Troops Meet The Caravan Invasion


One sure way to tell that the caravan “invasion” isn’t dangerous to the United States is that Republicans have to lie about it. If it’s actually so bad, then why can’t they be honest and only deliver the facts?

Trump campaigned on hatred toward immigrants. He accused Mexico of sending us rapists and murderers when he announced his campaign. It’s red meat for a base of stupid people who believe immigration is the greatest danger facing our nation, and not say, a friend to white supremacists in the White House.

Republicans and Donald Trump tell us it’s being funded by George Soros and Democrats. That’s the same rhetoric a white supremacist terrorist used to justify killing eleven Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue last Saturday.

Trump has claimed there are gang members and even people from the Middle East in the caravan. He and the GOP state it’s a national emergency and an invasion. Now, they’re even claiming they’re bringing diseases like smallpox.

Trump has ordered 5,200 troops to man the border to protect us from this invasion. That is an abuse of our military. Our troops should not be used as election props. The caravan is over 2,000 miles away from our border, and they’re traveling by foot. So, why are the troops at the border now? Let’s see if they’re still there after Election Day.

This is not an invasion. These are mostly women and children seeking asylum. Do we really need an army to meet mothers wearing flip-flops and carrying babies? Trust me. After walking over 2,000 miles, they’re not going to feel like fighting.

As for carrying diseases, the last naturally occurring case of smallpox was in 1977.

There is no proof that gangs are in this caravan. There’s also not any proof that Muslims from the Middle East are trying to gain entry to the U.S. from Guatemala. Buy a map, idiots.

Republicans also keep fluctuating the numbers in the caravan. Some put it as high as 14,000. Yesterday, it was reported the number has decreased to less than 4,000. Most people in the caravan will not make it to the U.S. border. The last caravan was in April, and only about 150 migrants from that caravan made it to our border. We need the army to meet 150 migrants?

Another point you don’t hear much about is that these migrants are coming here legally. If you listen to Republicans, they’re all either sneaking or just crashing through Trump’s nonexistent border wall (which he claims is under construction but it’s not). These people will apply for refugee status. They have a legal right to do that. If someone walks over 2,000 miles to request asylum, we should hear them out. Not every immigrant can pose naked in a magazine and catch the attention of a billionaire who likes to trade up with wives.

Trump is also threatening to end birthright citizenship by executive order. He can’t do that. That’s protected in the Constitution. But, he doesn’t really intend to do that. It’s just good election propaganda. His base will love it. He doesn’t care that he’s lying. His lies have only grown more preposterous as the election nears. He also claimed we’re the only nation that grants birthright citizenship when there’s actually over 30 who do. Trump can get away with these lies because his base doesn’t research, and they don’t have enough integrity to demand honesty from their leader.

Walking thousands of miles on the slim hope of providing a better future for your children is integrity. What is lacking in integrity is exploiting people who need help so you can drum up fear and paranoia in your already frightened and paranoid little base of racists. It also takes gall to continue to exploit this and continue to lie and repeat the rhetoric of pipe bombers and synagogue shooters after what happened last week. Donald Trump was still exploiting the issue the day of the Pittsburgh massacre. He didn’t even pause to catch his breath.

We are the United States and can do better than using women and children refugees for exploitation. The people who do that are no better than the gangs who prey on them during their journey.

I like to think America is better than that. Hopefully, next Tuesday, America proves it is.

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This Is MAGA


A recent Quinnipiac Poll states 65% of American voters oppose the Trump policy of separating migrant children from their parents. The same study finds 55% of Republican voters are heartless, inhumane, unsympathetic, troglodyte, subhuman mongrels you don’t want to be stuck in an elevator with.

And there you have it. The majority of Trump supporters and MAGA heads love the idea of tearing brown families apart. It’s why Attorney General Jeff Sessions is giddy when explaining the hateful policy. It’s why Trump adviser and white supremacist advocate Stephen Miller is taking credit for the idea. It’s why Director of Homeland Security, whose first name is as traditional Native American as Sacagawea and Pocahontas, Kirstjen Nielson can claim she’s totally unaware of pictures, videos, and recordings of these children crying for their mothers. When I was a kid, Jaws scared the hell out of me but I couldn’t forget I saw it.

A racist base is why the President of the United States, who has married two immigrants, can shed all appearances of governing for all the people, and hold migrant children hostage until Congress gives him ten billion dollars to break his campaign promise of Mexico paying for it, and build a wall on the border with Mexico. Hillary was right. These people are deplorable, and they’re proud of it. Trump his holding the children hostage and blaming Democrats for making him do it.  This policy is so heartless and inhumane, that even Ted Cruz is against it and trying to stop it.

The New York Times editorial board asks, “when did caging kids become the art of the deal?”

The thing is, Trump can stop this. He can stop it right now. He doesn’t need legislation to stop ripping families apart. George W. Bush and Barack Obama governed under the same law, and they didn’t go to town ripping families apart, stacking the kids in cages in abandoned box stores, and making plans to place them in tent prisons to share in the desert with Gila Monsters.

Jeff Sessions said it’s unfair to compare this situation to how Jews were treated in Nazi Germany, because “the Nazis were keeping the Jews from leaving the country.” Yes. The Nazis loved the Jews so much, they were begging them not to leave Germany. Please don’t go, Jews. No. That’s not right and someone buy the Attorney General a history book. The Nazis actually shipped them out of Germany in death trains. But he does have a point about the comparison. We’re not gassing these immigrants or tearing out their fillings to melt down and store the gold in Switzerland, so at least there’s that.

Last week, Trump endorsed South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford’s opponent in the Republican primary because Sanford “wouldn’t help him MAGA,” make America great again. That wasn’t true. Sanford was MAGAing all over the place. Trump just didn’t like Sanford’s public opinion he should release his tax returns.

What is “MAGA?” MAGA is returning America to when white people had full control over government policy (which it never really lost). MAGA is making white people feel like someone is protecting them from being disenfranchised. MAGA is gaslighting and using the Joseph Goebbels method of propaganda. MAGA is emboldening white supremacists and Nazis to crawl out of the sewers where they’ve been hiding and bask in the sunlight. MAGA is being able to listen to children cry for their parents and not want to do anything to help them. MAGA is hearing those cries and continuing to use them as political leverage.

Trump ran a campaign on racism. He accused Mexico of sending their worst people to the U.S. and called them “rapists” and “murderers” minutes after riding slowly down the escalator to announce his candidacy. He said being of Mexican descent was why a judge was unfit to sit on one of his many lawsuits.

Trump said, “I hate the children are being taken away.” He could have stopped at, “I hate the children.”

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Yappy Jesus


Americans love to say America is the greatest country in the world. The new doctrine for our foreign policy is “We’re America, bitch.” But, I’m pretty sure the greatest country in the world wouldn’t separate children from their parents and imprison them in tents in the desert. Maybe there was some confusion, and they were supposed to be in tent prisons with dessert. Spelling is a challenge for this White House.

Obviously inspired by the recently pardoned Joe Arpaio (the racist law-breaking criminal sheriff in Arizona), the Trump administration is looking to place 1,000-5,000 immigrant children in tent cities in the desert. The number of migrant children the government has apprehended has increased by 20% since a “zero-tolerance” policy was initiated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen (who doesn’t know Norway is mostly white but knows a brown kid when she sees one). The new policy ordered the Border Patrol to refer anyone crossing the border illegally for criminal prosecution, no matter the situation. Some people being incarcerated haven’t crossed illegally, as they went to the Border Patrol and requested asylum, which we don’t grant anymore for people whose lives are threatened by gangs or spousal abuse.

The number of children currently held by the government is over 11,200 at some 100 facilities (with Trump murals and re-education classes) to hold them are around 95% full. One solution would be to stop separating children from their parents and throwing them all in jail, which sounds a little better than throwing toddlers to cacti and rattlesnakes. But, maybe the Trump murals will ward off the snakes and Gila Monsters.

Sessions justified this abuse of government policy by quoting the Bible. He cited Romans 13 when he said, “to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes.” Funny thing. That’s the same verse used by Southerners to justify owning slaves in the 1800s. Scary thing: Sessions probably knows that.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a church goer as well. During a White House press briefing Thursday, Sanders was insulting members of the press (they really hate Jim Acosta) and using the Bible defense. She said, “I can say that it is very biblical to enforce the law. That is actually repeated a number of times throughout the Bible. It’s a moral policy to follow and enforce the law.”

I haven’t seen a government use religion to justify policy this much since the Taliban.

There are probably a lot of quotes from the Bible that can be used to defend this administration.

There’s, “Thou shall not grab strange vaginas, unless thou is famous.”

And then there’s, “Thou shall not boast about grabbing strange vaginas to a reality TV host on a bus unless it’s just locker room talk.”

Plus, “Do not shag a porn star unless she’s willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.”

I think this one was added yesterday: “Thou shall not salute a North Korean General unless his large hat is really spiffy.”

I’m gonna let you in on a secret. I made those up. But, here’s one that’s genuine: From Deuteronomy 10:18-19, “God loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing. And you are to love those who are foreigners, for you yourselves were foreigners in Egypt.”

But, maybe I’m doing it wrong, and we’re only supposed to quote Old Testament God and not Hippy God.

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Crate And Peril


Senator Jeff Merkley, a Democrat from Oregon, visited a detention center in Texas last week and described the facility. He said, “What you have is cyclone fencing and fence posts that look like cages. They look like the way you would construct a dog kennel.”

Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department hit back, saying they don’t employ the use of cages, but use fenced barriers. Basically, they’re cages but they don’t want you to use the word “cage,” and especially not “dog cages.”

Though Merkley saw the cages, security wouldn’t let him, a United States Senator, enter the facility, and eventually the police were called to shoo him away.

A spokesperson for the Administration of Children and Families said Merkley wasn’t allowed in for security reasons and said, “No one who arrives unannounced at one of our shelters demanding access to the children in our care will be permitted, even those claiming to be U.S. Senators.”

Uh, he wasn’t just claiming to be a U.S. Senator. He is a U.S. Senator. On the video, he had to tell the security guard more than once he was a Senator, as the guy didn’t seem like he could comprehend the information.

The Justice Department doesn’t want surprise visits to these facilities, especially if cameras are brought along. They want advance notice so they can clean up the place. It’s kinda like when your landlord wants to come by, but you want a heads up so you can make sure your house doesn’t smell like you own seven cats. As it turns out, Merkley did send a request two days in advance of his visit. Senator Robert Menendez was denied visitation of a facility in California, despite sending a request nine days ahead.

The Senator was attempting to show the American people how the Trump policy of ripping children away from their parents actually looks. The Administration is giddy about arresting anyone for crossing the border illegally, and if children are brought along, they’ll be separated from their parents and crammed inside dog cages.

Trump tweeted blame at the Democrats for his administration stripping children from their parents, despite his party controlling the executive branch, the House, and the Senate. And for good measure, he said they support MS-13. I guess one lie in the tweet wasn’t enough.

The United Nations says the Trump policy violates human rights and is against international law. Nikki Haley fired back the U.N. is practicing hypocrisy by attacking the U.S. while ignoring human rights violations of other members. The condition Haley is suffering from is called whataboutism. It’s very contagious among Trump sycophants, so be careful out there.

The administration says this policy is to prevent illegal border crossings, but that’s a total lie. Many of these separations have occurred at border crossing stations with immigrants requesting asylum. That is not an illegal crossing.

While blaming Democrats for his policy of separating children from parents by saying they passed “bad legislation,” there are not any laws requiring that parents be separated from their children, and the practice was put in place by his administration. Jeff Sessions loves this kind of stuff. You know, because of the racism. He almost squeals when he talks about it. Chief of Staff John Kelly raised the idea of this policy, you know, because of the racism.

The New York Times found that over 700 children have been ripped from their parents over a period of six months. The American Civil Liberties Union says it’s accelerated, and that over 1,000 have been taken over the past five weeks.

The U.N. created a human rights treaty called Convention of the Rights of a Child, which sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children. Only one nation in the world has not ratified the treat. Do you wanna guess which nation that is?

Mitt Romney, who famously strapped the family dog to the roof his car in a crate for a road trip from Massachusetts to Ontario, says he’s more of an immigration hawk than Trump. Despite calling Trump a “conman” in 2016, he said he’ll easily be re-elected in 2020.

Trump’s record on human rights is just one of about 2,000 reasons why that can’t be allowed to happen.

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Not Down With The Brown


Just when you think Jeff Sessions is our hero and is the only stopgap between Democracy and Trump authoritarianism, and that he realizes the Justice Department is not the president’s personal goon squad designed to protect him, he does something to remind us that he’s still a backward troglodyte racist elf.

The Attorney General did the right thing by recusing himself from overseeing the Special Counsel’s Russia investigation, and he’s resisted pressure from Trump to fire Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller’s boss. He’s been harassed and bullied on Twitter by Trump. Devin Nunes is threatening him with contempt and Sean Hannity is publicly wondering if he’s part of the Deep State. You almost feel sorry for him until you remember he’s still an opponent of Civil Rights, marriage equality, and believes marijuana will kill you.

Don’t forget, Sessions was the first Senator to endorse Donald Trump. He proudly wore a very tiny Make America Great Again hat and sat on a booster seat at the same table as George Papadopoulos during their Russian collusion meetings.

On Monday, Sessions vowed to separate parents from their children who enter the country illegally. Proving he doesn’t have much of a heart in that itty-bitty tiny frame of his. At some I-Hate-Gringos-Photo-Op in Arizona, Sessions said, “If you are smuggling a child then we will prosecute you, and that child will be separated from you as required by law. If you don’t like that then don’t smuggle children over our border.” And then he said, “raggle raggle raggle” and stole some hamburgers.

Did you hear that future illegal immigrants? If you must sneak across our border, leave your children behind in the desert with rattlesnakes and banditos.

Sessions made his comments on the same day Melania Trump unveiled her “Be Best” program, where she said “Children deserve every opportunity to enjoy their innocence…unless they’re filthy little buggers their parents sneaked across the border.” OK, she only said the first half of that, but the second part is the policy of her husband’s administration. But, it’s not Melania’s fault if she is unaware of Trump’s policies since she’s usually not even aware, or interested of where he is. Melania’s “Be Best” program runs counter to Trump’s “Be An Asshole” program.

When the administration arrests someone who has entered the nation illegally, the children are transferred to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, which refers them to relatives in the U.S. or to shelters run by private organizations. Basically, they’re creating orphans.

The Department of Homeland Security says 700 children have been separated from their parents since the fiscal year began last October. Last week, Sessions sent 35 prosecutors and 18 immigration judges to the border to deal with border crossing cases. Apparently, there are not enough Border Patrol agents to dump out the water that humanitarian groups leave for immigrants in the desert.

You wonder if they really hate people who don’t look like them, or they’re just throwing red meat to their base, or both.

People south of our border love their children as much as we love ours. In fact, bringing them to the United States shows how much they want a better life for their kids.

Their kids too deserve every opportunity to enjoy their innocence, and not to be punished by a hateful elf.

Here’s the video.

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Ben, Stop Talking


When Ben Carson said slaves brought to America from Africa were immigrants I was shocked. I thought to myself “how is it Trump didn’t name him Secretary of Education?”

Carson, who once claimed the Egyptian pyramids were built for storing grain (which were also built by “immigrants) actually said slaves were immigrants with dreams for their children and grandchildren. You wouldn’t think the one member of Trump’s cabinet who needed a course in African-American history the most would be the only African-American among his appointees.

Trump promised us the best people yet he’s given us Ben Carson to head Housing and Urban Development despite Ben himself saying he wasn’t qualified to lead a department. His biggest qualification for the job was that he’s lived in a city.

Trump’s also given us a Secretary of Education who doesn’t know anything about education and never supported public schools in her life. Where Obama appointed a nuclear physicist to the Energy department, and before that a Nobel Prize winner, Trump has given us a contestant from Dancing With The Stars who once couldn’t name the department. We have an Attorney General who doesn’t believe in civil rights, a head of EPA who’s sued the department, and a Secretary of State who’s received awards from Vladimir Putin. On top of all that I suspect the only reason he appointed Linda McMahon to head Small Business is just so he can find out if professional wrestling is real or not.

I made a tweet yesterday (not at 3:00 AM) that slaves were immigrants about as much as zoo animals are hotel guests. Samuel L. Jackson also sent out a tweet regarding Carson’s comment which might have summed it up best for everyone.

Meanwhile the TSA has implemented a new pat-down procedure that is very similar to how Trump once described on a bus how he likes to greet women. It’s a grabby technique.

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During Donald Trump’s State of the Disunion address to Congress last week he unveiled a new plan to unleash tyranny on people who are not the right color. That is, those who are not the white color.

The new program is called VOICE, which is an acronym for Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement office, and not a singing game show featuring that guy high-pitched dude from Maroon 5. It was really hard to work out an acronym for “I Hate Brown People.” Its purpose is to go after undocumented immigrants who commit crimes. Number 45 said “I have ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create an office to serve American victims. We are providing a voice to those who have been ignored by our media, and silenced by special interests.”

Who he’s giving a voice to are racists and implementing a strategy to further build distrust and fear of immigrants. This despite the fact that immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than the general public and hard-line immigration policies don’t matter. It’s also a strategy to shame “sanctuary cities,” or anyone with compassion and empathy.

Trump signed another stupid executive order establishing this office. The Department of Homeland Security will be relocating department resources currently going to advocating for undocumented immigrants to punishing them.

During his speech Trump used human props which were three guests whose family members were allegedly killed by criminals living in the US illegally.

Bernie Sanders may have said it best with “The murder of anyone is a tragedy, and our hearts go out to all families who lose a loved one to violence. But let’s be clear about what Donald Trump is doing tonight in inviting family members who saw a loved one murdered by an undocumented immigrant. He is stirring up fear and hatred against immigrants and trying to divide our nation.”

Sanders also mentioned victims of hate crimes by non-immigrants and wondered why Trump didn’t mention them. He could create a special unit to go after white racists who commit violent acts. He can call the special unit Cracker Jacks. We can work out the acronym later.

I know the Nazi and Hitler comparisons are getting old, but so are policies that remind of Nazi policies that criminalized being Jewish. Yeah, they had those. It started with framing Jews as criminals and building mistrust and things just got worse from there.

Fearing the United States government cracking down on immigrants, Mexico has opened legal assistance, or immigration defense, centers at its 50 consulates in the United States. Don’t freak out but yes. Mexico has 50 consulates in our country. That nation has allocated $54 million and is hiring 320 workers to provide these services.

If you are a Mexican immigrant, or you know someone who is, visit Mexico Online for the locations, addresses, phone numbers and emails for the consulates.

Trump isn’t providing a “voice” to help people. But sanctuary cities and Mexico are willing to provide them a real voice.

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