Florida Buttman


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Is Donald Trump moving his permanent residence to Florida because of taxes, criminal investigations, or because New York hurt his feelings? Maybe a combination of all three. There are also the logistics of a former president living in a penthouse in Manhattan versus several acres of a golf resort.

If Trump wants to move where people actually like him, then he should consider Alabama and West Virginia. Of course, they like him now. Maybe after he moves in they’ll learn what New Yorkers already know. Donald Trump is a con artist and an asshole. You don’t want him.

New Yorkers are saying “good riddance” to Trump. And for Florida, it’s not like he’s bringing industry and jobs to your state. He’s just bringing his ass.

Maybe the one thing Trump doesn’t understand and no one has explained to him yet is that Florida and New York are in the same country. Extradition happens between states. So, if Trump is found guilty of crimes in New York, he will be arrested in Florida and shipped back north.

But for all the men who are competing to be “Florida Man,” they just got some very BIG competition.

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  1. To think we moved from Rethuglican-destroyed Wisconsin to Rethuglican Florida (which has a history of corruption, so I wasn’t as concerted about FL as I was about the destruction of WI), and four years later, The Orange One moves here permanently, to join his cronies DeSantis and Scott. WHERE CAN WE MOVE TO GET AWAY FROM ALL THIS????? Even Canada is no longer an option ‘-(

    (The cartoon reminds me of something I wondered . . . WHAT happens to any alligators found in his golf resorts’ ponds? Serve ’em in the restaurants? Claim that HE rescued everyone from one?? Make belts and shoes from ’em to sell in the gift shops??? A question to which I will probably never get an answer.)

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  2. Can we plan a hurricane for his moving day, after he reaches his new home (which is actually already his home it just wasn’t official). I mean, I’m sure Mother Nature would wish to give him the grandest welcome possible. Pick him up and carry him to Kansas to meet the cowardly Don Jr., the heartless Eric, and airhead Ivanka. We can throw in some witches just so he doesn’t feel lonely.

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