Systemic Racism

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Larry Kudlow, the Director of the United States National Economic Council, says systemic racism doesn’t exist in the United States.
Kudlow told reporters last Wednesday, “I don’t believe there’s systemic racism in the U.S. I’m not gonna go into a long riff on it. Black employment increased 300,000, did you know that? You didn’t, right. So, that’s a big win. And the black employment-to-population ratio went up over a percentage point. That’s a big win.”
Ooh, a percentage point. Hey, Larry, where does black unemployment stand right now? I’ll help you out. It’s around 16%. But let’s go back before the pandemic. For white Americans, unemployment was 3.6%. For black Americans, it was 6.6%. Larry, you’re good at math, right?
So while white and rich Larry, joined by Attorney General William Barr and national security adviser Robert O’Brien claim there’s no systemic racism in this country, the coronavirus has killed three times the number of black Americans as white Americans. That is systemic racism.
Larry also works for Donald Trump, a man who exercised his white privilege and helped advance systemic racism by refusing to rent to blacks. He was sued for it by the Justice Department…twice.
So, rich, old, white Republicans, please keep lecturing us on how there’s no systemic racism.
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  1. Hello Waldo! Noses? The issues people have…jeez. Reading the backstory of “Juneteenth” and much more have made realize Europeans and especially whites have been wankers for a very long time.

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  2. There is racism all over the world, not all is coonected white against black. But whites are the wotst, they HAVE TO FEEL SUPERIOR to everyone else. It’s not good enough for them to be equal, no. They are just better. They’ll tell you that whenever they feel others need to be reminded.

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    1. I’ve never understood, even as a child, why walking beside a person of color, having them as a friend was so reprehensible to whites. My father was military, we mostly grew up in the south and you felt the racism every day. The jokes, the excuses for abuse, and the cover-ups of murder. It was always “blackies” fault. I hated the laughter that the suffering of others brought.


    2. “HAVE TO FEEL SUPERIOR,” code for fear, lack of understanding, or even a little acceptance. It makes me feel sad and longing for more hope.


      1. We all need to become anti-racist, especially when surrounded by racism as you were. But there is fear in us, because we don’t want to get beat up or killed because we defend our fellow humans. But how many of the people are just acting out to try to fit it? Maybe not many, but some. If we don’t speak out ourselves we will never know if we have unexpected allies.
        Life is not easy, but we don’t have to make it harder than it already is.

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      2. Exactly right Rawgod, fear is a big part of it, petrified. No one wants to get the ‘living hell beat of them’


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