And we thought it was bad that Trump doesn’t understand tariffs, but once again, the dumbest president in the history of presidents of any nation in any galaxy, made a tweet that left the rest of saying, “What the hell?

Donald Trump took to Twitter and scolded NASA for focusing on returning to the moon instead of Mars and stated that the moon is a part of Mars. Seriously.

My girlfriend told me about the tweet last night, shortly after it happened. I had to see it myself because it was so stupid, I thought we may be losing something in translation. I mean, Trump is stupid but there’s no way…yep. He said the moon is a part of Mars. I’m sorry I doubted you, Amanda. The lesson here is, never underestimate the stupidity of Donald Trump.

What was his point? He confused everyone with the tweet before he even got the “moon is Mars” stuff. He’s chiding NASA for focusing on going to the moon AFTER he increased their budget with the agenda of…wait for it…going to the moon.

On May 13, Trump tweeted, “We are going back to the moon.” Last March, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, who was appointed by Trump, announced plans to send US astronauts to the moon by 2024.” Last October, Mike Pence, a guy who’s been anal probing Trump with his face for the past two years said, “Our determination is to see Americans back on the moon in the very near future.”

So there’s a huge flip-flop on policy that’s giving NASA and Republicans whiplash. But, the moon is a part of Mars? Did Trump means the budget for going to the moon was the same as Mars…or a part of that budget…or does he believe the moon is actually a part of Mars?

In case you’re a Republican, the moon is much closer to Earth (that’s where we live) than Mars. Most scientists believe the moon was created from another planet slamming into Earth (a very long time, like before Jesus was playing with his pet dinosaurs). And, in case you’re a Trump supporter, the moon is NOT a part of Mars. The moon is 140 million miles from Mars.

Now, someone in the Trump administration who once had high ideals before he or she sold their soul, has to go before the press and argue that the president of the United States, the same one who believes we have invisible airplanes, does not believe the moon is a part of Mars.

Or, that person is going to have to convince the press, and easily Trump’s supporters who chant “space force,” that the moon is a part of Mars, and that the information has been concealed by the Deep State of Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Robert Mueller for decades. While we’re at it, the moon landing was fake, the Earth is flat, chemtrails are a real thing, and Pluto is a dog and a planet, and somehow, Donald Trump is qualified to be president.

This is why aliens don’t come here.

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    1. I think Trump meant to say something along those lines, that the moon is a staging point to reach Mars. He just couldn’t articulate the idea in words (as usual).

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  1. LOL from the Get-Go Clay ! I STILL cannot believe ANY American voted to elect such a phucking ignoramus for president. Such an incredibly disrespectful D-Day showing by this phuck-nut. How in the hell can one person think only about himself, every phucking day, including a D-Day commemoration.? No response required. Though I must vent before I find religion. (I highly suspect he’s only in France to get a Roy’ell w/ Cheese.)

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  2. Another conspiracy ‘theory’ . . . JFK Jr is NOT dead and he is going to be Trump’s VP running mate in 2020. It’s bad enough that ‘they’ think he isn’t dead, but WHY would ‘they’ think he’d run as a Republican?? As usual, my questions remain unanswered by ‘them’.

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  3. Andrea – actually, JFK, Amelia Earhart, Elvis, and the crew of The Challenger are all alive and well and living safely on a remote island. They have no plans to return for the 2020 election.. However, many of us have been asking “Where is Warren G. Harding now that we need him ?”

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      1. @Andréa:

        Your posts are awesome! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. DC

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    1. They would be fools if they did. You know, fools…like those brainwashed cultists that support tRump. Sincerely, DC

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  4. Speaking of conspiracy theories: I just started reading ‘Voodoo histories : the role of the conspiracy theory in shaping modern history’ by Aaronovitch, David. Written in 2010, so the past nine years aren’t covered, but a great history and background of conspiracy theories. And what’s the first one to be discussed? That we never landed on the moon and literally thousands of people were and still are involved in this hoax.

    Speaking of which (sorry for the thread drift, but it all ties in somehow), the previous book was ‘Black Death at the Golden Gate : the race to save America from the bubonic plague’, by David K. Randall.

    Heck, I never even knew there was a bubonic plague in San Francisco, right before, during and after the earthquake of 1906. AND it shows that politics, cronyism, bigotry, conspiracy theories and lack of common sense have always been abundant in this country [as well as others, I realize, probably even worse (e.g., ‘Midnight in Chernobyl’], but still . . . ).

    Thus endeth the book recommendations from your retired librarian.

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