Ugly Impeachment Sweater


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We published this week’s newsletter on Friday, which was a few days earlier than usual. As you see, I drew on the impeachment.

It amazes me that a lot of people still don’t understand impeachment. Many think it means Trump is out of office. Others think he’s not impeached unless the Senate convicts. For those who slept during civics class, Donald Trump is impeached. There is no changing that fact. He’s impeached, impeached, impeached. Done deal. He’s one of only three presidents to have been impeached. It doesn’t matter what the Senate does, he’s still impeached. No, he is not removed from office and won’t be unless the Senate convicts, which in this case, probably won’t. No president has ever been removed from office by the Senate.

Now, you can expect Donald Trump to wear his ugly impeachment sweater as a badge of honor. He’ll campaign in it while telling his supporters that he’s a victim and the “assault” on him is an assault on them. They’ll buy it so get ready to hear that, not just for the entire duration of the 2020 presidential campaign, but for the rest of your life.

I think this is my first Christmas-themed cartoon of the year. I’m doing a second today for my newspaper clients, and that will be my last until next year. Out of all the political cartoonists in the country, I probably draw the fewest holiday-themed cartoons.

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  1. What good is impeachment if you don’t get rid of the fool being impeached? You make a great big ruckus about impeachment, only to have it fizzle in the long run.No bang! And the bucks still flow into his wallet…
    Get out the guillotine! First cut off that ugly orange doo doo from his head, then cut off his tweeting fingers, and follow up with his demented head. Three chops for the price of one. A bargain in anyone’s books.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I surely hope not – same with Mar-a-Lago . . . too many innocents involved. There hasn’t been a war on USA land since the [un]Civil War; let’s hope it stays that way.

        Having said that . . . We were awakened this morning at 6 by helicopters circling overhead. My first waking thought: They (read: Iran) are bombing Mar-a-Lago!! Then I remembered – Mar-a-Lago is on the other coast [of Florida].

        And THAT shows how unsafe this country has become, despite what drumpf maintains. I would NEVER have entertained that thought previous to 20 January 2017.

        The helicopters were newscopters ’cause four miles from here, a million-dollar mansion burned down. Why they circled a subdivision four miles away – with lights flashing down on the ground, mind you – I don’t understand. I don’t suppose I’ll ever find out.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No, I don’t want innocents to die, but your “leader” does not seem to care. How many innocents were shot down when Trump assassinated Soleimani? ALL WHO DIED!
        I’m glad you do not live near Mar-a-Lago.


      3. I’ve worn this since 20 January 2017, and given away over 100 of them . . .

        My latest ribbons state: INDICT HIM NOW

        Two wrongs don’t make a right; his killing innocents is not permission for them to do so; the Iranians have stated (for what it’s worth) that their fight is not with the American people, but with drumpf. Let it stay that way.


      4. “I surely hope not – same with Mar-a-Lago . . . too many innocents involved.”

        Andréa, NO ONE who pays to be at Mar-a-Lago is “innocent”.

        Now, I will admit that those unfortunates who are forced to work there are innocent…
        so wait until ICE rounds them up and then let the missiles fly.


      5. The ultimate revenge on drumpf would be if EVERY employee and EVERY customer and EVERY client in EVERY building refused to come to work or to do business there, ‘in fear for their lives’. THAT would hit him in the right spot, without killing anyone.

        Too subtle, I s’pose. I see that Iran attacked troops in Iraq. Blood on his hands, just like Nixon, Bushes, et al.

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  2. Maybe the real reason that 45* is upset is that he is Number Three, not Number One, in the Impeachment List.

    Maybe someone can convince 45* that he can be Number One as the First And Only President To Be Removed From Office After Impeachment.

    He could WIN Bigly Again!!!!

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