No, Don’t Leave, Bye


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Donald Trump claims labor secretary Alexander Acosta decided to resign, and he pushed for him to stay. If you believe that then you probably also believe Trump had the largest inauguration crowd, won the popular vote, millions of illegals voted, George Soros is funding caravan invasions, he never assaulted a woman, has the best words, his father was born in Germany, and accomplished more than any president before him (this is a very short list).

Trump has the habit of defending men who assault women (Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Roy Moore, Rob Porter, himself. Again, a short list), so he’s not going to have a problem with a prosecutor who cuts a sweetheart deal for one of them. But, if he thinks it’s going to reflect on him poorly, especially with an election coming up, buh-bye.

Trump demands loyalty while giving none.

Here’s the rough.


Be Complicit

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