Don’t Mess Around With Jim


Donald Trump, who only hires the “best people,” just lost his ninth cabinet member. Trump has had more turnover in his cabinet in the first two and a half years of his presidency than any of his five immediate predecessors did in their entire first terms.

News flash! Donald Trump does NOT hire the best people. He hires cronies, freaks, sycophants, goons, bums, right-wing zealots, white nationalists, fucknuts, shitweasels, and members of his family, which I know is redundant. Another reason he goes through so many people (other than wearing them out from Trump fuckery) is that he doesn’t vet properly. This is a guy who hired a wife beater for his staff. This is a guy who hired Omarosa, Steve Bannon, and Stephen Baby Goebbels Miller.

Trump’s labor secretary has been under fire ever since federal prosecutors in New York brought new charges of sex trafficking against Jeffery Epstein last week, who had received a sweetheart prosecution deal from Acosta years ago.

Acosta gave an extremely long press conference to defend his handling of the Epstein case. According to inside sources, Trump pushed Acosta to explain himself to the press and the American people. Acosta believed the performance helped save his job and word is Trump was very pleased with it as well…until he watched TV.

Acosta abruptly resigned Friday morning, citing his presence as a distraction for Trump and the “great” economy they claim they created. Trump claims it was Acosta’s idea to resign, but after watching critical coverage of the press conference, he began questioning whether he should keep the guy. Trump is that guy who asks if his pants make his ass look fat when it’s his fat ass making his ass look fat.

The impression is Trump affiliates with pedophiles, rapists, and creepers. You know, contemporaries.

Acosta is a distraction for Trump, but not one that hurts the image they want to present on the economy (the image is, Obama created that economy plus, he never hired wife beaters or endorsed pedophiles for elected office). Acosta’s presence is a reminder that Trump has ties to Epstein also…and he too has multiple accusations from women, two accusing him of rape. Donald Trump doesn’t care about justice, law and order, or the treatment of women. He’s more concerned with how it reflects on him, especially going into an election.

Trump has been looking to get an Acosta out of his life, but one who’s been a larger pain in his side than Alex…and who actually does his job. Donald Trump hates CNN’s Jim Acosta, who covers the White House.

Trump has personally attacked Jim Acosta for asking reasonable questions. He charged that he’s “a rude, terrible person,” “fake news” and that CNN should be ashamed for employing him. Trump even tried to “lift” his White House pass because he doesn’t like his questions.

When Trump and White House spokesgoon Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempted to ban Acosta from the White House, other news outlets, including Fox News, came to the reporter’s defense. A federal judge, who was appointed by Trump, ordered Acosta’s pass to be restored.

Acosta has a new book recounting his time covering the Trump White House, titled, The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America. Trump and his sycophants have made this a dangerous time to tell the truth, and that’s exactly how they want it.

In the book, Acosta describes a Trump supporter at a rally being surprised that he recited the pledge of allegiance and sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” He was surprised because Trump has convinced his deplorables that the press is the “enemy of the American people.” It is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.

Personally, I’m glad the right Acosta has quit his job. This nation doesn’t need Alexander, but it needs Jim to continue to hold Trump and his goon squad accountable.

And, if Jim Acosta ever does stop covering the White House, I’m sure Trump will hold a party. But, it won’t be nearly as big as the party we’re gonna have when he leaves the White House.

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  1. When he leaves the White House? I’ve heard that he has ordered two gallons of super glue. He has plans to superglue his fat ass to a White House commode thinking that will make him a permanent fixture. It’s on the internet so it must be true!

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