contracted the virus. While the Trump campaign was setting up its hate rally in Tulsa several members of the campaign and two Secret Service agents caught the virus.

Before the rally was held in Tulsa, everyone who is not a dumbass knew it was a horrible and stupid idea. Oklahoma was and still is a hotspot for the coronavirus. It was very dangerous to go to a hotspot and jam 19,000 people into one…I’m sorry…to jam 6,000 people into one room. All the experts said we’ll see who catches it from that rally in two weeks. Guess what. It’s been two weeks.

Herman Cain chairs Black Voices for Trump, where there are not a lot of voices. Herman attended the Tulsa hate rally. He wasn’t afraid of catching the virus and photos turned up of him at the rally not wearing a face mask and not social distancing. After the hate rally, Cain wrote an Op-Ed saying, “The atmosphere was electric, and the president’s words were inspiring. He presented a vision for uniting the country, overcoming the remaining effects of the pandemic and reinvigorating an economy he had going strong before the coronavirus showed up.” Yeah, the “atmosphere” was apparently contaminated, and guess who now has to “overcome the remaining effects of the pandemic?”

Yup, Herman has caught the virus. He was told Monday he has the disease and by Wednesday, his symptoms were so severe that he was hospitalized in Atlanta. I’m not sure if it was before or after he went to the hospital, but on Wednesday, TWO FUCKING DAYS AFTER HE WAS TOLD HE HAD THE VIRUS, he tweeted his support for the July 4th celebration in South Dakota saying, “Masks will not be mandatory for the event, which will be attended by President Trump. PEOPLE ARE FED UP!”

Seriously, dude. Has Trump called or sent you a get-well card yet? People are “fed up” with wearing face masks? Guess what, Herman? You should have worn a mask. I’m pretty sure it would have been a lot less inconvenient than being in a hospital.

There will be a huge celebration in South Dakota at Mount Rushmore where the stupid Republican governor announced face masks will not be mandatory and they will not be social distancing. In fact, each attendee will be assigned their own personal Nazi to breath heavy on their face. Sorry, ladies. Stephen Miller’s been spoken for.

And, Donald Trump will be at this rally where some predict the attendance can be as high as 30,000. According to some inside sources, Donald Trump is petrified he will catch the virus because it will make him look bad because he’s trying to convince everyone the virus will go away and he’s mocked people for wearing face masks. However, he is starting to bend on the mask thing and even says it makes him look like the Lone Ranger. I think he’s confusing the Lone Ranger with Bane.

The White House may be testing Trump every day for the virus. Reportedly, everyone who comes in contact with him has to be tested. But tests aren’t 100 percent reliable. Someone should tell this to Donald Trump and maybe use a condom analogy. Perhaps if he sees the coronavirus as an Eric, he’ll take the disaster seriously.

I don’t care how much precaution is being taken to protect Trump from the virus because, at the rate he’s hanging out with large crowds of racist assholes, someone with the virus will slip in and get on him. Ask Herman.

Donald Trump said “Black Lives Matter” is a racist symbol. Maybe he can put that on the get-well card for Herman. Hey, Herman. How are your doctors fighting the virus? Are they using hydroxychloroquine? Are you drinking bleach? I hope you’re listening to the doctors and not Doctor Dumbass.

In addition to listening to scientists over stupid politicians, maybe Herman can remember just how loyal of a person Donald Trump is. And what did Herman get for his loyalty to Donald Trump, a man who tweeted “white power” and throws out racist dog whistles on a daily basis? He got a hospital bed. Herman is one of Donald Trump’s “black friends,” which means he’s not really his friend. He’s a token.

Tokens are expendable, especially to disloyal and selfish people like Donald Trump.

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  1. I’d love to continue sharing but you’re obviously supporting Trump now. Your page is solid Trump ads. I’m out.

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    1. There are Trump ads because the Trump campaign buys them from WordPress. I don’t select or authorize specific ads. The only control I have over advertising is if there is advertising. And, the advertising helps support me to draw…wait for it…ANTI-DONALD TRUMP CARTOONS. If anything, the Trump campaign is wasting money on my site because nobody who reads my work is undecided.

      You look at the body of my work after all this time and seriously believe I am supporting Donald Trump? I hate to lose any supporter but what you’re doing is taking it out on me over something I don’t control and insulting me. Also the ads are often generated to your algorithms. If you’re seeing a lot of Trump ads, it’s mostly from your surfing habit. You’re blaming me when it’s your fault. Jesus.

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    2. You do realize that Clay has absolutely NO control over the ads that WordPress imposes on his blog.

      Supposedly, WordPress feeds you ads that it thinks you would be interested in, based on whatever knowledge it has of your preferences.

      Here’s the thing… For the past few months I have been playing
      Whack-A-Mole with these
      Pro-Ki45*TF ads… I click “REPORT THIS AD” (VERY small print at the bottom right corner of the ad), then select “Offensive”, and the ad disappears, but…
      When I refresh the page, the ad, or one of its more obnoxious siblings, pops back into the same space.

      To me this means that the Ki45*TF Campaign is so DESPERATE that they are paying WordPress to throw these ads at EVERYBODY, even people who follow Clay Jones, one of the top anti-Ki45*TF cartoonists and bloggers in the country.

      Another indication of how desperate the campaign has become is that more of these pieces of crap are TWICE as long as they are wide, while in the past most of them were “square”, about as long as they are wide.

      So if you enjoy doing futile activities, by all means go ahead and Whack these Moles to your heart’s content, but be careful… this can be quite addictive, or even worse it can become an OCD thing.

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  2. I have a friend of mine that took a picture from Glacier Point and sent it to me. He woke up this morning in Yosemite Valley and sat out sipping his morning coffee as the Merced river flowed by and a bear cub ran across the field into the redwoods.
    I wish I was in Yosemite right now!

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  3. I don’t have an adblocker, as far as I know, and I am not paying to not get ads, but I have never seen an ad on WP yet. But I certainly have seen a bunch of Anti-Trump cartoons here. Keep em coming, Clay.

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  4. LOL, I have gotten so good at ignoring ads in the content I want to read, I had to scroll back up to see if there were Trump ads. No political ads, just Tumblr and Feeding America. I use Firefox and I think the ad blocking is built in.
    Clay – Keep on drawing and commenting.

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  5. OTOH, I AM getting texts from the drumpf family, as I had to give a phone number to get my ‘reserved’ Tulsa rally tickets. First, from low man on the family tree, Eric. Then, from Donald Jr., and then from donny himself. I was expecting Ivanka next, but no, back down the family tree, then up again. Easy enough to delete (I haven’t a smartphone, so I can’t block ’em), and they’re good for a laff, too. I’m sure as the poll numbers go down and November gets closer, they’ll become more frequent and more strident/desperate. I can hardly wait!

    (And no, I’m not blaming anyone else for these texts; I knew they would be coming, but I did it anyway.)

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    1. Andrea, I did the same thing and after the first text, I replied “Stop.” I’m not getting the texts anymore. I’m still getting the emails which I’ve chosen to continue so I can know what bullshit they’re selling.

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      1. Having a dumbPhone, I can’t text out, only receive them. I do, however, put the phone on SILENT so I don’t get startled by the phone/message alarms.

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    1. Amazing how we can mentally ignore the content, isn’t it. Our minds adapt quite well, and quite quickly. I have a few sites for which I disable the adblocker, but I don’t really see the ads’ content. I sometimes click on the ‘x’ so the page will load faster, but mostly, I just scroll past ’em.


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