The Boyfriend’s Back


Am I the only one to see the appropriateness in Kim Jong Un’s first appearance, after much speculation of his whereabouts, being at a fertilizer factory?

No stranger to bullshit himself, Donald Trump tweeted his enthusiasm for Kim’s well being. The human fertilizer factory tweeted, “I, for one, am glad to see he is back, and well!” How sweet. Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart?

Kim was missing for about six weeks and even missed a celebration honoring his grandfather’s birthday, which is a huge holiday in North Korea. That would be like Donald Trump not making an appearance at his birthday party where there was going to be a military flyover in his honor, an unveiling of a portrait of him bought with charity funds, a bust of his head, his entire cabinet, and Congress Republicans present to say, “Thank you for your leadership,” and cake.

Where was Kim? There were rumors he was suffering after surgery, was in a coma, and even dead…or maybe all three. But, suddenly, Kim showed up at the fertilizer factory cutting a ribbon for its grand opening. Nice to see something’s doing business. If you’re a dictator or a wannabe dictator, your business is spreading shit…and business is good.

Yesterday, Donald Trump held a town hall on Fox News, and the network reported that “all the participants broke into thunderous cheers of ‘hurrah!’ extending the greatest glory to the Supreme Leader.” Oops. Wrong shitshow. That was a report from the state media outlet Korean Central News Agency on Kim’s appearance at the factory.

But why is there a big deal over not being seen for six weeks? I haven’t been seen in six weeks. And unless you’re a Michigan Nazi storming the state capitol protesting Donald Trump’s stay-at-home guidelines in the name of Donald Trump, you haven’t been seen in six weeks either. Oh yeah, we’re not murderous dictators.

Donald Trump is real big on dictators. He loves them. He loves him some Putin. He praises Xi when he’s not using him as a scapegoat. He praises Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippine leader who’s an admitted murderer. And he loves Kim Jong Un, who is also a murderer. He was very enthusiastic about Kim’s return.

Kim Jong Un has murdered and starved his own people. If an aide looks at him funny, he has the guy ripped to shred by dogs or killed with an anti-aircraft gun. He had his own half-brother murdered in Singapore. And, he is responsible for the death of American college student, Otto Warmbier.

Otto went to North Korea as part of a tour group, was arrested at the airport while awaiting departure, was convicted for stealing a propaganda poster from his hotel, and was sentenced for 15 years of hard labor.

Shortly after being sentenced, Otto fell into a coma after receiving an unexplained neurological injury and was sent back to the U.S. six days before he died. Otto was only 22. In 2018, a U.S. court found North Korea liable for Warmbier’s torture and death. Donald Trump has not.

Donald Trump gave Kim Jong Un legitimacy by being the first American president (sic) to meet with him. He’s met Kim three times. Trump said he asked Kim about Warmbier’s death, that Kim felt “really bad” about it, and he believed Kim when he said he wasn’t responsible for Otto’s death.

Donald Trump has expressed less outrage over Kim murdering Otto than he’s expressed at Canadian cheese.

Donald Trump has sided with a murderous dictator over an American citizen. It wasn’t the first time. He even took Putin’s side over the United States when it was pointed out that Putin was a murderer, Trump responded, “you think we’re so nice?” Well, not all of us. Have you seen those Michigan guys?

In the past, Trump has said Kim sent him “beautiful love letters” and that they “fell in love.”

Trump wants what Kim has which is mandatory praise, every citizen required to hang his photo in their homes, and a state-run media that only reports his version of news.

I bet North Koreans would be in love with Kim not being around anymore. For that matter, I’m in love with the idea of Donald Trump being kicked out of the White House this November.

And I’d be in love with not seeing Donald Trump for six weeks.

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  1. There he goes, cheating on Vlad, with whom he was cheating on Melania, or Stormy Davis, or whomever he was screwing at that time. The man is a sex addict. It’s a wonder he did not bring back some strange virus.

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