Corona Jackson


Why is Andrew Jackson Donald Trump’s favorite president?

Is it because of the Battle of New Orleans during the war of 1812, a war the United States did NOT win and one Donald Trump can’t tell when it started if you spotted him the 18 and the 12 (it lasted from 1812 to 1815)?

Even though every Republican is quick to tell you it was the Democratic Party that started the Ku Klux Klan (they didn’t), owned slaves, and started the Civil War, Republicans are the first to get upset over Confederate Statues being removed or destroyed. Guess which party Andrew Jackson belonged to?

Maybe it’s like Donald Trump’s situation with Abraham Lincoln in that he only recently learned Lincoln was a Republican. Perhaps he doesn’t know Jackson was a Democrat. In fact, Jackson was to the Democratic Party as Ronald Reagan was to the Republican Party. From the 1980s until Trump’s election, Republicans always identified themselves as “Reagan Republicans.” It was never “Lincoln Republicans,” or “Teddy Republicans” or “Eisenhower Republicans.” For about 50 years after Jackson’s era, Democratic Party candidates would label themselves as “Jackson Democrats.” That probably didn’t stop until after Woodrow Wilson.

Republicans are correct on one thing. The Democratic Party was the racist party in the 1800s all the way through to the Civil Rights era. The GOP was the liberal party. Conservatives reacted to Abraham Lincoln’s election worse than they did to President Barack Obama’s. They literally went to war. So, when did the Democrats and Republicans switch liberal and conservative positions? For clues on that, look to see when racists like Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms left the Democratic Party and bolted to the GOP. Don’t tell me they joined the Republican Party because it was a bastion for liberals. Also, your “black friend” defense is destroyed by Strom Thurmond because he Biblically knew black women and had a child with at least one of them. He hated black people but he loved fucking them.

It wasn’t so much Democrats who owned slaves, fought for the Confederacy, and created the Klan. It was conservatives. Fact, fact, fact, fuckity fact.

Republicans act as though the parties of today are the same as they were in the 1800s. Every Conservative who pushes this argument is telling you two things. They don’t have a fricking clue about history and if they were alive at any time back in the 1800s through 1970, they would have been Democrats.

But why does Donald Trump revere Andrew Jackson, a Democrat? Because Andrew Jackson was a racist. He wasn’t just a racist, he’s an accomplished racist. Like Trump, his entire career was built on racism except Jackson actually had minorities killed and butchered. Donald Trump has only had minorities killed inadvertently.

Andrew Jackson relocated Native Americans which I’m sure Donald Trump would have loved to have done with black Americans when the Justice Department sued him for discriminating against them with his rental properties.

Andrew Jackson butchered Native Americans and was the perpetrator of the Trail of Tears (look it up). Donald Trump butchers our government, the Obama legacy, foreign relations, and his trail ends two feet behind his back.

When Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, he claimed moving dozens of Native nations west of the Mississippi was an act of benevolence. In an address before Congress, he called the policy “generous.” He said if “Indians” remained in the east, it would devastate them but his removal policy “kindly offers a new home.”

Andrew Jackson was also a slave owner. Donald Trump owns the loyalty of his cult.

And Donald Trump doesn’t fully understand Jackson’s history. In 2017, Donald Trump asked rhetorically, “Why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?” He then waxed poetically about Andrew Jackson and said, “Had Andrew Jackson been a little later, you wouldn’t have had the Civil War….he had a big heart. He was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War, he said ‘There’s no reason for this.'”

Uh, no. He never said, “There’s no reason for this.” Dying 16 years before the Civil War, Andrew Jackson didn’t see it coming any more than Donald Trump saw the coronavirus pandemic coming. And, neither of the two men has a “big heart.”

Andrew Jackson died in 1845. The Civil War started in 1861. To simplify it for Trump supporters, 61 is AFTER 45. If Jackson, who owned around 200 slaves in his lifetime and really enjoyed and supported the butchering of minorities, had been alive during the 1850s when the nation was arguing about expanding slavery to new states, Jackson most likely would have been on the expansion side. After all, the Civil War started because of slavery.

Now, Donald Trump is screaming and having a shitfit over the statue of Andrew Jackson in Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Square being attacked. The statue is right outside the White House in the area where Donald Trump had peaceful protesters teargassed so he could stage that idiotic moronic photo-op in front of the church. Donald Trump can see the statue from a White House window if someone tells him which side it’s on.

On Monday night, protesters attempted to topple the statue before law enforcement stopped them. Statues are heavy. They’re tough to remove. But Donald Trump, who has a painting of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office, freaked out. He said it was an attack on a “great monument” and said the protesters were, “Bad people, they don’t love our country, and they’re not taking down our monuments.”

Do you know how to tell someone’s a racist? They’re upset over the Confederate flag and monuments being removed and refers to them as part of “our heritage”…and they’re from New York.

Donald Trump also threatened to imprison for ten years those who attack his favorite statues.

Donald Trump’s most recent act of racism, other than shouting “kung flu” in a church, was ordering the Interior Department to replace the only statue of a Confederate in Washington, which was destroyed on Juneteenth.

Donald Trump personally called Interior Secretary David Bernhardt to have the Park Service “put it back up.” Donald Trump will be the first president to order the construction of a Confederate monument. How does that shit grab you?

Every monument to the Confederacy on government lands needs to be removed. You don’t need these statues for history. You don’t need to honor racists. Take down the flags, rename the bases, and for God’s sake, remove the fucking statues.

Donald Trump envisions himself as a modern-day Andrew Jackson. He’s partly right. Andrew Jackson was a racist…and so is Donald Trump.

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  1. Big heart, no. Enlarged heart, we can hope! Maybe it will burst soon, or grow so much fat around it it won’t be able to work properly. A bullet is faster than a speeding heart. He’s not immune to a novel coronary virus either. There must be 50 ways to leave your body, maybe Paul Simon can sing him a few, from two feet away, sans mask.

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  2. Confederate statues. Yeah, why were they put up outside of the former Confederacy (such as Washington DC) at all, and why in hell are they still up? Now a furious DT is assigning the US Marshals – who have a lot of >important< things to do – to guard a statue to be restored by our tax money, of Confederate general Albert Pike, that protesters took down recently.
    I waded through Shelby Foote’s 3-volume zilllion-paged history of the Civil War (see, I’m one of those jerks who actually reads about history), and I couldn’t even remember such a person as Albert Pike. Not exactly a high-profile icon of Our Heritage as defined by Trump. Why pay to put the damned statues back up, to say nothing of the ludicrousness of assigning highly trained marshals to stand underneath them?
    Not for me. Just get rid of the damned statues and teach people the unvarnished fact that the whitewashed version about the South fighting for states’ rights. The specific right they were deliberately, openly (look up the public oratory of the time for yourself), viciously desperate to protect was for a small number of very rich people to own human beings and derive unlimited monetary profit from it. They were willing to kill to keep things going that way. Several hundred thousand people died in the violence they started. It is something to remember, all right, but with rage and the determination to to better than that.
    If you want reminders of the influence of slaveholders on modern American culture all you need to do is look at the life expectancy, economic statistics, chance for advancement, et cetera et cetera, of black people. You can see from those figures alone – or maybe even seriously ask a few black people about their own experiences of racism, and listen closely to what they have to say – the way that the United States is still punishing black people for the crime of trying to live their lives with dignity. It’s way past time to end this evil.
    God I am sick of Trump and virtually everything he values.

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    1. Not only am I entertained by your toonz but am also amazed by your knowledge of history of the US and especially the nuances of the correctness’s of the Civil War. My daughter was a polysci major at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA and had an amazing professor for several of her classes. He was also her advisor. Anyway, she was thoroughly engaged in his classes and wanted to be a pro bono lawyer for low income African-American women. Life didn’t work out that way for her. However, she had a supplemental text on the Civil War by Finn that had the correct version of the war, that was so very different then her high school text book! (Why is that?) My point of all of this is: School Districts need to trash their Civics and High School US History text books before the next semester begins. This is one way to end racism!

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      1. My apologies: the author is Howard Zinn and the book is titled: A History of the People of the United States of America, according to my daughter.

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    2. I agree with everything that you said! The only way for #45 to leave is natural death 💀 ie too big a bite of his double cheeseburger and no one is around to perform the Heimlich maneuver; he trips and falls flat on his face coming down the ramp too fast on his “special shoes with the two inch lifts in them that makes him appear taller” and he breaks his neck; or he gets voted out on November 3, 2020❗️😉

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