Toughest Decision


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Tiger King was one of those things I had to look up to see what everyone was talking about. I had to do the same thing while watching Deadpool 2 and look up Dub Step. I still don’t know what that is. But if I had to choose between Dub Step and Tiger King being a current trend, I’m going with the dub-steppy thing.

Donald Trump said the decision to reopen the nation may be the “toughest decision” he’ll ever make. That’s a very scary prospect since Donald Trump is incapable of taking anything seriously other than himself…which ironically, isn’t a serious topic. Donald Trump’s priorities are skewed. He’ll focus on his own pocketbook and approval ratings over the danger to Americans. This is a man who refused to say states should issue stay-at-home orders who now says he’s going to decide when they’ll reopen.

Fortunately, for this grave decision which may literally be a grave decision, it’s not Donald Trump’s decision. We have a Constitution. The nation is a republic made up of states. It’s called the “United States.” Maybe you’ve heard of it. Governors will make this decision.

Pardon Tiger King? Sure, Donald Trump can do that. Tell Andrew Cuomo when to open his state? Nope! Donald Trump can’t do that.

It’s like stairs. He can’t do it.

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  1. Trump NEEDS to be in control, no one can have more power or authority than him (except Vlad). Whether he has it or not, the main thing is his MAGA army believe it. This is nothing new. Except he is expressing it more openly since the impeachment trial gave him carte blanche to say, and do, almost anything.
    This too shall pass.

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