Trump’s Meat


Donald Trump is using the citizenship question on the census and ICE raids to feed his shrinking political base. It’s another example of his not being president for all the people and using government resources for political means.

Trump caved on adding the citizenship question to the census after being knocked down by the Supreme Court, and another federal judge telling him he couldn’t change his legal team. Analysts were shocked that Trump caved, but he’s caved on multiple occasions, like during the government shutdown when he negotiated a deal where he got nothing.

Trump is now ordering other government agencies to compile citizenship data from existing federal records and to provide those results to the census. This won’t actually work, but it will give the perception to his base that he’s doing something about people who don’t look like them. This is a base that believes he’s actually building the wall and that Mexico will ultimately pay for it.

Trump and Republicans want to use the census for states to draw state, local, and congressional districts on the voting-eligible population. This will make an electorate that is more white and less diverse than the nation at large, whose majority is rejecting Republican policies. Republicans can’t win honestly anymore, so they’ll cheat and change the rules any way they can.

In selling this discrimination scheme, Republicans are lying. Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed the citizenship question was asked until 2010, which is a lie. It hasn’t been a standard question since the 1950 census. Many of the Trump cult claim Obama removed it from the census, which of course is another lie unless, somehow he had it removed before the 1960 census shortly before his birth in Kenya in 1961. He was a busy baby.

The other detail is, the census has ALWAYS counted noncitizens starting with the first census in 1790. Congressional districts have always included noncitizens, even if those citizens were only recognized as 3/5ths of a person. This was a huge point of contention for non-slave states as it increased representation in southern states, and diminished theirs. Conservatives have always cheated to win elections and control the government. And yeah, as dumb as it sounds, slaves had congressional representation, even if they couldn’t vote and all their representatives wanted to keep them as slaves. I shouldn’t be giving Republicans any ideas.

Trump announced ICE raids in June, then postponed them. Now, he’s announced they’ll happen this Sunday, with ICE expected to pursue at least 2,000 immigrants.

In the past, Trump criticized the mayor of Oakland for announcing upcoming raids, calling her actions a “disgrace.” The acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement director at the time, Thomas Homan, said the mayor’s comments were “no better than a gang lookout yelling, ‘police!’ when a cruiser comes in the neighborhood.” A Republican congressman from Iowa proposed criminal penalties for officials who make similar disclosures. But, it’s OK when Trump or other Republicans do it.

Nobody would resist ICE raids if they were going after real criminals and not people whose only crime was crossing the border. What Trump is doing is ordering ICE to separate more families. Even families that aren’t targeted are under severe stress from this. This disrupts their work, school, and entire lives. That’s OK though because it makes a rabid base frothing at the mouth feel squishy inside.

This is just Trump being mean and hateful which is exactly what his base loves. They love child separation. They love discrimination. “Make America hate again” should be on the hat.

Hopefully, the red meat Trump tosses to his hateful base is the same as Trump steaks, non-existent and a total lie.

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  1. Wanting to know how many citizens there are is being the president to all citizens. Wanting to shine light on the amount of illegals in this nation is also being president to all citizens. You people always yap yap yap about people in the shadows, well let’s see how many people are in the shadows! Counting everyone and delineating between citizens and non-citizens is still counting everyone.

    God forbid a constitutional republic knows anything about the people that make up the republic.
    The rich just want their servant class to remain in the shadows, while the dems gain more representational power.

    “They [Constitutional Republicans] love discrimination.” Well first, I’m not brain dead, discrimination isn’t inherently a bad thing. We all discriminate constantly throughout each day. You choose to eat good, non-moldy food each day, How dare you discriminate against moldy bread! You bigot! Second, we are the people that advocate against racial discrimination, ever heard of a republican saying get rid of affirmative action? We are merit based people.

    “Make America hate again” *No, we just want the rule of law to comeback. You see, this open border and welfare state is drawing desperate people to risk their lives to become part of the servant class of America and along the way they are used by the most disgusting of people. Raped, extorted and abused so that your democrats can use their second class status as fuel to gain and keep power. You have the souls of slave owners.


    1. And the ignorant Troll of the Week goes to…….wait fir it Murica……Hermaphrodites “Hermes” Fotopoulos. If that isn’t a made up name I’m a 7’4″ dwarf.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Of course it’s a made up name….like I want you savages knowing my name!

        See, nothing but another attack, you can’t debate any of my points. You can’t debate at all.


  2. There are already a few databases that track citizen/non-citizen statuses in the States, so it’s not like the current administration couldn’t get a hold of that data at any time. The supreme Court saw through their racist plot and I’m glad they did.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. If Hermes wants the rule of law to come back – I only suggest waiting until after the Mueller / Congress discussions that are coming soon are fully completed. I’m not an attorney, but I suspect 8 to 10 counts of obstruction of justice are still against the law. Lets watch the rule of law work!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. To: Mike W.
        How did he obstruct the investigation? The investigation went on for 22 months…

        How petty and small do you have to be, to go after Trump for obstruction of justice, after your claim of treason was completely unfounded? It’s pathetically vile that it’s your guys’ last ditch effort. Literal scum would embarrassed to be associated with you fools.


      2. Beginning with the firing of Comey, whining about Sessoins’ recusal (and eventually sacking him,) threats & unrelenting pressure on Rosenstein, endless twitter rages & media bashing, ordering staff & underlings to refuse cooperation, pressing the DoJ to drop the probes, etc, etc… these are hardly the actions of a rational innocent man, and seen from the cheap seats sure looks like obstruction. Mr. Trump’s behaviour is woefully unbecoming of a President any day of the week, but then, he’s got a long track record of sketchy ethics and irrational behaviour, so there’s that to consider.
        Mr. Mueller did not feel obliged to call for the President’s indictment, but also never ever said the man was exonerated of obstruction, and left that decision up to Congress.
        And to close, your purile name-calling and seemingly willing blind acceptance of anything having to do with Mr.Trump is tiresome on your best days. Nothing i nor anyone else can say or demonstrate to you about the POTUS* will change your mind, so for now at least, I’m done with you. Have a nice life.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. So Trump is guilty of thought crimes? None of what you stated impeded or obstructed the investigation into…what again? What were they investigating? Oh yeah, TREASON and CONSPIRACY and Mueller found nothing…

        Name calling? You limpwristed wimp, no wonder you’re filled with so much hatred. I’ve been called herpes and worse for 3 months now and never have I cried “how dare you resort to name calling!” Pssssssssh You people are spineless nazis.

        “Oh, Trump tweeted mean things! We should lock him up for life!” ……Fucking pathetic….


  4. Herpes showing his true colours.

    “Oh, no one can debate me or prove me wrong.”

    Then mike w. does so, and he does so respectfully.

    And Herpes, true to form, verbally shits all over mike w.

    This is why people choose to ignore asshole trolls such as Herpes. It doesn’t matter what is presented, the POS troll will twist the words and skew the meaning towards their point of view.

    Even when, and especially in Herpes’ case, they are nothing but wrong, wrong and wrong.

    Congratulations again Asshole! You just keep on putting stuff here that shows your true colours. There are people paying attention to you…I know, it makes you squeak inside…and they fully understand that you are fully full of shit!

    Go pleasure yourself by sitting on a porcupine.


      1. Tweets don’t obstruct investigations good sir. The firing of Comey didn’t obstruct any part of the instigation my good fellow. Whining about Sessions didn’t obstruct the investigation in any way, dude.
        Thought crimes aren’t crimes.


      2. See none of my points have ever been addressed though, you guys change the subject to fantasy world nonsense and name call and when then I do it, you cry.


      1. “AZ/DC has the soul of a slaveowner.”

        Huh?! Do you actually know slave owners and think that gives you the authority to compare anyone besides them to one?

        Even for a moron of your caliber, that is one stooopid thing to say. Just as your hero does, those of us with some intelligence think that we’ve heard and seen the stupidest things that can possibly be said and done by you senseless fuckwits. Then you guys go ahead and blow away even our lowest of expectations of you. Ab-So-Lute-Ly Amazing! Y’all scrape the bottom of the barrel and then you proceed with drilling through the bottom of it to get even lower.

        Do yourself and the rest of us a favour, see the doc and change your meds and/or adjust your current dosages appropriately. You would seriously make a fascinating case study for a graduate student or a experienced professor. Look into it man, it would be way more positive than the trolling path you’re currently following.


  5. So is anyone gonna actually answer Hermes’s whole comment? Or keep cherry picking and name calling? I keep hoping to read some kind of argument against it but…


    1. “Or keep cherry picking and name calling?”

      Yes, these are the actions in which “Hermes” (you) keeps engaging in.

      I’ve witnessed enough trolling to pick up on this and use it against the trolls themselves.

      Heck Herpes, even your dumb ass has probably figured that out.


      1. Detective Sherlock “theywillnotletmeusetheusernameofmychoicenthatsweak” Holmes on the case!


  6. Nobody has to have expertise to spot the Hermes Troll. Even someone who doesn’t have a nose can smell that shit from miles away.


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