Sullying The Office


Donald Trump is stupid. An excellent example of this is his belief that submitting to an interview with Robert Mueller will clear his name and end the Russia Investigation. Stupid. Perhaps the only people dumber and more gullible than Trump are those who voted for him.

While it’s fun to make light of Trump’s stupidity when he tells us what uranium is, or that healthcare is hard, or about the history of China and Korea, or that nobody knows the difference between community colleges and vocational schools, it is actually dangerous to our nation. It’s especially dangerous when Trump deals with Putin.

Combine Trump’s stupidity with his man-crush for Vladimir Putin, and the next thing you know the Russian dictator will be sitting in the Oval Office with his feet on the Resolute Desk.

Trump claims he’s been tougher on Russia than Obama.

Trump refused to accept our intelligence agencies’ analysis that Russia tampered in our election. He took Putin’s word over the FBI and CIA’s. He’s worked to discredit our Justice Department while they look into his collusion with Russia.

Trump refused to enact sanctions against Russia, and when he finally did it was only because he was forced by our allies when they placed their own sanctions and expelled Russian diplomats after the poisoning in England of a former Russia spy.

Trump talked to Putin after the sanctions were placed, and he failed to mention those or the poisoning, but he did congratulate Putin on winning his sham election.

Shortly after assuming office, Trump had the Russian ambassador and foreign minister in the Oval Office, at the request of Putin. No American press was allowed, but the Russians were able to bring in their photographers and recording equipment. They even told Trump the photos wouldn’t be published. Stupid and gullible. Now, Putin is playing that for his own invite.

Usually, when we discover a new twist in the Trump/Putin relationship, we learn it from Russia. Once again, Russia has reported that Trump invited Putin to the Oval Office during the congratulatory phone call.

You can’t say you’re tough on Russia, place sanctions on them, then invite their leader over for a playdate.

What better photo-op for Putin than from inside the Oval Office? This will be a huge sign to his people, and the world, that he won the American presidency.

Is Trump dumb enough to let Putin sit at the Resolute Desk for a photo? Yes.

Here’s the video.

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  1. “Shortly after assuming office, Trump had the Russian ambassador and foreign minister in the Oval Office, at the request of Putin.”

    You forgot to mention that in that meeting, 45* told the Russians something like:
    “Hey, look at this cool Classified Intelligence on ISIS that some undercover Israeli Agents risked their lives to get!”

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    1. Hey Amanda, do you cringe at anything that 45* and Friends say or do?
      I’m not so sure you do.
      Yet you “Cringed at the first sentence”:
      “Donald Trump is stupid.”
      That is the most UNBIASED statement that Clay could make, because it’s TRUE. Everyone knows it. Anyone who denies it is either Stupid or Lying or Both.

      Yes, Clay IS Biased. It’s his Job to be Biased. The point is that Clay’s Bias is Good Bias, that attracts an Increasing Number of Followers, many of whom, like myself, throw money at him to help him keep going Expressing His Bias.

      And, you may ask, what IS this “Wonderful Bias”?

      Well, it is Bias AGAINST Ignorance, Stupidity, Fear, Hatred, Greed, Corruption, Hypocrisy, and all the other Malignant Attributes that are Dear To The Hearts Of 45* and Friends, the GOP, the NRA, The GOP Media, the Top 1% Oligarchs, Their Followers, and All Of The Other Enemies Of The Constitution and Our Democracy.

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      1. I respect your right to roll your eyes just as I’m sure you respect my right to find your opinion mental.


  2. @randumbthoughts2017 Well said!! Amanda, no one is forcing you to read these Daily Digests. One can only ask, why does one subjugate themselves to reading material they find “mental”?? And, further waste their time by making tedious comments.

    One might question one’s own mentality. You come across as a troll, and a boring one at that.

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