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A couple days ago, a journalist for one of the major cable news networks was talking to an official in Arizona about masks being worn at Donald Trump’s hate rally in a megachurch.

The hate rally inside a church was to be held in Phoenix, a city that mandated facemasks to be worn in public, especially in social gatherings. The state/city official said the mandate wouldn’t be enforced at the church and if people felt safe and secure about not wearing a mask, then they’ll be allowed not to wear one. That’s where I started screaming at my TV (which is a hobby of mine) because the journalist didn’t push back on one aspect of that.

Part of the anti-mask argument is if you don’t feel you’re in danger, then you shouldn’t have to wear a mask. What the journalist failed to catch is we don’t wear masks for our own personal safety as much as we wear it for others and in the grander scheme of things, we’re wearing masks to defeat this virus nationally and globally. It takes a village yet every village has its share of idiots.

Just like it doesn’t matter what you think about a subject because opinions don’t change facts, how you feel about wearing a mask doesn’t matter to the virus. I actually encountered a guy on a sidewalk when the pandemic first hit saying, “Don’t worry about catching the virus from me. I don’t believe in that crap.” Being a dumbass will not save your life.

It’s one thing to just be stupid about public safety. It’s another to make it political because after you make it political, you refuse to admit you’re wrong. And if you’re not wearing a mask in public, just like your support for Donald Trump, you are wrong and it’s past the point that you’ve been proven wrong. The only thing preventing you from accepting reality is arrogance and narcissism. You’re wrong and it’s time for you to eat shit. We stopped serving crow in 2016.

Do you remember a few weeks ago when Florida was boasting about its low number of cases despite not putting forth the same safety measures as New York? Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was indignant, angry, and being a righteous asshole about it while screaming into microphones about how right he was. So, he reopened his state early. Now, Florida is one of the three most populous states in the nation with record highs. Texas reopened early and now they’re stepping back. Florida, where professional wrestling was classified as an “essential business,” has not.

Also, when Florida reopened, a stupid fucker who was frequenting my YouTube page challenged me in a bet that Florida’s coronavirus cases would not increase. I refused his bet because I don’t wager on human life and since he’s a Trump supporter, he wouldn’t pay up anyway because Trump supporters are lowlife liars who cheat at everything. Guess what. That guy hasn’t been back on my page since the numbers started spiking. Pay up? He’d have to be able to admit he was wrong first.

A huge reason these numbers are going up is that facemasks are not being worn. The evidence is in. If you’re on the debate team for no masks, you’ve lost. It’s over. Wait, if you’re a Donald Trump supporter, facts don’t apply. That’s why I never would have collected on that bet.

Right now, despite overwhelming evidence facemasks work, as in numbers of cases going down all over the world except in Brazil (where their leader is a Trump acolyte and hates masks too), our numbers are rising and Donald Trump and his administration are refusing to realize it. They lie about it. Donald Trump says the only reason the numbers are going up is because of “great testing.”

Donald Trump refuses to accept the numbers are rising because there are more cases. He refuses to accept that facemasks work. He even refuses to accept his stubbornness over the virus is killing his campaign, which we all know is more important to him than human lives anyway.

Having to wear a facemask to protect others isn’t any more oppressive than having to wear a seatbelt, or a motorcycle helmet, or pants. Trust me on this, you’re wearing pants more for the consideration of others than you are for yourself.

I understand we all hate pants, especially the older we get. I haven’t worn pants since my trip to New York which was over two weeks ago. Hell, I’m not even wearing pants right now. But I’m not in public right now (they’re boxer briefs by the way) and when I am, I’m usually wearing sweat shorts because I’m lazy and getting fat. But, we all put something on when we go out. Wearing a facemask, while kinda annoying, is essential…just like you wearing pants. So, so essential.

Try to enter a grocery store without pants and see what happens? Use that same argument you do for not wearing a facemask. Go to a restaurant and tell them you don’t have to wear shoes. And in that regard, there may not be any laws in your state that mandates shoes in a restaurant (this will surprise you, most don’t have one), but the restaurant has the right to refuse service, especially to assholes. If you’re not wearing a facemask, businesses have the right to refuse service and to kick your selfish ass out.

If you’re still not wearing a facemask, you’re an asshole. That’s all it comes down to. Look at it this way, if all children have to sacrifice for your Second Amendment rights by having to wear a heavy bulletproof backpack to school, then you can wear a fucking facemask, you big entitled baby.

You’ve lost. the debate is over. Facemasks work. It’s not a conspiracy to control you or to see how much the government can get away with (I’ve had people tell me that one). Put on a goddamn mask, you selfish sonofabitch.

And for the love of God, put on some pants.

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  1. My daughter and her friends, pretty much anyone in the early 20’s doesn’t think this whole thing is a big deal. I don’t know how to get it across to her. She knows to keep her distance at my house and when we went out and she HAD to wear a mask, she did, but won’t voluntarily. She says its just like the flu. I have sent her articles and news briefs….It doesn’t help that the president is acting like these 20-something year olds!

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  2. The Mayor of St Pete [FL] actually used the ‘No Shoes – No Shirt – NO MASK – No Service’ argument . . . I only wish they’d get signs up and printed. Someone in Orlando fought to get in the WalMart without a mask. Our county and those surrounding it have all declared masks mandatory; the outcry is un-friggin’-believable. We just stay home as much as possible; it’s every person for him/herself these days.

    And of course, The Orange One is going golfing in [mask-mandatory] New Jersey, and he and his stall will NOT be wearing masks, according to yesterday’s news reports. WHY ISN’T *HE* CATCHING IT???? Oh, that’s right – ‘he’s not going to heaven and the devil’s in no hurry’. Damn!

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    1. Wow–that’s what I’ve been saying when Costco and other stores were like “you must wear a mask.” Since Monday,Harris County (basically the Greater Houston area) where I work has a requirement that you must wear a mask to enter any business because of the spike in numbers. I remember when folks were giving Costco a hard time for being proactive and making people wear masks in their stores or they could leave, months ago. I thought it didn’t make any sense to complain about it, because I figured they wanted to keep their essential workforce and customers safe, and it was their right to do so. And I thought it was like the No shirt, no shoes, no service rule I’ve always seen. they just penciled in “no mask” in between shoes and service for a while. I’m good with that.

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  3. Of course you are spot on, but I like to confuse my MAGAg friends with the example of women wearing shirts and bras. Yeah, not wearing pants or shoes can have some sanitary implications, but a dude can go in a bar without a shirt and get a beer, but no chance for the boobier sex.

    If boob covering is absolutely mandatory for feelingz, we can certainly survive masks for a global pandemic.

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