Two Corinthians


If you’re an evangelical and a Trump supporter and my Christmas wish to you is that your children adopt the behavior, manners, and characteristics of Donald Trump, would you find that offensive? Did I wish evil upon your children?

If so, then why do you demonstrate to your children that Donald Trump’s behavior isn’t just acceptable, but should be encouraged, championed, and defended?

It’s OK for you if your president boasts about assaulting women, bullies them along with the handicapped and children, but not for your children to do it? Is it OK if your children lie on a daily basis on all matters large and small? Is it OK if your children cheat and lie to get ahead? Is it OK if your children seek to destroy anyone they perceive to be critical of them? Is it OK for your children to disrespect POWs? Are you fine with your kids taking credit for other people’s accomplishments? Do you hope your child steals from charity? How about being a serial adulterer and lacking all loyalty? Are you alright with your kids never outgrowing name-calling and turning into selfish, narcissistic assholes?

OK then. I take it back. I don’t wish for your children to grow up to be like Donald Trump. But maybe my other wish for them is even worse because that’s for them to grow up to be just like you.

Merry Christmas.

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      1. Hm. I see the link I posted failed to appear: perhaps because it’s a Facebook link, perhaps because our host has his site’s comments set that way. I dunno.

        I now I confidently await the apology your Christian conscience dictates you owe me for your gratuitous insult.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Bahaha…Then the Christian right and televangelists will be leading the way to their own brand of damnation, fire, and brimstone. Joy to the world!


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