Success Story


Peter Bergen, CNN’s national security analyst wrote, “What is most galling as the nation faces its worse crisis since World War II is how the Trump family keeps demanding recognition for their brilliant work and also our thanks for the catastrophic mess they have helped land us all in.” That’s probably just a little more galling than the fact Donald Trump appoints family members to manage the worse crisis since World War II.

Would you have felt comfortable if the response to the attack on Pearl Harbor or on the World Trade Center was to be handled by Jared?

Jared, like his father-in-law, inherited everything he has in life and has the distinction of making the worst real-estate purchase in the history of Manhattan when he bought 666 5th Avenue. Perhaps his first clue should have been the address, “666.” But then again, perhaps Jared saw the address and it felt like home.

These are idiots, losing vast amounts of money on real-estate and bankrupting casinos, who can’t manage their own businesses…and for some reason we expect them to capably manage ours? For three years, we kept saying how lucky we’ve been that the only challenges Donald Trump’s had to face as president were the ones he created. Our luck ran out. Why did anyone believe a reality television host who bankrupts casinos and spreads conspiracy theories could lead the federal government through a pandemic challenge?

On The Apprentice, Donald Trump fired Gary Busey. Frankly, I’d rather have Busey managing this crisis over Jared Kushner.

Do you remember Jared’s championing of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia? You know, the murderer? Do you recall his handling of our immigration policy? You know the one, where we’re throwing babies in jail. Do you recall his botching any chance of peace in the Middle East by taking Israel’s side and telling Palestinians that there will be no two-state solution?

If those aren’t recent enough, perhaps you can remember back to last March when Jared boasted about a Google site where you could have your symptoms tested. That site still doesn’t exist. Or how about when he told us the federal stockpile of medical equipment wasn’t for the states’ use…when that’s exactly what it’s for?

Last Wednesday, he went on Fox News to proclaim the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus is “a great success story,” claiming “we have all the testing we need to start opening the country,” and “by July, the country’s really rocking again.”

I don’t see much of a success with the death of over 64,000 Americans, and counting. Not only are these idiots demanding to be congratulated and praised for doing a horrible job, but they’re also still lying about their horrible job.

They lied about the testing to begin with and they’re still lying. Donald Trump said, “Anyone who needs a test gets a test.” All the experts say we need to conduct at least one million tests a day by early June and 20 million a day by late July. While Donald Trump brags we’ve tested more than any other nation, we’ve only tested 1.6% or our population. We’re reopening the nation in half the states while our testing is somewhere around 146,000 per day. A Harvard study says our current testing should be between 500,000 to 700,000.

It was a bad joke that anyone could seriously consider Donald Trump for president. That bad joke has become real. It should be another joke he’s even running for reelection yet he could very well win. But why would we want four more years of this insanity? Of this guy approaching a crisis demanding praise for what a great leader he is when he’s not leading?

It’s like Donald Trump and Jared Kushner are demanding Nobel Prizes (or in their cases, “Noble” Prizes) for curing cancer…when cancer hasn’t been cured.

I and many others have been saying for over three years that Donald Trump doesn’t care about you and neither does Jared Kushner. Hailing the death of over 64,000 Americans a “success story” is a testament to that.

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  1. “Perhaps his first clue should have been the address, “666.” But then again, perhaps Jared saw the address and it felt like home.”

    I already knew that, but I just realized that, just like HypocritevangelicalMAGAts only support the State Of Israel (but not Jews, they still hate Jews) because its existence is necessary to trigger the End Of Days, they support Ki45*TF And Friends And Family because One Of Them (probably, but not necessarily, Jared) Definitely Has Got To Be The Antichrist, who will of course be the Guest Of Honor at that little shindig.


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