Trump’s Tribute To Himself


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Other than all the wisecracks about Trump’s history, his monitor messing up, and Melania’s wet shirt, we can’t overlook the fact that Trump politicized a national holiday, other than Christmas.

Donald Trump’s only goal was to insert himself into the middle of a celebration and to shine the spotlight on himself. He’s the kid who demands the biggest piece of birthday cake when it’s not even his birthday.

The nation did not need a rudimentary history lesson read aloud by a barely literate jackass. The nation did not need to spend $92 million for Trump’s show-and-tell. The military should have told Trump the planes were there but were invisible. That would have saved us a bunch of money.

But, for all the glorifying of the military and showing off jets and tanks, Trump’s staff worked behind the scenes to prevent the USS John McCain from being seen while Trump was in Tokyo (Japan, if you’re a Republican).

There was further hypocrisy in order. Donald Trump presents himself as a man who loves the military and says he’s “done more for it than any other president,” yet he’s said POWs are not war heroes and he’s lied to members of the military about their pay. The other stroke of hypocrisy was his encouragement for the youth of our nation to join the armed services when he himself dodged the draft by citing bone spurs. In addition to that, none of his kids served their nation. Trump wants people to make sacrifices he’s unwilling to make himself.

Of course, not that any Trump could have hacked it in the military. I hear there are stairs.

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