MAGA Night


Tonight and every night that’s featured protests turning into riots have been another opportunity for Donald Trump to fail as a president.

As the nation burns from riots in every major city, Donald Trump is tweeting partisan attacks at Democratic mayors, quoting racists from history with, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts, and tweeting about “vicious dogs” and “Ominous weapons.”

It’s appropriate that Donald Trump said tonight will be “MAGA night.” MAGA night is the night the nation is on fire.

I heard from a MAGAt tonight on Twitter who said he was getting popcorn to watch “libtards” burn down their cities. Like Trump, he loves being divisive. Like Trump, he doesn’t get that the cities are in his country.

It’s nearly midnight and Donald Trump has yet to call for calm or offer anything assuring. He’s failed to be a leader. But he’s succeeded at being a racist and divider. He’s succeeded at only caring about Donald Trump.

These riots aren’t just a reflection of this nation’s racism. It’s a reflection of Donald Trump because America’s racism gave us Donald Trump.

The nation is burning. While some liberals may be enjoying the show of resistance against authority, MAGAts are enjoying it more because MAGAts don’t love their country.

Donald Trump said, “MAGA loves the black people,” as though “MAGA” is a noun now. “MAGA” is an acronym just like “KKK.” Neither of those “loves the black people.”

This is part of Donald Trump’s legacy. He’s too stupid to realize that…just like he’s too stupid to hide his racism.

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  1. Donald Trumps wants to wage war on minorities, he wants to wipe them out from the USA. Why? Because they don’t spend money at Trump’s golf courses, or his hotels. Ignore the fact ge won’t let them onto his properties except as underpaid wage-slaves, that has nothing to do with anything. They aren’t rich, they aren’t humans.

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  2. How anyone can look at the Great Pumpkin and see a leader just baffles me. He’s a bully who picks what interests him, not what’s good for the nation. I can’t think of a more selfish human than the one that occupies the white house.

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  3. The crowds in these protests are full of planted agitators and provocateurs whose sole purpose is mayhem … spray painting graffiti, busting out windows, physical acts of violence. All over twitter are audio video recordings of the perpetrators in the act of wanton destruction, spray painting, destruction and staged events (burning towed in old cop cars left abandoned on the street). Dirty tricks to fan the flames.

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