Hack Of The Penguins


Republicans love to chant “lock her up” about Hillary Clinton. They really want to send her to prison. Perhaps they’ve been chanting the chant for so long that they’ve forgotten why they want to “lock her up.”

During her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton used a private server for her government emails. Many people feel this server was vulnerable to hacking by foreign governments. The FBI investigated then declined to press charges. They made a big deal about it days before the election. Despite this, Republicans and Trump sycophants still want to see her in a prison jumpsuit. Why? Because they’re assholes. It’s definitely not because they take the security of government secrets seriously.

If they did take it seriously, they’d be outraged that Donald Trump has continued to expose himself to foreign spies after being warned time and time again. Why? Because he’s too damn lazy to follow protocol.

The government supplies Trump with secure phones which they replace about every thirty days. Obama complained about the phones because there’s not much you can do with them. He joked that they were like toy phones you would give to a child. Now, the child in the White House refuses to use those phones or the secure landline provided to him in the White House. He insists on using his own iPhone.

For a guy who hasn’t figured out how to close an umbrella, new technology can be challenging. But, how difficult can it be to use the landline when calling your rich jerkwad buddies and Sean Hannity for late-night gossip sessions? Oh yeah. Because he doesn’t want records on whom he’s talking to. Frankly, I wouldn’t want anyone to know I was watching Hannity less enough talking to him.

But, since he is using an unsecured phone, it’s not just likely that he’s being spied on by foreign governments. He is being spied on by foreign governments. According to The New York Times, by the Russians and the Chinese. The Russians are spying to check in on their investment and the Chinese are using it to manipulate him as they have financial interests in many of the people Trump chooses to talk to.

The only silver lining in all of this is that Donald Trump may be too stupid to retain national security secrets for long periods of time. So, what the spies are mostly hearing is what we’re hearing. They’re getting a lot of conspiracy theories, bigotry, and Trump talking about how great Trump is. They’re probably also getting a lot of “the entire world is mean to me.” I kinda feel sorry for the spies on the Trump iPhone detail. I learned English for this?

Trump tweeted out a denial stating, “The so-called experts on Trump over at the New York Times wrote a long and boring article on my cellphone usage that is so incorrect I do not have time here to correct it. I only use Government Phones, and have only one seldom used government cell phone. Story is soooo wrong!” Naturally, the tweet was sent from an iPhone.

The Chinese didn’t even bother to deny the report and instead, offered some advice. Their foreign minister said, “If they are worrying about iPhones being tapped, they can use Huawei.” Huawei is a Chinese-made cell phone.

As for the penguins, who are further south than South America? Trump stated there were people in the caravan from South America and further south. Huh? Someone should show him a map and explain that big white area at the bottom below South America is Antarctica.

I know it’s really hard to keep track of the lies about the caravan. They’re full of gang bangers and Islamic terrorists invading us by slowing walking over 2,000 miles toward our border to give each of us leprosy. Never mind the fact most won’t make it, or that this is a small drop in the immigration bucket if they do actually make through the border.

Another little factoid the sycophants are overlooking is that the people in the caravan actually have the right to come to our border and request asylum. Personally, if someone is willing to leave their home and walk over 2,000 miles to give their children a slight chance of living in the United States, we should hear them out. I think that’s a greater character trait than sitting on a Gab hate forum all day talking about shooting up synagogues or mailing pipe bombs to Trump’s critics.

We don’t need protection from an immigrant caravan that poses no risks to this nation. We need protection from Trump.

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