No Bums Allowed


If you’re ostracized, blacklisted, shut out, and generally just avoided and uninvited by anyone with the least modicum of decency, maybe the issue isn’t with them but with you. At what point do you ask yourself, “am I really that unpleasant of a person?” Maybe, and I’m just spitballing here, but it’s when everyone who works with you is required to sign non-disclosure agreements, so they don’t inform the world just how vile and disgusting you are.

Donald Trump was not invited to the funeral for Barbara Bush. He has had a long-running feud with the Bush family from Jeb to W. and he’s made it personal.

He wasn’t invited to John McCain’s funeral because he attacked McCain on the campaign trail, saying he’s not a war hero and that he likes people who weren’t captured. He continued to attack McCain while he was dying. He refused to mention his name while speaking about a bill named after McCain. Reportedly, he wouldn’t allow the White House to issue a positive statement about McCain after his death, and only issued condolences to his family. After one day, the White House stopped flying the flag at half-mast, and only returned it to that position of respect after public pressure.

Trump wasn’t invited to the royal wedding just because he’s really icky. Prince Harry probably remembers that Trump claimed he could have had sex with his mother just days after she died. I hope he was referring to when she was alive.

If Trump wasn’t rich, the only invites he’d ever receive would be to Klan gatherings. He definitely wouldn’t have rich friends, have married three models, and his own children probably wouldn’t have anything to do with him, that is if he could have found a woman willing to bear his offspring. The closest he would have ever gotten to Playmates and porn stars would be through magazines and the internet, like most people. He would be the angry guy at the end of the bar complaining about the government, except he would have been banned from that bar.

He’s a very irritable person. He’s a narcissistic, sexist, racist, stupid, angry con man who spreads conspiracy theories. This is a guy who praises Nazis and steals from charity. Physically, he’s a supposed billionaire with the worst comb-over in the world that isn’t fooling anyone. He owns a clothing line yet has never worn a suit that didn’t cover his body like a potato sack. On top of all that, he eats burnt steaks smothered in ketchup.

The very worst thing about Donald Trump is that the Republican Party has turned into his image. Now, to be a Republican you’re required to be an asshole. If you don’t believe me, just hashtag McCain’s name on Twitter and see what you find.

Whether you agree with their policies or not, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are very likable people. Clinton and George H.W. Bush even became close years after their bitter campaigns against each other. Trump’s jealousy of them is only eclipsed by his intense envy and hatred of Barack Obama. In addition to being popular, he’s a very decent human being. The real irony is that Trump waged a conspiracy theory to delegitimize the presidency of Obama, yet it’s Trump’s presidency that is really illegitimate and riding on the coattails of his predecessor’s accomplishments.

Who likes Trump? Only the most vilest, disgusting, horrid, and despicable people. If they don’t fit any of those traits, then they’re just really stupid.

Maybe it’s not always your fault when some people don’t want to be around you anymore. But when it’s everyone, trust me. It’s not them, it’s you.

If Donald Trump had the capacity to be honest with himself, then he would do some soul-searching. The only problem with that is, he’d have to have a soul first. Trust me, Donald. It’s not them. It’s all on you.

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