Canned Hog


The only thing that’s keeping the Trump era from being even worse is that we’re not waking up every morning to Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You, Babe.”

The Trump administration is like the movie Groundhog Day. Each day brings a repeat of something that would destroy any other politician in a more saner era, yet with Trump, we’ll wring our hands over it for a day and move on to the next outrage. Often, the next scandal occurs on the same day. It’s always stupid, racist, greedy, sexist, repeat.

One of the repeats is hypocrisy, like Trump attacking someone for sexual harassment or for having ridiculous hair. Now, after spending the last three years attacking undocumented immigrants, ripping their families apart, throwing their babies into cages, and promising to build a racist, medieval vanity project in a border wall, we discover that Trump has had dozens of illegal workers at his douchey golf resorts for decades. OK, we didn’t just learn it. We’ve known it, but now it’s out in the open, and the Trump Organization is acknowledging it.

Naturally, it’s not the clubs’ fault. It’s those damn sneaky illegals tricking the fine, respectable and upstanding executives at the Trump organization into hiring them. How are we to expect college-educated billionaire execs to outwit poor immigrants who never made it to high school?

Frankly, I find it hard to believe a guy who married two immigrants not to suspect he had dozens of undocumented employees working for him. Doesn’t he have the best brain?

Trump kicked off his campaign by screaming about Mexico sending us rapists and murderers. He’s spent the last three years warning us about MS-13 gang members. By his own irrational standards, how did he know he didn’t have any of those working for him?

In December, The New York Times reported that Trump had undocumented workers on the payroll of his Bedminster, New Jersey club. Last Sunday, The Washington Post reported that Trump’s National Golf Club in Westchester, New York fired dozens of undocumented workers who are in the country illegally. Several had already been fired from the Bedminster club.

The employees were on the payroll for years, despite the club knowing of their status. There were even instances when the club would tell some undocumented workers that they needed better papers.

As I mentioned before, the Trump Organization isn’t eating any of the blame for the firings. Instead, they’re blaming politicians. Eric Trump, the stupid one, blamed “incompetent lawmakers” and got angry at the media for covering the story. It’s not like his dad is president who has built his entire campaign and administration on hating brown people and creating lies about caravans and Mexican duct tape.

The workers were fired by being individually called into a room by an executive, who read their names off a list. That sounds like the organization knew which employees were in the nation illegally, you know because they had a list.

Great companies aren’t just built by great leadership. They also need a great workforce. People who work for good companies take pride in their job and they give their lives to it. In the case of the Trump Organization, they gave their lives to a company that didn’t appreciate them.

Starbucks closed all of their stores for half a day over a racial incident. Auto manufacturers are always recalling products, hopefully before they kill you. Even Domino’s admitted their pizza was shitty and went to work to create a brand new and improved shitty pizza. Businesses need to recognize their flaws. They would not want to hire a worker who couldn’t admit or recognize their own flaws, so why work for a company…or vote for a candidate who can’t?

It’s far-fetched that the Trump Organization didn’t know they had undocumented immigrants on their workforce. This is a company whose head made his entire political career off illegal immigration, yet they never participated in the e-verify system which certifies that a potential employee’s immigration documents are genuine. Why didn’t a company, that says it wants to do everything legally and by the book, not participate in the system? Especially this company?

While the company gives benefits like health insurance and pensions to their employees, undocumented workers were not granted these benefits. Why does someone work for you over a decade without your ever giving them benefits your company offers?

Firing the employees is understandable, but the company never should have hired them. It’s also wrong to only fire them because the press found out. If the company had half a heart, they would be offering legal assistance to each of these workers who toiled years for them. Instead, they were shit-canned without even receiving a severance.

Some employees wondered how Donald Trump could rail against immigrants from Mexico and Central America when he was so nice to them in person, often giving them generous tips. People can be a paradox, even a sub-human shitgibbon like Donald Trump. Keep in mind, Strom Thurmond slept with black women and even fathered a child with one, which had to be creating the biggest identity crisis ever.

It also shows that Donald Trump is a piece of crap. He’ll take advantage of you while attacking that you’re here.

Trump supporters argue that people who hire undocumented workers should be penalized or punished in some fashion. I agree, and we shouldn’t just allow the company to get away with blaming “incompetent lawmakers.”

We need to punish incompetent employers, incompetent presidents, and by Eric Trump’s quote, incompetent fathers.

Creative note: I didn’t want to use the word “illegal” in the label in this cartoon. The use of “Illegal” for immigrants is often debated and the only press that uses it is racist, right-wing websites that your uncle share links to. People are human, not illegals. But in this case, their status as “workers” or “employees” is illegal. So, don’t give me any shit for it. “Illegal” is a much shorter word for a label than “undocumented.” I tried to make that fit and it didn’t work.

Second creative note: As many of you know, I’m not fond of holiday-themed political cartoons, with a few exceptions. I do like Groundhog Day, depending on how it’s used. I think it’s better if you don’t even refer to the shadow. I did one last year with Trump firing the hog because he really needed to fire someone after it was denied by the White House Counsel to fire Robert Mueller.

As I mentioned last year, I have done very few Groundhog Day cartoons in my career because the holiday sneaks up on me. I usually don’t know it’s Groundhog day until it’s Groundhog Day, and I find out when I see someone else’s cartoon using it. This year, I’m a few days early. But, I looked at the date and noticed that because I’m so far ahead with the file dates for the cartoons, that my next cartoon would be dated for Groundhog Day (this cartoon). Perfect! So, it will pop up on GoComics on the actual holiday. Even better, editors will have this cartoon several days ahead so they can publish it on the holiday, that is, if they have the stones to run a cartoon criticizing Trump for firing brown people.

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    1. As I understand Clay’s process (& correct me if I’m wrong, Clay), he’s a few days ahead creating & publishing cartoons on his own blog page. GoComics & other clients won’t run the cartoon for a couple of days (like, today he will have sent them the cartoon he made 2 days ago, tomorrow the one he made 1 day ago, etc.).

      I’m guessing, by his math, that he’s 4 days ahead? IDK, my math always sucks. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My clients can run the cartoons any time they want, but GoComics publishes by the file date, which I control. I upload them to their system.
        I’ve told my clients in the past that they can ignore file dates…which reminds I gotta tell some new ones. Thanks, Ariel.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. It’s all good, Andréa. 🙂

        Well, it’s all good in my book. I don’t know what Clay’s book says. LOL 🙂

        Oo. I’m glad I reminded you to pass the word on ignoring file dates, Clay. You’d better get on that, if you haven’t already. 😋


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