Trump’s Knight Riot


Ted Cruz picked up an endorsement on Friday that Donald Trump was coveting. Cruz picked up the endorsement of Indiana governor Mike Pence. They celebrated with a cake bought from a homophobic bakery. I made that last part up. I don’t think that happened.

Turns out the endorsement was kind of a “meh” endorsement. Pence, who does not want to anger Trump voters while he himself faces reelection, started his little spiel on the radio talking about the greatness of Donald Trump. He then said he was voting for Cruz but didn’t want to tell anyone else who to vote for.

I would hate to have a job reference like that. Yeah, hire him or not. The other candidates are good too and didn’t I tell you how much I like the other one? With friends likes these…

Trump has picked up a lot of endorsements. He got the wacky, incomprehensible endorsement of Sarah Palin. We think. He got the endorsement from the senator of Alabama, the super conservative Richard Shelby. He got one from a former rival and sitting governor, Chris Christie, who while not destroying New Jersey goes on the campaign trail with Trump. Trump got the endorsement from convicted rapist Mike Tyson who refers to the candidate as “Donald Thrump.”

The really positive endorsement that could help him in Indiana, and is probably more powerful than getting one from the gay-hating governor, is from Bobby Knight, former basketball coach of the University of Indiana.

Trump’s rallies have attracted violence. Trump himself has encouraged the violence. Now, in addition to the wife-beater and rapist Tyson, he gets Bob Knight, who was accused of choking one of his players, roughing up others, and famously throwing chairs while having a temper tantrum.

Those riot police are going to be busy. There were huge protests in Costa Mesa and Burlingame, both in California, Thursday and Friday. The one in Burlingame, in particular, became very hostile with many people being wounded as protesters blocked the road, stormed the hotel where Trump was speaking, blocked the entrance, and forced organizers to dig a tunnel for Trump to enter the hotel. I made that last part up. But if they had dug a tunnel, it would have been huge, cheaply made, the greatest ever, and built by Mexicans.

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A Presidential Candidate That Comes Extra Crispy



I’m not saying Martin O’Malley is to blame for what happened in Baltimore. I’m saying it’s going to be really hard to run for president right after your city burns down in a riot. The same concept kind of applies to why I didn’t get remarried right after my divorce (or since).

I am glad to see another candidate in the Democratic primary. I really don’t like coronations.

I doodled this out very early this morning. I hate to say it but I like the rough better.



A Rough Ride

cjones05022015Update: There were a lot of comments on social media and at Gocomics about how I drew each officer white. Three of the six officers charged are African-American with one being female.

So why did I draw each of them white and male? For one very technical reason, I drew the cartoon before the photos were released. I was relying more on the point of the cartoon than actual caricatures of the police involved. I also did not draw two of them wearing bicycle helmets.

Another reason is that in the video of Freddie Gray being arrested, each officer is white. The three officers who chased him down, arrested him and fabricated the “switchblade” lie are white.

If I had waited two more hours then I would have seen the photos before I drew the cartoon. If I had the information I would have drawn them reflecting their race and sex.

I do like some of the comments at gocomics. Yeah. I read my criticism. I really enjoy it actually. They call me a “racist” and one called me a “reprehensible demagogue” while slightly defending me. How could I not enjoy that?

The Mommas


I’m sure you’ve seen the video footage of the mother who found her son taking part in the Baltimore riots. When I was about 14 years old I was with some kids who broke a window by throwing rocks at it. I didn’t even take part in it. I swear. That didn’t matter to the cops or my mother. The police kept me in the back seat of a squad car for about an hour and released me to my mom. I would have preferred staying with the cops. So to that kid in Baltimore who got busted by his mom, I feel your pain.

Everybody has an opinion on the riots. Well if you don’t know what you’re talking about, or never expressed an opinion about police profiling or brutality, then shut up.

There was a rumor going around on the internet that Freddie Gray had surgery or pre-existing injuries prior to the police giving him a 45-minute “rough ride” which nearly separated his spinal cord and larynx. All false. Just conservative lies because conservatives have to find a way to justify police brutality. Again, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut up.

I hear a lot of people saying if you don’t want to suffer the consequences of police brutality then you shouldn’t break the law or run from the police when they stop you illegally. There’s not justification for police brutality.

Yesterday a friend was debating this case and stated the police were charged. He got angry when I pointed out that he was wrong. No charges have been filed or even investigated yet. You break the law then you go to jail. If a cop murders someone then they’re given a paid vacation. And again, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut up.

I’ve seen blame placed on former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley. The blame is being given by that same group who says George W. Bush shouldn’t be blamed for Iraq or the economy since he’s not president anymore.

There’s been a lot of statements about groups going to Baltimore with guns. Oh for the love of God, will you please shut up?

Ran Paul is blaming absent fathers. A Republican congressman from Texas is blaming gay marriage. Can someone please shut these ignorant people up?

There’s a lot of people besides the rioters and looters that need to be smacked by their mommas.