Nancy Gets Nasty


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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in Normandy to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. She was asked about comments Donald Trump made about her during the trip, and she replied, “I don’t talk about the president while I’m out of the country. That’s my principle.” As we all know, Donald Trump doesn’t have any principles.

Trump delayed the ceremony by giving an interview to Fox News’ wingnut Laura Ingraham. He even boasted about how he was making world leaders and veterans wait on him. The President of the United States has to keep telling people, and himself how important he is.

Donald Trump is not restrained by presidential decorum while on foreign trips…or any time really. Last week in Japan, he went after Joe Biden by agreeing with a murderous dictator’s comments on the former vice-president. While in Normandy to commemorate the accomplishments and sacrifices of those who fought for their country, Trump attacked Vietnam veteran, Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient Robert Mueller by calling him a “fool.” Trump also said he didn’t fight in Vietnam because he disagreed with that war, which is exactly what you want a commander in chief to say to the men serve in our armed forces.

He also used his trip to Normandy to finally give Nancy Pelosi, the women who bests him at every turn, a nickname. He has dubbed her “Nervous Nancy.” He also said, “she’s a nasty, vindictive, horrible person.” Keep in mind, THIS guy was calling her “nasty” to Laura Ingraham. Let’s not totally overlook the fact that a Nazi defender was saying this to a Nazi supporter at a D-Day ceremony.

Trump has a thing about calling women “nasty.” During one debate with Hillary Clinton, he said she was a “nasty woman.” Before his trip to the United Kingdom this week, he called the Duchess of Sussex “nasty” because she accused him of being a misogynist (Republicans don’t get irony). He claimed he never called her “nasty” despite there being audio of it. Then, he called Pelosi “nasty” after a report came out from Politico that she told Democratic colleagues she wasn’t for impeachment, but for sending Trump to prison.

The guy who leads chants of “Lock her up” finds it “nasty” when someone says he should go to prison…you know, where many members of his inner circle are residing or headed. In addition to irony, Republicans don’t understand hypocrisy.

Trump said that if he had “made any statement about anybody” while overseas he would be criticized. That’s like predicting if you act like a dumbass then people will call you a “dumbass.” Maybe, don’t make negative statements and refrain from politics while on a foreign trip, especially one to commemorate those who fought and died for your nation.

Also, maybe don’t act like a dumbass. It’s nasty.

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      1. Dick Eckhardt is a certified douchebag. The tRump love and the over usage of exclamation points solidifies it. His commentaries are nothing but shit stains on these threads. He has an extremely pathetic existence and proves that to the rest of us with each comment he unwisely chooses to post.

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    1. You support Donald Trump, a man that openly encourages racism, sexism, misogyny and cruelty to those he disagrees with – a President that spends more time insulting ball players than running a country. You support a man that repeatedly stated he would hire “only the best people” then you watched as one by one those people proved to be inept and unqualified. Now, 5 of his campaign team have plead guilty to crimes against the US. You watched Donald Trump mock a disabled man on national television and you looked the other way. You listened to Trump state, “Nazis are good people” and you accepted that – even though a 32 year-old woman was run-over and killed by one.
      You support someone who openly admires cruel dictators, has an unnatural willingness to work with these dictators – while and at the same time alienating America’s long standing allies. How does this bizarre activity support America and uphold our Constitution?
      You heard Donald Trump brag to the world he solved the N. Korean nuclear crisis (one accelerated by his silly name-calling) – then, you said nothing as you discovered North Korea hasn’t changed ANY part of their nuclear program, and as of 2019 still – not one thing has changed.
      You watched Donald Trump blame America !!!! for being cyber-attacked by a proven adversary, openly throwing US agencies and US diplomats under the bus AND you once again looked the other way. Wow! You watched as Donald Trump made ridiculous excuses (lots of water in the ocean) for not caring about the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. You didn’t care that Donald Trump didn’t even know that HE was the President of Puerto Rico! My god! Now Trump says the death of 3,000 people is an un-sung success. WAH?
      You’re ok with a President who never visited the troops yet has demanding (and later gave up) a military parade in his honor, a parade whose taxpayer money would REALLY help the people of Flint Michigan and Puerto Rico.
      You believe a man who’s condemning an investigation managed by a fellow Republican, (trying everything and then-some to stop the investigation), a man who has openly discussed the possibility of pardoning himself – and you find that to be ok. You support someone that demonizes the press daily, except the one channel that historically lies and makes excuses for his unprofessional behavior. (Even THAT channel was aghast when Donald Trump openly stated he believed Putin over our own intelligence men and women.)
      You support someone that openly threatens and name-calls like a 3rd grader those that disagree with him. So sorry 3rd graders. You watched Donald Trump equate women’s worth to their appearance. A pervert that bragged he could walk into women’s dressing rooms because he was a star. You previously and incessantly whined about America’s federal deficit then eagerly looked the other way as his appointees grabbed the tax payer’s money, adding $1 trillion to the deficit to enhance his own and the top 5%’s wealth. Even as of right now it doesn’t matter to you that Trump’s regime is scheming to secure yet another tax break for the ultra-wealthy.
      You either ignored or fully-failed to recognize Donald Trump’s idiotic tariff war – and that, upon harming farmers and businesses he announced they would then be financially reimbursed with YOUR taxpayer dollars in an economy that has NO need for tariff wars.

      In just one of his earlier tries –Trump believes those charged with a crime should not be charged based on their political leaning. This is not American. This is fascism – and it’s very dangerous. You watched as Donald Trump and his regime separated children from parents, locked the kids up in fenced cages and you were ok with that. Hell. They weren’t your kids. The same Trump who recently told a woman reporter, “you never think!”. And now he’s telling Americans that women kill their babies AFTER giving birth.
      You accept the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is lying to Americans and the world on a daily basis, proven lies, over 10,000 of them since he took office and that’s just fine with you. Nothin better for America than a lying POS at the Helm. And last month we learn Mr. Art of The Deal lost billions cuz he’s so incredible. This month we see Trump believed D-day was about him.

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      1. I support the man you can’t see through your Hate. All of your crap is your opinion and projection you know nothing.


      2. D.(ouche nozzle) Eckhardt supports the (“man”…HA!) CHUMP which you see quite clearly for what he truly is Norm, which exposes him for the douche nozzle that he is. You provided a wealth of truthful information (facts, not opinions) which proves dumb donald is NOT even fit to shine Obama’s shoes, let alone be a fit leader for our country. You know, the country dumb donald doesn’t even believe is great; nobody that believes this country is already great would bellow “make America great again” if they believed that it already is. Douche nozzle Eckhardt may have attempted to read no more than the first three sentences before his po wittle head started to hurt, so he reverted to calling the facts your opinions. This is a typical small-minded tRump-lover bullshit tactic.

        Reality check Dickheart: The information provided by Norm is FACT! It’s not his opinion. Unlike you, he’s paying attention. You need to learn that it’s so much easier to pay attention when you don’t have your fat head stuffed up your more than likely fatter ass. Pull your head out, take a very thorough shower and attempt to join the rest the unbrainwashed populace that see your “man” as the CON-man that he actually is.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Herpes FootDisease and D. (DoucheBag/
        DreckKopf) EcchFart are both pure bullshit.

        They are probably the same person (Ivan is angling for two paychecks down on the Troll Farm).

        If not the same person, then most likely related… probably cousins, or more likely Kissin’ Cousins (the Majority Demographic among Republican Voters in Talibama).

        Whatever they are, they are not worth the wear and tear on your fingers and keyboard.

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