Trump Taxes



Alyssa Mastromonaco, former deputy chief of staff for operations in the Obama administration recently wrote, “When you go to work in the White House, you divest yourself of your secrets for the same reason you divest yourself of your financial holdings: so people can’t blackmail you.”

Jared and Ivanka Trump both lied about their debt while filing their disclosure forms with the FBI for their security clearances. They initially claimed their debts were somewhere between $19 million to $98 million. Later, they had to resubmit to claim their debts were actually somewhere between $31 million to $155 million. They’re either liars or they don’t own a calculator.

People working in the West Wing who don’t come clean about the amount of their debt, or who they’re indebted to, or the fact they’re wife beaters, are susceptible to blackmail. This doesn’t apply just to people who work for the president, but the person who is the president. Our first warning sign was the fact he wouldn’t release his taxes.

Donald Trump is the first president in the modern era not to release his taxes. He promised he would and then reneged on that promise. Whether his supporters care or not, he’s got something to hide. While we initially thought he was hiding the fact he’s not as rich as he claims, it’s come to light that he’s hiding where his money is coming from and who he’s indebted to.

While Donald Trump may be more of a collection of horrible traits than an actual human being, the horrible trait of being exposed to blackmail may be the most serious and dangerous to our nation.

There shouldn’t be a debate whether Trump is susceptible to blackmail because blackmail has been paid in the past to protect him. It may not ever come to light that Trump ever paid blackmail himself, as his friends at the National Enquirer and his lawyer have covered his ass for him in the past.

The National Enquirer buys stories from women who claim they’ve slept with Trump, sign the rights so the publication has the exclusive story, and then never publish the story. Trump’s lawyer claims he paid off porn star Stormy Daniels without ever consulting with his client, was never paid back by Trump, the Trump Organization, or the Trump campaign. Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, claims he used his home equity line to pay Daniels $130,000. He just hasn’t admitted what that payment was for, though we all know what it was for.

Cohen could be disbarred for violating ethic rules. He is also in trouble for violating campaign finance rules, as his payment, a few days before the election, was to help Trump’s campaign. Cohen did not make the payment out of the goodness of his heart. He’s a lawyer for a right-wing scumbag. He doesn’t have a heart.

Is Stormy Daniels the only woman who has been paid to keep quiet about an affair with Trump? If not, who has made those payments in the past? More troubling, if Trump will pay blackmail to hide infidelity and other assorted sex scandals, how far will he bend for more serious players, like Vladimir Putin? How clean can someone be when the main selling point for their property is that it’s great for money laundering?

A person open to blackmail is not a person we want negotiating with Vladimir Putin or even Kim Jong Un. The fact Trump hasn’t criticized Putin, enacted authorized sanctions against Russia, or even attempt to protect our nation from Russia is an indication that someone somewhere connected to Russia has something on Trump.

When Trump is questioned by Robert Mueller, he’ll be asked about Stormy Daniels and the payoff. Republicans considered perjury an impeachable offense for Bill Clinton. It should still be an impeachable offense when Trump lies about Stormy Daniels.

The Stormy affair may not be dangerous to the nation, but if it removes Trump from office it will protect us from more dangerous players.

Here’s the video.

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She Did Nazi That Coming


Nathan Damigo is a real tough guy. Who?

Nathan Damigo is a white supremacist who is a student at California State University. During Saturday’s nationwide protests for Trump to release his taxes, Mr. Damigo punched a woman. It was caught on video from the protest in Berkeley.

Donald Trump is not about transparency. He refuses to show the public his taxes and is now concealing the records of who visits the White House. Fortunately for Trump there are Nazis like Damigo that will punch a woman to protect Trump’s privilege.

Trump’s chief concern about the protest isn’t about his racist supporters punching women. He was more concerned about who paid the protesters to protest. Seeing that Trump has promised to pay legal fees for his supporters who assault his critics, perhaps he’ll pony up for Mr. Damigo’s legal defense.

Donald Trump is going to be the most expensive president in American history. Protection of his family is draining the budget for the Secret Service. Since we’re paying for his protection at the White House, Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago, and for each of his children, it’s only fair that he show us what he’s kicking in and where he made his money.

Trump needs to release his taxes, stop keeping it a secret on who’s visiting the White House, and call on his Nazis to stop punching women.

And if you’re on Twitter, tweet this cartoon at Nathan Damigo. He’ll Nazi it coming.

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Trump Man


I feel a little bad using “Taxman” from The Beatles for this cartoon. The Beatles were brilliant song writers (except for Ringo) and Trump is only a brilliant con man.

It’s not the first time Donald Trump had a rough week. The week after the Republican National Convention Trump squandered any momentum he may have gained by feuding with the parents of an American soldier who died in Iraq.

Last week Trump was coming off a horrible debate performance when he decided to top it with a 3:00 AM tirade on Twitter toward a former Miss Universe he once called “Miss Piggy.” Usually when one engages in such nocturnal activity it’s referred as “drunk dialing.” You never text a girl when you’re drunk, or call, or tweet. You wake up the next morning not being able to relate to anything you discovered you sent..and then you recoil in sheer terror. That’s what people tell me. But Trump doesn’t drink…or apparently snort cocaine, which leads us with the last possible theory that he’s an immature, juvenile idiot with a major self esteem problem. Instead of texting a girl at 3:00 with “show me your boobs” he tweeted to his 12 million followers that the former Miss Universe was a horrible person who had made a sex tape, which nobody has found to exist.

He spent the rest of the week complaining about his debate microphone, claiming he won the debate because Breitbart said so, speculated on Bill Clinton’s sex life, Hillary’s health and openly mocked her for having pneumonia, and even made the claim that she’s been unfaithful to her husband. Newsweek published a story accusing Trump of violating the embargo against Cuba. On top of all that, several newspapers that normally go for Republicans refused to endorse him The man is on a roll.

A few days ago a reporter for The New York Times discovered copies of Trump’s 1995 tax returns sent anonymously from someone in the Trump organization. His employees must really love him.

Usually when the press prints something from anonymous sources the reporter knows who the source is. The Times decided to publish the Trump tax story despite not knowing the source, but after talking to several tax experts who suggested that the documents were in line with accounting permissible under the federal tax code in 1995. They also talked to the accountant who confirmed he had prepared the taxes.

Another aspect to the story is that a lawyer for Trump emailed a letter to the paper threatening “prompt initiation of appropriate legal action” if the newspaper published the private documents. They refused to confirm or deny the authenticity of the documents. That makes it a story on top of the fact Trump still refuses to release his tax returns to the public. He’s still claiming he’s under audit and can’t release them during the process, which is a fat, juicy, orange lie.

What really makes it a story is that Trump has tweeted in the past complaining about people who don’t pay taxes while the government is in debt and our infrastructure is in decline. Who knew Donald Trump was in the 47% of Mitt Romney’s description of lazy slackers who feel entitled to government benefits who never pay income taxes.

What the Times discovered was that Trump had declared a $916 million loss in 1995, wiping out any federal taxes that year and setting himself up to avoid 18 years of similar obligations. What a smart businessman. I guess the rest of us are stupid suckers. Well, those who intend to vote for The Donald are.

Trump claims he knows the tax system better than anyone else, since he’s so good at taking advantage of it and making the rest of us carry the burden of funding our nation, education, infrastructure funding, our military, etc, so naturally he’s the “only” one who can fix it. I’ve heard of former burglars becoming security experts but you wouldn’t normally hire the guy to guard your house who initially broke into it and stole your stereo and ceramic Elvises collection.

A few interesting details about the song “Taxman”: George Harrison wasn’t that prolific of a songwriter at the time he wrote the tune. He discovered The Beatles were shelling out 95% of their income in taxes. Though George was the lead guitar player Paul McCartney (who was the bass player) nailed the solo on the track. The song was the opening number on their 1966 album Revolver (my favorite Beatles’ album) and the only time George had the lead tune. I’m a Beatles geek.

In 2006 Ken Cuccinelli attempted to make “Taxman” the state song of Virginia. He was a senator at the time and went on to become Attorney General and waste state resources fighting Obamacare, abortion, the University of Virginia over Climate Change. His state-song effort failed in the state senate. Fortunately he later failed as the Republican party’s gubernatorial nominee.

Republicans need to keep their hands off songs by The Beatles. You don’t see Democrats co-opting “Cat Scratch Fever.” I’m mostly surprised they didn’t go for “Happiness Is A Warm Gun.”

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