John McCain

Dissing McCain


In a White House meeting on Thursday, Trump aide Kelly Sadler reacted to news that Senator John McCain opposed Gina Haspel for CIA Director by saying, “he’s dying anyway.”

Three sources confirmed Sadler’s comment to the press. The White House has refused to deny the comment was made. They’ve also refused to discipline or fire Sadler, or even apologize for the comment. And why would they? Trump himself never apologized for saying McCain was not a war hero and that he only “likes people who weren’t captured.”

McCain opposes Haspel’s nomination for her involvement in enhanced interrogation, which is torture. McCain was tortured for over five years as a prisoner of North Vietnam. McCain has carried physical disabilities ever since his stay at the Hanoi Hilton. Because he was the son of an admiral, the communists believed it would be good public relations to release him, and McCain refused to be released without the other POWs he was held with. Today, McCain is fighting for his life from brain cancer. The White House thinks that’s funny.

I’m “friends” on social media with several Trump sycophants. Not one of them has expressed outrage or called for the White House to apologize for the comments. If you hashtag McCain’s name on Twitter, you’ll see hundreds of Trump supporters accusing McCain of treason and of helping the North Vietnamese. There’s even a hashtag for “SongbirdMcCain.”

It’s not just the wingnut crazies on the internet. Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney went on Fox News and claimed torture worked on McCain and said, “that’s why they call him ‘Songbird John.'” Fox News fired McInerney as an analyst.

After Trump said McCain wasn’t a war hero during the presidential campaign, several Republicans rushed to the Arizona Senator’s defense. McCain’s best friend in the Senate, Lindsey Graham tweeted at the time, “If there was ever any doubt that @realDonaldTrump should not be our commander in chief, this stupid statement should end all doubt. At the heart of @realDonaldTrump statement is a lack of respect for those who have served – a disqualifying characteristic to be president.” Today, Graham is one Trump’s favorite golf buddies, and he’s been silent over the White House attack on his friend. His former running mate Sarah Palin has expressed respect for McCain, but she hasn’t called on the White House to apologize. Other Republicans are just as silent.

And why should they call out Trump? Hell, they voted for the guy after he slurred McCain on the campaign trail. They haven’t called him out for his recent digs at McCain at his Trump Worship rallies. The environment where one would laugh and dig at a dying veteran is one created by the man in charge. Donald Trump does not respect the White House, the presidency, the American people, or our veterans. Trump received five deferments from serving in Vietnam. Four were for being a student and one was for his bone spurs. When asked which foot had the bone spurs, Trump couldn’t answer. He doesn’t know because he never had bone spurs. He had cowardice and selfishness.

For the context of this, listen to the people who know McCain and understand what the White House is doing and what they’re made of.

McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain said, “I don’t understand what kind of environment you’re working in when that would be acceptable and then you can come to work the next day and still have a job.”

Joe Biden said, “People have wondered when decency would hit rock bottom with this administration. It happened yesterday.”

Steve Schmidt, who ran McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign said, “I pray a righteous rage and anger is swelling in the hearts of every decent person in this country around the desecration of our country and values by team Trump. Let us repudiate these terrible people. Let’s do it with joy and gratitude for the privilege. We should be happy that looking back from the end of our lives that we will have played a part in washing away the sewer that is this administration.” In an excellent rant on MSNBC, he said Trump was unworthy of saying McCain’s name.

Malcolm Nance, a 20-year Navy veteran, and counter-terrorism analyst said that monuments and buildings will be named after McCain, but none for Trump. Nance is wrong. There are plenty of buildings named after Trump. Of course, those are buildings Trump named himself and their primary purposes are for money laundering and meeting with Russian spies.

John McCain represents a better time in politics. He’s a man I’ve ridiculed and defended. He’s a candidate I’ve voted for and voted against. Today, we’re either sycophants washed in a cult of stupid personality or in a resistance against those putting said stupid personality over country. There is no normal anymore. There is no difference of ideas or agendas. It’s just blind obedient worship at the sacrifice of our greatest institutions.

Not just the people attacking McCain and giving him the swift-boat treatment they gave John Kerry, another veteran, but also those who refuse to criticize the White House and Donald Trump over this, I’d tell them their souls will burn in Hell. But I can’t.

They don’t have souls.

Here’s the video.

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Thumb In The Eye


John McCain is being lauded for being as wise, brave, and having as much integrity as a woman.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, the Republican-led Senate once again attempted to repeal Obamacare. They needed 51 votes to pass their “skinny repeal.” Despite having a majority of 52 Senators, they knew they would need Vice-President Mike Pence to cast the 51st vote as Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska were opposed to the legislation.

Donald Trump had failed at lobbying for the legislation, even stating that he was sitting at his desk with pen in hand. Pence had only spent a couple of hours lobbying senators on Friday evening. Trump’s effort to persuade yes votes included having his Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke threaten government programs in Alaska so Murkowski would change her vote to yes.

Republicans have been leveling charges that the Democrats are obstructionists who are out of ideas. This is the same party that spent seven years voting to repeal Obamacare and now that they control the House, Senate, and the White House, they can’t pass a workable plan or even propose one that people like. The GOP is much better at obstructing than legislating. They have no idea what they’re doing.

Senator Lindsey Graham said, “I’m not going to vote for a bill that is terrible policy and horrible politics just because we have to get something done.” He called the stripped-down bill a “disaster” and a “fraud” as a replacement for the health law. Yet, he still voted for it. Many other Republicans voted for it after being assured by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that they wouldn’t pass the bill. Basically, they voted for a bill they didn’t like and didn’t want to ever become law. That’s not leadership or legislating. That’s partisan politics. Its dangerous politics because if the House did pass it then it could have ripped health care from 15 million Americans.

Senator John McCain was swayed by Ryan’s assurance that the House wouldn’t pass the bill. After having surgery on his eye and receiving a diagnosis of brain cancer, McCain returned to the capital and voted against the bill.

While most senators shouted their “yes” or “no,” McCain silently strode up near Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and gave a thumb down. It was a thumb in McConnell’s and Donald Trump’s eyes.

During the campaign, Trump said McCain wasn’t a war hero and that he liked people who “weren’t captured,” referring to McCain’s time as a POW in Vietnam. Last week, expecting McCain to vote yes, he called the man a hero. On Friday, he was back to blaming everyone except himself.

McCain tweeted after the vote, “skinny repeal fell short because it fell short of our promise to repeal & replace Obamacare w/ meaningful reform.”

Meaningful reform is what is needed and it won’t be achieved by a strict party-line vote. There will have to be bipartisanship, which Democrats are open for.

This will be a true test for Republicans, who have shown little inclination for bipartisanship and zero ability at legislating. They can’t expect any help from the president.

Friday morning, McCain voted for the Affordable Care Act, nicknamed after his 2008 opponent Barack Obama, to remain the law of the land. Donald Trump, who now has blood in his eye after the worst week of his term so far, remains a failed president.

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John McCain


Yeah, I know. I’m kind of a jerk. While every other political cartoonist in the United States is praising John McCain and cursing his brain cancer, I’m the one fucker who remembers that he unleashed the Hillbilly Kraken.

While I should do a nice cartoon now and then, I don’t find them very bold. They’re boring, and they don’t challenge people. It’s not like cancer is going to write me a hate letter or slash my tires. Hell, when you criticize drug addictions, drug addicts don’t write hate letters cursing you out. First off, they’re too high to write legibly and second, no one really outs himself as a crack head in a letter to the editor.

But, I do like John McCain. Do you know why I like John McCain? Because, it’s not simple with him like it is with other politicians. You either love or hate them. Donald Trump is an extreme example but let’s use him. He’s a horrible person and I don’t see one redeemable quality about the man. I can’t even fall back on the Hillary Clinton’s required compliment of him, that she admires his children. Really? Those people? The animal killers who exploit child labor in Asia and hold treasonous meetings with Russians? Has she even seen his children? Now, the people who love Trump love him unconditionally. They have to lie about him to justify it, but they still love him.

With John McCain, you think how this guy has a lot of conservative ideas that are really regressive and extreme. He’s said some really stupid things like singing “bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann.” He once joked “Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly? – Because Janet Reno is her father.” He was against a national holiday for Martin Luther King.

He’s also the guy who lobbed heavy criticism at the religious right. He changed his mind on the MLK holiday. He defended Obama from a crazy lady (who wasn’t Sarah Palin) at one of his campaign events who said Obama was a terrorist.

Of course, we remember his service in the Navy and the fact he was a prisoner of war held in Hanoi for over five years. While he was a prisoner he was tortured daily, and he still carries the scars and disabilities from that. He turned down the opportunity for an early release because prisoners captured before him were not offered the same opportunity.

He’s also sarcastic, kinda angry, and really good with a comeback. I like angry people. During his first campaign for a congressional seat in Arizona, he was accused of being a carpetbagger.

He responded to one critic with, “Listen, pal. I spent 22 years in the Navy. My father was in the Navy. My grandfather was in the Navy. We in the military service tend to move a lot. We have to live in all parts of the country, all parts of the world. I wish I could have had the luxury, like you, of growing up and living and spending my entire life in a nice place like the First District of Arizona, but I was doing other things. As a matter of fact, when I think about it now, the place I lived longest in my life was Hanoi.”

That pretty much killed the carpetbagger issue for McCain.

What I like most about McCain, or used to, was that he was the one guy from either party who would tell his own party to go F themselves. I even voted for him in the 2000 primary (never again after that).

I met McCain several years ago at a cartoonists convention in Washington, D.C. He spoke to our group when John Edwards, who was originally booked, canceled. I colleague of mine posted on Facebook that he had a photo of McCain and I having a conversation and I thought “I don’t recall having a one-on-one conversation with McCain.” As it turns out, my friend was confused and it was another cartoonist. I can’t recall anything McCain said to us. But it was very cool that he showed up without any notice to fill in for Edwards (who told us something came up, but it later turned out he just didn’t want to do it). He probably had a date.

I do like John McCain, even though he once thought Sarah Palin was qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. I wish him well and a speedy recovery. As everyone else has said, if there’s anyone who can beat cancer, it’s John McCain.

I’m going to let my friend and fellow cartoonist Dwane Powell from North Carolina have the last word today. Yesterday, he made a post on Facebook about McCain speaking to our group:

McCain drives me nuts sometimes politically, but in the next move stirs my admiration. His ordeal in Vietnam needs no explanation, but I’ll relate a McCain story. A few years ago our cartoonist association, the AAEC, was meeting in DC. Since I was from NC, they asked if I could secure Senator John Edwards, a Presidential wannabe to speak to our group. Since I knew him personally I said I could probably do it. I spoke to one of his staffers who assured me that he’d be happy to do it, so we were prepared for him to speak. Arriving in DC and checking in with his office we were told he had another commitment and wouldn’t be able to join us. At the last minute we contacted McCain who energetically bounced over from wherever he was to fill the slot. I’ve been pissed at Edwards ever since, as I later learned he really had no excuse. Hat’s off to McCain and Godspeed against this cancer diagnosis.

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The McCain Blame


On Thursday Senator John McCain blamed President Obama for creating ISIS and having a hand in the attack in Orlando. I guess he forgot about that entire episode where President Bush invaded the wrong country, destabilizing it and creating a world class recruitment center and haven for terrorists. It must have slipped his mind.

After accusing the president of treason and coming off as ridiculous as Donald Trump, McCain attempted to clarify his statement. He said his intention was to blame Obama’s policies, not as if Obama was personally cutting off journalists’ heads in the desert outside Raqqa.

McCain is in a tough primary race for his senate seat in Arizona. Now may not be the best time for him to make stupid statements. To retain his seat he needs to distance himself as far as possible from Donald Trump, not mimic him. What’s McCain’s next move, a photo op with a taco bowl while accusing himself of not being a war hero?

Before McCain picked a running mate in his failed presidential attempt in 2008, nobody outside Alaska has ever heard of Sarah Palin. Since that time we’ve suffered eight years of a tidal wave of stupidity that even Donald Trump has had trouble duplicating. Thanks, Senator. It’s the stupid that keeps on giving.

Speaking of stupid, Sarah Palin also had some criticism of President Obama this week. She probably does that every week but this one was noticeable. She said the president is a “special kind of stupid” over his efforts toward gun control. Seriously. Miss Right Winger Bitter Clinger has called someone else stupid. Next, her daughter will start lecturing about abstinence.

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Who Does Trump Think Are Losers?


I’ve wondered if GOP primary voters would just lose interest in Donald Trump or if he would finally say something they can’t tolerate.

They can tolerate him questioning whether the first African-American president is qualified to be president by saying he’s not an American.

They not only tolerate him calling Hispanics “rapists”, they put him on top in the polls. Do you know who else made a large segment of his nation’s population into scapegoats? Hitler. Saying Hispanic immigrants are mostly made up of killers and rapists is extremely racist and xenophobic, yet Republicans excuse the guy, say he’s not being racist and he’s just guilty of being politically incorrect. A lot of Republicans don’t get subtlety. A racist would actually have to burn a cross while wearing a sheet and shout the N-word before they can acknowledge it’s racist (and most of them will look the other way).

But now Donald Trump has finally done it. He’s been on a roll of calling people losers lately. The guy really needs a thesaurus. On Saturday he said Senator John McCain is a loser because he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He also says he likes people who weren’t captured. This is something I don’t expect Republican voters to tolerate (since they’re all Patriots).

You don’t have to believe the war in Vietnam was a crisis the United States should have been involved in to realize that those who fought in it are heroes and patriots. To call someone a loser for defending his country is a repulsive act. It’s especially galling when the man doing the insults received four deferments and one medical release which saved him from the draft.

My father served in Vietnam. He was wounded. He carried shrapnel in his body for the rest of his life. While my father was dodging bullets in South East Asia, Donald Trump was dodging the draft to live another day to call those who served losers. If my father was still alive, death threats from Mexican drug lords would be the least of The Donald’s worries.

Nobody, including Trump, has expected him to win the nomination (OK. There are some seriously clueless and stupid people out there). The biggest mystery was how he would get knocked out. Now the only questions remaining are what day next week will he quit and what reasoning will he give?

I’m gonna go with Tuesday and Trump will say he’s quitting to save America by creating a new beauty pageant.

Yard Brawl Hillbilly Hootinany


Occasionally I’ll hear from a person, or see a post on social, that quotes a political figure as if it’s expounding some great wisdom.  When that quote comes from someone like Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Allen West or Sarah Palin, I really have to question intellect of the person sharing the quote.

Yeah, we need to respect beliefs that we don’t agree with…but it’s very hard to do when the person you disagree with is sharing the wisdom of a character who’s about as deep as Captain Kangaroo, except the good Captain shared something flavorful and crunchy.

I wasn’t going to do a cartoon the Palin brawl.  There hasn’t been much confirmation on the event.  No charges have been filed.  Most people involved don’t want to be quoted.  And there’s no video.  Seriously why is there no video?  Every time a movie star has a wardrobe malfunction there’s a video.  How in the Hell does not one person in a crowd not pull out a cell phone and film a drunken brawl involving the Palin family?  Obviously the answer is smart phones have not made it to Alaska.

So there’s not much in the way of confirmation.  However someone has been fired for talking about it and for the first time since 2008 Sarah Palin has kept her mouth shut about something.  If you make a joke about her daughter making out with a New York Yankee she’s all rabid hockey mom pit bull on their ass.

If Sarah Palin put this sort of stuff on her “network” she’d have people other than journalists subscribing.  It would be professional wrestling’s biggest competitor.