Trump Is A Gas Gas Gas


Do you know what Jesus didn’t’ do? Jesus did not do photo-ops.

A lot of politicians do shameless self-promoting photo-ops and grandstanding with religion, churches, and the Bible. But at least those politicians go to church and have at least read parts of the Bible. Hell, even I’ve read a lot of the Bible (I can’t claim I’ve read the entire thing). But Donald Trump, read the Bible? Why would Donald Trump do that when there aren’t any pictures of Donald Trump in the Bible? Donald Trump hasn’t even read his own book.

Donald Trump screamed over a week ago how he was demanding governors to open all their churches or he’d force them to open. When Sunday came, guess who was not in church but on a golf course?

Last weekend, while Donald Trump was tweeting about the “most vicious dogs” and “most ominous” weapons, he was hiding in the White House basement because there were scary black people outside. Last night, I walked with scary black people, and scary white people, scary Latinos, scary Asians, scary LGBTQ, and I gotta say, for a bunch of ANTIFA terrorists, nicest scary people I’ve ever met in my life. Donald Trump is a coward.

Donald Trump spent the week before mocking Joe Biden for staying home and being in his basement. So it was very funny that Trump himself had to hide in his. Reportedly, he didn’t like the impression that presented. So yesterday, a whole bunch of military trucks rolled into the White House grounds as though it was about to be invaded and Donald Trump gave a speech in the Rose Garden about being tough. How he was going to use an 1807 law, that was created to prevent Southern government officials from blocking polling stations from black Americans, to send in the military to fight protesters. Donald Trump said he will “solve” their problem. Donald Trump creates problems. He doesn’t solve them. And those National Guard troops are going to have their hands full with tear-gassing protesters and opening churches.

During his short Rose Garden address, he said he was an “ally of all peaceful protesters.” And then he gassed the peaceful protesters. Do you know who else gassed people? Hitler.

The peaceful protesters outside the White House in Lafayette Square were hit with flash-bang explosions and doused with tear gas by police and the National Guard. You could hear the booms during Trump’s little speech. And since he is a coward, it’s a good thing he wears adult diapers. The protesters were hit before the city’s 7:00 PM curfew. They were being peaceful.

Donald Trump then weebled over to St. John’s, often referred to as the “church of the presidents” because every president since James Madison has attended. The church basement was set on fire the night before. Donald Trump wanted a photo-op with the church and a bible.

Donald Trump gassed a crowd of peaceful protesters for a fucking photo-op. If you still support this racist, vile, disgusting orange shitgibbon, get off my planet.

One reporter asked Donald Trump if the bible he was holding belonged to him. Trump only said, “It’s a Bible.” He knew it was a Bible because someone else told him it was. Also, he knew because he can’t understand anything in it.

The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington said church officials were not told of the plan and expressed outrage at the White House’s use of riot-control tactics on a generally peaceful crowd to clear a path for the president.

The bishop, Mariann E. Budde, said, “He did not pray. He did not mention George Floyd, he did not mention the agony of people who have been subjected to this kind of horrific expression of racism and white supremacy for hundreds of years. We need a president who can unify and heal. He has done the opposite of that, and we are left to pick up the pieces.”

She also said, “The Bible is not an American document. It’s not an expression of our country. It’s an expression of the human struggle to serve and love and know God.”

The Trump 2020 Campaign said it wasn’t a staged photo-op shortly before releasing a slow-motion video, despite him already being in slow motion, of Donald Trump strolling to the church to the music of Rage Against the Machine (I can’t wait to hear what Tom Morello has to say about that). They really do not get it. What are they going to play next, “Anarchy in the UK?” “What’s Going On?” “Sunday Bloody Sunday?” “Fortunate Son?” “You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party?” “Say It Loud, I’m Black And I’m Proud?”

Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump. He was worried about looking like a coward. He is a coward. He’s a product of reality TV and the last thing involved with reality TV is reality. Just like reality TV not being reality, President (sic) Donald Trump is not a president. Donald Trump is an abject failure of a president and human being.

Donald Trump will tear this country apart for a moment of reality TV. Donald Trump has set the nation on fire and he’s happily watching it burn.

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  1. Thank you

    Kind regards,

    ANNE NORLOFF, Attorney 508 N West St Falls Church Va 22046 703/217-2169 Fax 703/534-9206

    The law of love could be best understood and learned through little children. ~Mahatma Gandhi


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  2. They crucified Jesus, they shot Mahatma Gandhi, the murdered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Advocating peace in a country that worships the war machine and pot bellied white boys carrying bats, that can’t run a mile, smoke, drink and eat to excess invites great personal danger. it is the way it is. The government can handle violence … they have a lot of trouble handling humor and peace. That is why agitators, provocateurs, instigators infiltrated peaceful marches and fanned the flames of fires they started. It will be the innocent that pay the highest price. Nothing new.
    Trump is a lethal, painful, incurable cancer on the nation. How do you win? Outlive the senile, demented, corrupt misfit. Dance, celebrate, and rejoice when he is someday gone. And prior to that could Don Jr. change his daddy’s diaper. He has soiled himself again.

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    1. Well, as Alfred said in TDK, “some men just want to watch the world burn.” …And I DON’T mean the protesters seeking justice for Mr. Floyd and the WAY too many others who’ve been harassed, assaulted, and/or murdered by authority figures. They’re trying to put the fires of hate and fear out.

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  3. All protestsattract a certain amount of destructive people. Whether they were planted there or come on their own is hard to say. But they are the ones Trump can arrest. I won’t mind. But when he arrests the peaceful, tear-gases them, or threatens them with armour-covered troops carrying frightening looking guns and batons, he surpasses any hint of humanity. He is the real criminal here, there is no doubt aboutthat.

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  4. There’s a four-panel image now circulating with Trump holding up that bible, and beside him are three other photos of dictators holding up a bible in a similar way. Picture worth a thousand words right there.

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  5. For those missing baseball: Strike 1 – COVFEFE-45 lack of response. Strike 2 – response to legitimate protests against racism and inequality including illegal use of U.S. military against civilians. Strike 3 – November 3, 2020. Vote Blue.


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