Troops Meet The Caravan Invasion


One sure way to tell that the caravan “invasion” isn’t dangerous to the United States is that Republicans have to lie about it. If it’s actually so bad, then why can’t they be honest and only deliver the facts?

Trump campaigned on hatred toward immigrants. He accused Mexico of sending us rapists and murderers when he announced his campaign. It’s red meat for a base of stupid people who believe immigration is the greatest danger facing our nation, and not say, a friend to white supremacists in the White House.

Republicans and Donald Trump tell us it’s being funded by George Soros and Democrats. That’s the same rhetoric a white supremacist terrorist used to justify killing eleven Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue last Saturday.

Trump has claimed there are gang members and even people from the Middle East in the caravan. He and the GOP state it’s a national emergency and an invasion. Now, they’re even claiming they’re bringing diseases like smallpox.

Trump has ordered 5,200 troops to man the border to protect us from this invasion. That is an abuse of our military. Our troops should not be used as election props. The caravan is over 2,000 miles away from our border, and they’re traveling by foot. So, why are the troops at the border now? Let’s see if they’re still there after Election Day.

This is not an invasion. These are mostly women and children seeking asylum. Do we really need an army to meet mothers wearing flip-flops and carrying babies? Trust me. After walking over 2,000 miles, they’re not going to feel like fighting.

As for carrying diseases, the last naturally occurring case of smallpox was in 1977.

There is no proof that gangs are in this caravan. There’s also not any proof that Muslims from the Middle East are trying to gain entry to the U.S. from Guatemala. Buy a map, idiots.

Republicans also keep fluctuating the numbers in the caravan. Some put it as high as 14,000. Yesterday, it was reported the number has decreased to less than 4,000. Most people in the caravan will not make it to the U.S. border. The last caravan was in April, and only about 150 migrants from that caravan made it to our border. We need the army to meet 150 migrants?

Another point you don’t hear much about is that these migrants are coming here legally. If you listen to Republicans, they’re all either sneaking or just crashing through Trump’s nonexistent border wall (which he claims is under construction but it’s not). These people will apply for refugee status. They have a legal right to do that. If someone walks over 2,000 miles to request asylum, we should hear them out. Not every immigrant can pose naked in a magazine and catch the attention of a billionaire who likes to trade up with wives.

Trump is also threatening to end birthright citizenship by executive order. He can’t do that. That’s protected in the Constitution. But, he doesn’t really intend to do that. It’s just good election propaganda. His base will love it. He doesn’t care that he’s lying. His lies have only grown more preposterous as the election nears. He also claimed we’re the only nation that grants birthright citizenship when there’s actually over 30 who do. Trump can get away with these lies because his base doesn’t research, and they don’t have enough integrity to demand honesty from their leader.

Walking thousands of miles on the slim hope of providing a better future for your children is integrity. What is lacking in integrity is exploiting people who need help so you can drum up fear and paranoia in your already frightened and paranoid little base of racists. It also takes gall to continue to exploit this and continue to lie and repeat the rhetoric of pipe bombers and synagogue shooters after what happened last week. Donald Trump was still exploiting the issue the day of the Pittsburgh massacre. He didn’t even pause to catch his breath.

We are the United States and can do better than using women and children refugees for exploitation. The people who do that are no better than the gangs who prey on them during their journey.

I like to think America is better than that. Hopefully, next Tuesday, America proves it is.

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