Trumping To Tulsa


Donald Trump isn’t good at being subtle. Probably because he’s not very smart and he’s such hardcore racist, it’s hard to hide. When the man sends out a dog whistle, it’s not just the dogs who hear it. Everyone hears it and it’s the dogs who deny he ever sent it.

Donald Trump has decided to resume his hate rallies. Where will the hater-in-chief conduct his first post-pandemic rally? Tulsa, Oklahoma (Psst. Republicans, if you hit the ocean, you went in the wrong direction). When? It was scheduled for June 19th, or Juneteenth, the day that marks the end of slavery. Why Tulsa? Because Tulsa is the site of one of the nation’s most horrific attacks on a black community. Wink-wink. Nudge-nudge. Hoooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwlllll!!!!!

On June 19, 1865, Union soldiers arrived in Texas and read the Emancipation Proclamation announcing President Abraham Lincoln had freed the slaves. Texas was the last Confederate state to receive the news. Today, Texas is still the last state that usually receives news. They still haven’t been informed of how creepy and icky Ted Cruz is. But Juneteenth is considered a major holiday by many black Americans and should be designated a federal holiday. It was a good day for this nation which is probably why Donald Trump wants to take a great big orange crap on it.

Donald Trump, the man behind calling for the execution of the Central Park 5, who turned out to be innocent (and he still hasn’t retracted his call for killing the black and Latino boys who were accused), who described countries where brown people come from as “shitholes,” who yelled for four brown women in Congress to “go back to where they came from,” who championed the racist birther movement, who called Mexicans “rapists and murderers,” and said “fine people” were marching among tiki-torch Nazis shouting “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us” told Fox News yesterday he’s done more for blacks than any president besides Abraham Lincoln. I think he’s confusing “for” with “to.”

He then said, “did good, although it’s always questionable.” Senator Kamala Harris said Trump holding a rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth, “Isn’t just a wink to white supremacists — he’s throwing them a welcome home party.” Saying that what Lincoln did was “questionable” is a freaking racist bullhorn. Donald Trump claimed he had not realized the meaning of the date but that people should think of the rally as a “celebration.” Fucking bullhorn, people.

He said, “The fact that I’m having a rally on that day, you can really think about that very positively as a celebration. There’s a rally, to me, is a celebration. It’s going to be really a celebration and it’s an interesting date. It wasn’t done for that reason, but it’s an interesting date. But it’s a celebration.”

Donald Trump has been racist America’s champion. He’s campaigning and talking to them. He’s their president, not yours. He’s not my president. My president doesn’t defend Confederate statues and refuses to even consider renaming U.S. military bases named after Confederate soldiers.

Now, Trump has bowed to pressure and is moving his rally from June 19 to June 20. Donald Trump’s failure to recognize the sensitivity is just another glaring example of how he’s failing America during this conversation on race after the cop murder of George Floyd.

He’s called protesters “terrorists.” He’s threatening to invade states and cities (remember when Republicans freaked out claiming Obama was going to invade and take Texas?). He’s calling himself the “law and order” president. He refuses to say systemic racism exists. He’s defending police saying, “99.9 percent of them are great, great people.” He’s created lies and conspiracy theories about antifa which have only proven false. He accused a 75-year-old man of being an “antifa agent provocateur.” He described chokeholds as “innocent” and “perfect.” He literally teargassed peaceful protesters to clear a path so he could walk to stage a photo-op with a Bible.

It’s not like Oklahoma is a swing state or that it’s the one that will push Joe Biden across the 270 electoral vote threshold. Donald Trump won Oklahoma by 36 points in 2016.

Oh, and for his Tulsa hate rally, he’s requiring everyone attending to sign a waiver promising not to sue him if they catch the coronavirus from the rally. Will there be pressure for attendees not to wear masks since Donald Trump refuses to wear one and has downplayed the virus? Why do people need to sign a waiver for something that’s a Democratic hoax?

I can’t think of a better way to stick it to the libs than attending a Trump rally without a mask and catching Covid-19. That’ll show us. I would warn you that by going to a Trump rally, you’re liable to catch something else.

But then again, if you’re going to a Trump rally to support Trump, you probably already got that virus.

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  1. Trump move the rally date to the day after, looks like he is getting idea, we are many, we are worldwide. We will be glad when Donald J Trump is out of our way of positive change.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I say let them ALL attend … BTW, changed date to June 20 now!! … “I can’t think of a better way to stick it to the libs than attending a Trump rally without a mask and catching Covid-19. That’ll show us. I would warn you that by going to a Trump rally, you’re liable to catch something else. But then again, if you’re going to a Trump rally to support Trump, you probably already got that virus.”

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