Go Back Where You Came From


Perhaps the dumbest question in the Trump era is, what has Donald Trump said or done that proves he’s a racist? For Trump supporters, a racist isn’t a racist unless he’s burning a cross while wearing a hood and robe. Yet, if Donald Trump were to ignite a cross on the front lawn of the White House while wearing a sheet, they’d quibble that he was honoring southern heritage or some shit like that (Trump isn’t southern, but why let ignorance derail a stupid defense?).

Adding to the long list of answers to the dumbest question, yesterday, Trump tweeted an attack on four liberal minority congresswomen that they should “go back” to their countries.

In multiple tweets, Trump said, “So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!

Trump is attacking Representatives Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts, Rashida Tlaib from Michigan, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, and Ilhan Omar from Minnesota. Only Omar was born outside the U.S. and became a citizen of this nation as a teenager. But, why let ignorance get in the way of a juicy racist tweet?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Trump’s words “xenophobic.” Over 90 Democrats joined her in denouncing Trump’s comments with many of them using the words “racist” or “racism” to describe his tweet. Michigan representative Justin Amash, who just left the GOP and became an independent joined them. Republicans are silent because they’re either racist, cowards, or both.

This morning, Trump demanded that liberals apologize to him. Can’t a president be racist without people calling it out? It’s like people accusing liberals of always seeing racism in Republicans’ actions and statements. The problem is, there is so much racism in Republicans’ actions and statements. Republicans are like Trump in that they’re not smart enough to disguise their racism. Here’s a tip: Stop using the “black friend” defense.

“Go back where you came from” is an old racist trope used against minorities. If you’re non-white in America, chances are, you’ve heard it directed at you. In saying this, Trump is once again throwing red meat to his cultish base and Fox News viewers, as his targets are also popular targets on that network. Trump also released the racist tweet on the day his ICE raids were supposed to start evicting brown people from the nation. Perhaps, the racist tweet was from his frustration that the raids have yet to begin.

The worst I and other white liberals get is “if you don’t like it here, leave.” As if you shouldn’t be allowed to stay if you criticize your nation or love it so much that you want to fight to improve it. This, from the “Make America Great Again” crowd. Their slogan literally says, “America is not great.” But, you’re the one who should leave if you want it to become more progressive.

Lindsey Graham attacked the four congresswomen and accused them of being communists, antiSemitic, hating Israel, and worst of all, hating America. And Republicans are the ones who say liberals are divisive. When they criticize the government or the state of this nation, they’re being patriotic and “making America great again.” When we criticize, we hate our country.”

America will be greater once Donald Trump is sent back from where he came from, either his shitty tower in New York or his shitty golf resort in Florida.

I’m sick of this argument. We need to stop quibbling and making excuses and call it for what it is. Donald Trump is a racist. He called Mexicans murderers and rapists, championed the birther movement, described nations where brown people come from as “shithole countries,” and defended Nazis. If it looks like a racist duck, quacks like a racist duck, and walks like a racist duck, you got a racist duck.

If you can’t see or hear Trump’s racism, then you’re a racist too.

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  1. I’ve been told to ‘go back to where you came from’, even tho I’m so white I don’t even have a tan, I have no accent, I came from Europe and have been here for 64 years of my 70. Talk about xenophobia to the extreme!

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