Roughing It, Volume 45

Let’s dive into the roughs from the week before.


I drew this rough on a Thursday or a Friday and CNN picked it for the weekly newsletter.


It’s a good example of how something starts and is pitched with little to no art…then blooms into this.


I almost drew something else, but late in the morning (like around 6:00 A.M.), I decided a cow in a suit was too funny not to draw.


And it became this.


Now that I’ve done this cartoon, I’m not that in love with it anymore. But I liked it at the time and drew the actual cartoon for it.


I spent a long time on Michael Flynn’s nose. I think I’m going to make cheeseburgers tonight.


Looking back at this one, I don’t even know where I was going with it. Oh yeah…someone in the White House tested positive. I drew this idea…and then the story progressed and gave me better ideas. I think this bloomed into the Michael Flynn hamberder idea. So this wasn’t in front of me for long.


I may come back and draw this one. One of my proofreaders really liked it.


I liked this one well enough and thought I should draw it for several reasons. First, Trump is not in it. Second, it was an important issue which is unemployment and I was able to mesh it with another issue. Third, I thought it was something all my clients would use. But there was one weakness.


It didn’t feature a cow in a suit. This is where I stopped working on it when I finally stopped second-guessing myself and went with the suit cow.

Which cartoons are your favorites?

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