Corona BS


When Donald Trump was a candidate for the presidency and no one could actually see him winning the office, President Obama said Trump was “uniquely unqualified” for the job. Obama was right. Donald Trump has done nothing except prove he’s unqualified and should not be president.

A man like Donald Trump occupying the Oval Office is a national emergency and a national security risk. He’s given secrets to the Russians. He’s downplayed attacks against our nation. He’s given legitimacy to North Korea’s dictator. He’s praised dictators. He’s attacked our allies and has worked diligently to weaken NATO. He withheld military aid to an ally in a war with one of our enemies to extort personal favors. He’s used his office to advance his political campaign and to build his own bank account. He’s removed qualified people from crucial posts to install sycophants and family members. He’s even worked to deny disaster relief and humanitarian aid to Americans because he doesn’t like the spending and their leaders hurt his feelings. For the past three years, Donald Trump hasn’t had a disaster so he’s been one. Now, we have a disaster for him to handle.

A disaster is here and in typical Trumpian fashion, his ego is the top priority. But this time, Trump can’t change the discussion with a tweet. Making fun of someone’s height doesn’t change the subject. Boasting about his leadership skills doesn’t change actual facts. The bet now is who will realize first that Donald Trump’s bullshit doesn’t change facts, Donald Trump or his cult?

One of my conservative fucknut colleagues has a cartoon today with a paper containing a headline reading, “Trump: America prepared for Corona.” And no, the cartoon isn’t about Mexican beer.

What my conservative Trump turdling colleague failed to mention is that Donald Trump has downplayed, and lied, and lied, and lied, and then lied some more when it comes to “Corona.”

His latest attempt to downplay it is that he has a “hunch” the World Health Organization is wrong about the death rate from the Coronavirus. Never mind that WHO’s death rate is based upon actual deaths from the virus. The man believes in invisible airplanes, windmill cancer, and that you need an ID to purchase Count Chocula, but let’s trust his hunch on this one.

Donald Trump initially called the virus a hoax. As you should know by now, it’s not. Trump has claimed the number of cases are decreasing in this nation. They’re not. He claimed the fatality rate is lower than the flu. It’s not. He said a vaccine is coming quickly. It’s not. Next, he’ll probably claim Mexico will pay for it.

And the people who are trying to get the facts out about this emergency are being attacked by Trump and cult, accusing those trying to tell the truth of attempting to hurt him politically. Even his dumbass son, aptly named “Donald Trump Jr,” said Democrats and the media want people to die so it’ll hurt his father politically.

While it’s all well and good (not really) that Donald Trump’s cult gaslights and claims he built this economy and that it was in a recession when he entered office (really. His supporters believe this), nobody dies from that bullshit. But now, they’re gaslighting and playing politics with something that kills people.

While talking to Sean Hannity, Trump said, “you have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people that get better, just by sitting around — and even going to work — some of them go to work. But they get better.” That’s the kind of bullshit that will kill people. And of course, Hannity wasn’t going to call him on it.

The danger from this is that a member of Trump’s cult will contract the virus and believe he only has the sniffles, and that dumbass will go to work…or attend a Trump rally. By the way, I hear a lot of liberals say if they get the virus then they’re going to a Trump rally. Here’s the problem with that: People who attend Trump rallies don’t only go to Trump rallies (or cross burnings).

But right now, we have a president (sic) who is making the environment deadlier than it already is. He’s providing false information. False information kills. And he’s claiming those who point out his lies are politicizing it and trying to hurt him.

But, criticizing his administration’s weak response and cuts that made this worse has actually increased funding to combat the virus. The House passed an $8.3 billion bill to respond to the Coronavirus and Trump will sign it.

It was during the vote for this bill that one sycophant proved they’re just as bad as their Dear Leader which brings us back to the point that protecting Donald Trump’s ego is a higher priority than combating the pandemic.

During a Meet the Press interview, Mike Pence refused to refute Donald Trump Jr’s claim that Democrats wanted the virus to kill Americans. During a hearing before Congress, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refused to disagree with Donald Trump that the virus is a hoax. And then, during the floor vote on the bill to fight the virus, Florida Republican representative and Trump sycophant Matt Gaetz wore a huge gas mask to mock the dangers of the virus.

He later said he wore it for his own protection because “members of Congress are human Petri dishes — we fly through the dirtiest airports, we touch everyone we meet. If anyone’s gonna get coronavirus, it’s gonna be the people on that floor so I want to be ready.” I don’t know about the petri dish thing, but Matt Gaetz is like a fungus.

Before the stunt, Gaetz tweeted, “Coronavirus does not belong to a political party and it should not be a political tool.” Seriously. Here’s another fact for Florida Man Matt Gaetz: The virus doesn’t know when it’s being trolled…much like Donald Trump.

I don’t think Gaetz needed a gas mask. His colleagues did and not for safety from the virus, but from smelling the bullshit from Gaetz and the other sycophants in Congress.

In fact, the government says we don’t need to wear medical/surgical masks for protection from the virus, but if Trump’s bullshit continues, we should all wear gas masks.

Donald Trump is uniquely unqualified for the presidency. The only thing Trump is qualified for is bullshit.

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  1. I hope we can still get people out to the polls in November. It would be just like Trump to try and cancel the election so he can stay in power longer.

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  2. I wish I had a mansion so I would have room for every single cartoon. Clay, your cartoons make me smile and your blogs are always spot on. Thank you for being in my world!

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