Race With Jared


In 2009, New York Post political cartoonist Sean Delonas drew a cartoon that made Vanity Fair write that he may be the “worst political cartoonist on the planet.” Obama had just signed a stimulus bill and Delonas drew a dead chimpanzee on the ground that was just gunned down by cops, who were saying, “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

I didn’t have anything to do with that cartoon, but I knew it was racist.

In 2014, Boston Herald cartoonist Jerry Holbert, competing for Delonas’ title, drew a cartoon of someone crashing into the White House, sitting in Obama’s bathtub and asking the BLACK president, “Have you tried the new watermelon-flavored toothpaste?” Holbert denied ever knowing the connection but he caught serious flack for it, and his syndicate asked him to change the flavor in the text (which remained unchanged in the Herald).

I didn’t have anything to do with that cartoon, but I knew it was racist.

In 2014, cartoonist Gary McCoy drew black protesters in Ferguson, Missouri stealing TVs, one with a sign saying, “No 60″ plasma TV, no peace.”

I didn’t have anything to do with that cartoon, but I knew it was racist.

Glenn McCoy, Gary’s younger brother who competes with him over who can draw the largest purple lips on Obama (and also draws storyboards for the Despicable Me and Minions movies), drew a cartoon in 2017 comparing Betsy DeVos with Ruby Bridges, equating the protests DeVos was receiving to the racist attacks Ruby Bridges was receiving for being the first black child to enter an all-white school.

Do I really have to say it again?

While I don’t draw cartoons for the troglodyte audience, I am a political cartoonist. I’m in the same profession as the cartoonists mentioned above. Even though we don’t think alike, I’m in their wheelhouse. While not being involved with their cartoons, I can recognize their racism. Jared Kushner has been involved with Donald Trump for years, marrying his daughter, working on his campaign, attending secret meetings in Trump Tower with Russians, lying on security clearance applications, and occupying an unpaid position he’s unqualified for in the White House. Donald Trump is in Kushner’s wheelhouse.

In a bizarre interview with Axios, Kushner demonstrated his incompetence several times.

Perhaps the most bizarre take was when Kushner defended Trump from accusations of racism, saying, “You can’t not be a racist for 69 years and then run for president and be a racist.” Kushner could be correct because there are several examples over the past 69 years of Donald Trump’s racism and then he was kinda sorta elected president. But, hey, this is America. While Trump didn’t win the popular vote, his racism was not a dealbreaker for 62 million Americans.

When asked about Trump’s birther campaign, the lie that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.A., and instead was born in Kenya, Jared said he didn’t know it was racist because “I was not involved with that.” Obviously, racism is not a dealbreaker for Jared either. He repeated the line several times adding, “That was a long time ago.” 2015 wasn’t THAT long ago, Trust Fund Baby.

The interviewer should have asked Jared if his new immigration plan is racist. It’s the plan that favors immigrants from Europe over Central America and Africa. Jared designed it with the help of the White House’s very own Baby Goebbels, Stephen Miller. Jared should know if this is racist or not since he is definitely involved with it and it wasn’t designed “a long time ago.”

He could have also been asked about Trump’s plans for the 2020 census that adds a question that will suppress participation by nonwhite people and, therefore, artificially increase white (and Republican) power in a new round of gerrymandering, which the GOP is foaming at the mouth for since the majority of Americans don’t vote for them anymore.

The administration argued to the public, the lower courts and the Supreme Court that the disadvantage to nonwhite Americans was statistically questionable and that the Justice Department needed the change to enforce the Voting Rights Act. That’s almost as bad as comparing Betsy Devos to Ruby Bridges.

Donald Trump is a racist and he’s stocked his White House with incompetent people, often through nepotism, with other racists. Or at the very least, if they’re not racists, racism is not a dealbreaker for them.

If you work for Donald Trump, support him, or voted for him, racism wasn’t a dealbreaker for you either. At some point, when racism stops being a dealbreaker for you, then you’re not just fine with racism too. You yourself have also become a racist.

Somewhere, there’s a white sheet with Jared’s name on it.

Creative note: I drew this cartoon this morning. Right before I started coloring, I got my D-Day cartoon idea. I pushed this one aside to publish the D-Day cartoon first. Also, I’ll update and let you know if any conservative cartoonists scream at me.

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An Icy Census


Here’s a little civics primer for you: The Constitution of the United States requires the enumeration of people in the U.S. every 10 years for the purpose of apportioning congressional representatives. It also requires that representatives be apportioned among the states “according to their respective Numbers.” Federal law requires the Secretary of Commerce to count the “population,” not citizens.

The Constitution says “persons,” not citizens or green card holders. I understand this may be difficult to comprehend for those who have only read the 2nd Amendment (and interpret it to suit their means as well), but the Constitution requires Congressional representation of people, not just citizens or voters. Children are people, and they don’t vote, yet they have Congressional representation.

The Trump administration wants a citizenship question included in the census. This is an attempt to under-count blue states, specifically California. The administration claims the question is required to enforce the Voting Rights Act, but nobody is buying it.

You may have forgotten since it’s been eight years since you’ve seen a census, but you fill it out anonymously. It’s not a voter registration. Republicans claim the citizenship question is a fight against immigrants voting illegally (which is not a widespread problem), but that’s a stupid argument. Another argument is they’re trying to determine who makes up the population where they claim there are abuses at the polls. That means check the box that you’re not a citizen so Jeff Sessions will know where to send more ICE agents.

The census is supposed to be confidential, but the Trump administration is trying to use it to scare immigrants from answering. This won’t just affect Congressional representation, but also how federal tax money and services are distributed. It will also affect the electoral college, as those votes are based on Congressional seats. Donald Trump won the Electoral College while losing the popular vote, which is also how Republican George W. Bush won in 2000.

Since the census is anonymous and Federal law states it can’t be used to punish people, does that mean we can trust Trump and his Justice Department? Sure, if you want to believe a man who promised to make a deal on DACA before reneging, and is now complaining that Democrats won’t give him money for his stupid border wall after spending two years telling us Mexico would pay for it (and is now trying to steal the money for it from the military’s budget).

It’s funny how Republicans complain about illegal votes while using several methods to suppress minority voting, from gerrymandering to voter ID laws to even closing DMVs in rural areas with black populations in Southern states.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims the citizenship question has been used for every census over the past several decades except for the last one. That’s a lie. It has not been used in a national census since 1950. Over a dozen states, including California and New York, are now suing the Trump administration to block this measure.

Trump has been targeting immigrants since day one of his administration, and hating minorities also warm the cockles of Jeff Sessions’ heart. California and the administration have been at war since he took office. The state has sued or joined other states’ legal actions against Trump at least 31 times. The suits have been over immigration, including deportation threats to “Dreamers” and building the border wall, Obamacare, greenhouse gas emissions, coal production, clean water, and so on.

Donald Trump is a cheater and a liar. He can’t be trusted. He’s not just using the federal government to go after brown people, but to throw red meat to his racist base. When California, New York, and other blue states take Trump to court, they’re defending America.

These lawsuits will continue until Trump is no longer in the White House. Let’s hope that’s sooner than later.

Here’s the video.

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