Nasty Woman

Nancy Gets Nasty


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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in Normandy to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. She was asked about comments Donald Trump made about her during the trip, and she replied, “I don’t talk about the president while I’m out of the country. That’s my principle.” As we all know, Donald Trump doesn’t have any principles.

Trump delayed the ceremony by giving an interview to Fox News’ wingnut Laura Ingraham. He even boasted about how he was making world leaders and veterans wait on him. The President of the United States has to keep telling people, and himself how important he is.

Donald Trump is not restrained by presidential decorum while on foreign trips…or any time really. Last week in Japan, he went after Joe Biden by agreeing with a murderous dictator’s comments on the former vice-president. While in Normandy to commemorate the accomplishments and sacrifices of those who fought for their country, Trump attacked Vietnam veteran, Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient Robert Mueller by calling him a “fool.” Trump also said he didn’t fight in Vietnam because he disagreed with that war, which is exactly what you want a commander in chief to say to the men serve in our armed forces.

He also used his trip to Normandy to finally give Nancy Pelosi, the women who bests him at every turn, a nickname. He has dubbed her “Nervous Nancy.” He also said, “she’s a nasty, vindictive, horrible person.” Keep in mind, THIS guy was calling her “nasty” to Laura Ingraham. Let’s not totally overlook the fact that a Nazi defender was saying this to a Nazi supporter at a D-Day ceremony.

Trump has a thing about calling women “nasty.” During one debate with Hillary Clinton, he said she was a “nasty woman.” Before his trip to the United Kingdom this week, he called the Duchess of Sussex “nasty” because she accused him of being a misogynist (Republicans don’t get irony). He claimed he never called her “nasty” despite there being audio of it. Then, he called Pelosi “nasty” after a report came out from Politico that she told Democratic colleagues she wasn’t for impeachment, but for sending Trump to prison.

The guy who leads chants of “Lock her up” finds it “nasty” when someone says he should go to prison…you know, where many members of his inner circle are residing or headed. In addition to irony, Republicans don’t understand hypocrisy.

Trump said that if he had “made any statement about anybody” while overseas he would be criticized. That’s like predicting if you act like a dumbass then people will call you a “dumbass.” Maybe, don’t make negative statements and refrain from politics while on a foreign trip, especially one to commemorate those who fought and died for your nation.

Also, maybe don’t act like a dumbass. It’s nasty.

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Watch Me Draw.

She persisted


The U.S. Senate has a rule that senators are not allowed to criticize their colleagues by name on the senate floor. It’s a rule they usually ignore.

They ignored it when Ted Cruz called Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar (to be fair, most people ignore Ted Cruz). They ignored it when Republicans accused Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of having “crocodile tears.” They finally enforced it when a female senator read a letter from a black woman criticizing Senator and now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Senator Elizabeth Warren read a 30-year-old letter from Coretta Scott King opposing Sessions when he was nominated for a judgeship by Ronald Reagan. Mitch McConnell shut her down and later said “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” Those statements have now become a rallying cry. Millions of women protested Donald Trump worldwide his first weekend as president. Do you really wanna give them a new rallying cry?

Furthering their hypocrisy, Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico read the same letter the next day without being interrupted.

The rule, titled Rule XIX, may be a decent rule for procedure, but should probably be put aside when the senator being criticized is a nominee for a cabinet position. It’s just an excuse to kill debate. It especially looks bad when you come off telling a female to shut up, which has never worked out for any male in the history of forever. It especially doesn’t work out when the woman is smarter than you.

If Republicans don’t like women who persist, they probably shouldn’t tell them to shut up. They’re in for a rude awakening.

Creative note: I had a lot of fun with this cartoon. It’s not everyday I get to draw a Mason jar, bug zapper, raccoon, rooster, and a man-turtle in a wife-beater. I know it’s an ugly term, but I didn’t come up with it and you know what I’m talking about when I use it.

I spent about five hours on this cartoon. The Bear cartoon from yesterday has been shared over 500 times on Facebook alone. Can we do better with this cartoon? I believe in you.

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Nasty Women


Her name is Hillary. It’s Madame President if you’re nasty. That joke’s been making the rounds on social media since Donald Trump interrupted Clinton during the third debate with “such a nasty woman.”

Much has been made and analyzed from Donald Trump’s strike at Clinton with his “such a nasty woman” remark. Trump was provoked enough to speak out of turn and interrupt (which wasn’t uncommon) when Clinton said “my Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald’s, assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it, but what we want to do is …” and then came the nasty “nasty” comment.

A lot of conservatives were bewildered that Trump’s comment has been taken as a sexist remark. The fact they don’t get it should be enough for them to reexamine how they look at the world and people around them. Maybe they can also take the opportunity to reexamine their lives and the choices they made.

Or they could listen to the world react.

While many Trump supporters were quick to don the moniker “deplorable” after Clinton’s “basket full of deplorables” comment, women nationwide are printing up T-shirts with “Nasty Woman” and “Nasty Women Vote.” Someone bought the domain for which redirects to a fundraising page for Clinton. A logo has been created with an “N” replacing the “H” in Clinton’s logo and changing Clinton’s slogan to “I’m With Nasty” (which also became a hashtag). Even streams for Janet Jackson’s 1980’s pop hit “Nasty Girl” increased 250% on Spotify. It does have a funky beat.

While many women have found strength by sharing their experiences of the type of treatment Trump bragged about doing in those leaked tapes, Take Back The Night, a foundation working to end sexual assault and violence against women, is using the slogan to call for safer environments.

Another trending hashtag is “NastyWomenVote.” Trump will definitely be feeling a bit nasty, and perhaps a little chunky, on the night of November 8th. Currently he’s polling 20 points behind Clinton with women. Only 20? Go figure.

Let’s hope Trump’s “poll monitors” don’t attempt any grabbing on election day. And if you are a poll monitor for Trump, don’t forget election day is November 28th, just like Trump said.

Funny story time that digresses:

I have a weirdo magnet. That means freaks find me. They want to talk. It’s brutal. My friends know this and can back me up.

Yesterday a buddy and I went to a bar. Shortly after planting ourselves on bar stools a strange man sits down next to me and wants to talk to me about chemtrails. What? What the hell are chemtrails? Chem trails are the streaks in the sky from planes and according to this goober they’re intentionally loaded with chemical and biological gunk for sinister purposes (science has debunked this but that’s what they want you to believe). This gentleman proceeded to give me a very long lecture about chemtrails and then told me Climate Change and Global Warming were lies.

And then it got weird.

He went on to tell me that the election won’t happen. The “Illuminati,” which is all the world’s billionaires who control the media and Obama, will go to war with Russia, start World War III, declare martial law, cancel the election, and Obama gets to become dictator. The Illuminati has put subliminal junk into the graphics you see in the background on all the news channels (all those spinning stars and stuff) and they hypnotize us to believe facts…I mean stuff the media wants us to believe like “don’t worry about chemtrails” and “you can save money by switching your car insurance,” and “Wolf Blitzer does not suck.” I asked him if Donald Trump is a member of the Illuminati since he’s a billionaire but the guy told me no and Trump is the only one trying to save us and delivering the truth.

I was silent throughout most of this while all my friends bailed on me so I could have this experience all to myself (My friend Cindy said the freaks find me because I have a pleasant face but I think there’s more stock in the chemtrail theory than that bunk). Eventually the old dirt farmer, or whatever he was, decided I wasn’t fun to talk to anymore, or that I wasn’t going to be converted, when my inner smart ass revealed itself. I simply asked him “do they know you’re out?”. He said “what? Do they know I’m out? Who are they?”. I said “the people with giant butterfly nets currently looking for you.” I went home shortly after that. I had my fill of people for the week and returned to my cartoon cave and ate some Doritos.

The moral of the story is: The crazy people are out there. They’re supporting Trump. They can’t be persuaded or reasoned with. Some of them don’t have a reason as understandable as being sexists, racists, xenophobes, etc. They’re just crazy. And they’re still gonna be here after November 8th.

I don’t think chem trails or CNN hypnotized me to believe that.

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Bad Hombres, Nasty Woman, Debate Goes Bigly


Choose your Twitter hashtag for the night. You can choose from #BadHombres, #NastyWoman, or #Bigly. These are contributions from Donald Trump during the third and last presidential debate from the 2016 election.

What’s the biggest takeaway from the last presidential debate for election 2016? Trump having high praise for Vladimir Putin and encouragement toward Bashar al-Assad, but doesn’t have faith in the American election system.

Trump had fewer sniffles and better poise than in his previous two debate performances, but he came off like he was impersonating Alec Baldwin impersonating him.

Spouting off falsehoods such as the State Department losing $6 billion dollars under Hillary’s watch, it’s obvious Trump went to the Breitbart school of debate coaching. How can Trump keep track of how much money the state department loses when he can’t keep track how much his daddy loaned him? He continues the claim it’s $1 million when it’s somewhere between $14-17 million.

About thirty minutes after saying he has the “greatest respect for women” Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton with “such a nasty woman.” He continued to deny accusations from women of his uninvited kissing and groping and claimed he didn’t know any of his accusers, despite there being plenty of tape to prove him wrong in some cases. He even said he didn’t apologize to his wife because he never did anything wrong, though earlier in the week Melania claimed Trump had apologized to her. Maybe her English isn’t so good and she thought she heard “sorry” when Donald actually said “I don’t dig fat chicks.”

Regarding his accusers, Trump claimed they were doing it for the fame of being groped by Donald Trump. Maybe that’s why Bob Dylan has remained silent on his Nobel. He’s waiting to be known for something greater, like being the beneficiary of a Trump grope.

Trump also bombed during the abortion segment when he talked about babies being ripped from their mother’s wombs on the last day before their birth. The segment started about Supreme Court appointments and Trump’s first comment on it, and in the debate, was to whine that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had insulted him. So his answer is he won’t appoint anyone who will hurt his feelings. Shit.

Hillary Clinton was there too and did a fine enough job. Did she put Trump away? Not as much as Trump probably put himself away. At one point moderator Chris Wallace told Clinton to stop talking so Trump could continue interrupting her. I thought she made her best point of the evening when she said “Trump would rather believe Vladimir Putin than 17 U.S. intelligence agencies.” Trump continued to claim the U.S. doesn’t know who is behind the recent hacks, which is like claiming eggs don’t come from chickens. “Eggs come from cows. I’ve seen the cows. They were the most marvelous cows and they’ll be yuge after I’m president. Then I milked the cows, but only the pretty ones and only after given expressed permission.”

When Clinton said Trump would be a puppet for Putin he replied, “uh uh…you’re the puppet.” I was waiting for “I know you are but what am I?”. He also repeated his constant one-word interruptions of “wrong” throughout the night.

To top all that off, he challenged people to prove he made quotes he denied ever making, which of course he has made. Such as when he denied saying Japan and South Korea should have nuclear weapons, which is something he has said.

The most talked about aspect of the debate analysts focused on afterward came near the end. Trump refused to say whether he will accept the results of the election. This is the first time we’ve ever had a major party candidate challenge the results before the actual election.

After the election I’m sure Trump will say it was manipulated by bad hombres and nasty woman but one word will perfectly describe the size of his defeat.


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