Roughing It, Volume 50

Here are the roughs from the week before. There are too many.


In this case, it’s an idea I wasn’t sure of.


But I guess I was wrong. CNN wanted it and a lot of people leaving comments liked it too. One person praised the tie which is something I nearly forgot to include. My only issue with it was I didn’t know if the idea here was unique.


I thought I was on the right track with this one…but I wasn’t there yet.


And then this came. I was very intimidated by the concept of laying out the street lettering.


I really liked this one and I started to draw it.


But after roughing it, I decided to do something else. I wish I could remember what that was now. I still like it and I’m kinda sad I never got around to finishing and publishing it.


I kinda liked this one.


Sometimes I get ahead of my brain while lettering.


I liked this one too but you gotta choose wisely anytime you make a Klan reference. If you don’t with with this administration, you’ll be drawing nothing but klansmen (which I did yesterday).


I thought this was either brilliant or bad. One proofer got it and the other didn’t. So it’s probably more bad than brilliant. That’s OK because I wasn’t looking forward to drawing it.



This one wasn’t quite there.

CNNrough792See, that’s supposed to get Wimpy from Popeye. That’s his name, right? Wimpy? Whatever. One of my proofers really liked this one. I didn’t really get off on it as I was never a fan of Popeye. Wimpy’s probably the best thing to come out of that comic. Popeye sucks.


I really liked the concept of this even if the idea needed some fine-tuning. I probably could have come up with something better for that last panel.


I think this artwork was more inspired by my days in Manhattan. Damn, I miss the city.


Fucking Kayleigh McEnany. One of my proofers bristled at this because of the Hitler reference.

Which ones are your favorites? Leave a comment here, on Twitter, or Facebook and let me know.

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  1. Did he REALLY hold the bible upside down? I keep reading about that, but have yet to see a picture showing it.

    My fave is the ‘Ja, mein president’ one . . . that one really hits hard. Which it SHOULD do.

    Liked by 2 people

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