Trump Putin

Fast Food Traitor


I drew this because too many people asked me to do a hamburger cartoon.

In case you didn’t watch the news, Putin, I mean Trump hosted Clemson University’s football team for winning the national championship. Since there’s a government shutdown and the staff of the White House is depleted, Trump served fast food. There were Big Macs, pizza, Whoppers, and other fast food junk sitting out on silver platters next to candles which were served cold to the champs. How tasteful.

Trump, our first billionaire president, boasted about paying for the food himself. Some people might think it’s charming and Trump is truly a man of the people to serve junk food. The truth is he’s just a classless person. He’s a billionaire without taste. He’s a billionaire who brags about buying someone a hamburger.

Oh yeah, technically; Big Macs aren’t hamburgers. They’re sandwiches. I don’t know why.

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Play Nice With Bad Guys


After 9/11, President George W. Bush didn’t fly to Europe to quarrel with our allies and accuse them of not contributing enough to their defense. He didn’t go to England and tell a British tabloid that Tony Blair’s rival would make a great Prime Minister. He didn’t go to Helsinki and hold a summit, including a two-hour private chat, with the leader of the Taliban. He didn’t invite Osama bin Laden to the White House. He didn’t dispute our intelligence blaming the attack on al-Qaeda and instead say it could be other people, maybe China, or a 400-pound guy on a bed in New Jersey. He didn’t lavish praise on bin Laden while accusing the press of being the real enemy. He didn’t call the European Union a foe of the United States while calling the Taliban a competitor. He didn’t congratulate bin Laden on winning reelection to the presidency of al-Qaeda or lobby for him to be added to the G-7. He didn’t listen to any crazy ideas from bin Laden about allowing him to interrogate Americans in Afghanistan.

What George W. Bush did was climb on top of a pile of rubble that was once the World Trade Center and promise that the people responsible would be hearing from us very soon. He rallied the American people and NATO. Then we attacked the people responsible.

Bush made a lot of mistakes after that, like attacking the wrong nation a couple of years later, but he didn’t placate and massage the feelings of the guy responsible for attacking our nation.

We also changed how we do a lot of things. For starters, you can’t take box cutters and pocket knives on commercial flights anymore. You can’t even walk through security at an airport with your shoes on. What are we doing to prevent further attacks on our electoral process from Russia? Nothing.

Last week, House Republicans voted AGAINST renewing funding for election security to combat efforts by foreign powers to meddle in our elections. Donald Trump has not directed the National Security Agency to do anything to prevent Russia from attacking our elections in the future. It took Trump five months to enact sanctions against Russia after they were passed by Congress.

Of course, we shouldn’t go to war with Russia over election meddling. But, we shouldn’t be sitting around with our guard down. We should enact measures to prevent future attacks. We shouldn’t be awarding Vladimir Putin with high praise and summits. We shouldn’t be inviting him to the White House.

Russia attacked our nation. They are not our friends. Trump can’t even bring himself to criticize Putin, instead, wishing for his dictatorial powers.

If Trump was president in 2001, we would have lost further buildings, airplanes, and American lives because he doesn’t know who the bad guys are. He can’t, and refuses to recognize an attack on our nation. He would have encouraged them to attack us again.

We need to treat Russia as a foe who has attacked the United States. In fact, we should start treating Donald Trump the exact same way.

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Sullying The Office


Donald Trump is stupid. An excellent example of this is his belief that submitting to an interview with Robert Mueller will clear his name and end the Russia Investigation. Stupid. Perhaps the only people dumber and more gullible than Trump are those who voted for him.

While it’s fun to make light of Trump’s stupidity when he tells us what uranium is, or that healthcare is hard, or about the history of China and Korea, or that nobody knows the difference between community colleges and vocational schools, it is actually dangerous to our nation. It’s especially dangerous when Trump deals with Putin.

Combine Trump’s stupidity with his man-crush for Vladimir Putin, and the next thing you know the Russian dictator will be sitting in the Oval Office with his feet on the Resolute Desk.

Trump claims he’s been tougher on Russia than Obama.

Trump refused to accept our intelligence agencies’ analysis that Russia tampered in our election. He took Putin’s word over the FBI and CIA’s. He’s worked to discredit our Justice Department while they look into his collusion with Russia.

Trump refused to enact sanctions against Russia, and when he finally did it was only because he was forced by our allies when they placed their own sanctions and expelled Russian diplomats after the poisoning in England of a former Russia spy.

Trump talked to Putin after the sanctions were placed, and he failed to mention those or the poisoning, but he did congratulate Putin on winning his sham election.

Shortly after assuming office, Trump had the Russian ambassador and foreign minister in the Oval Office, at the request of Putin. No American press was allowed, but the Russians were able to bring in their photographers and recording equipment. They even told Trump the photos wouldn’t be published. Stupid and gullible. Now, Putin is playing that for his own invite.

Usually, when we discover a new twist in the Trump/Putin relationship, we learn it from Russia. Once again, Russia has reported that Trump invited Putin to the Oval Office during the congratulatory phone call.

You can’t say you’re tough on Russia, place sanctions on them, then invite their leader over for a playdate.

What better photo-op for Putin than from inside the Oval Office? This will be a huge sign to his people, and the world, that he won the American presidency.

Is Trump dumb enough to let Putin sit at the Resolute Desk for a photo? Yes.

Here’s the video.

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Lost In Translation


Donald Trump and his sycophants complain constantly how the story about his campaign colluding with Russia is fake news. They cry how the media is obsessed with it and a lot of people agree, not just Trump freaks. Why won’t the media stop talking about Russia? Probably because Trump, his family, his campaign, and his appointees keep going to bed with Russians.

If you want us to stop talking about Russia then stop drip, drip, dripping details about your collusion with Russia.

There was a huge dinner at the G20 shared by the world leaders in attendance. Each member was allowed to bring their spouse and a translator so they could have a conversation with their counterpart they would be seated next to. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had the unfortunate designation to be seated next to Trump. Trump brought along a Japanese interpreter even though Abe speaks English (or maybe that’s what the translator was for). Fortunately for Abe, Trump left his seat in the middle of the meal.

It’s not uncommon for the leaders to move around and chit-chat with presidents, prime ministers, chancellors, and kings they weren’t seated with. There were eighteen leaders from other nations Trump could have picked to have an hour long conversation with after his meal. Did he pick Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Indonesia, or South Africa? Of course not. You know it wasn’t Mexico.

Quite naturally, it was Vladimir Putin. Vlad was seated a good distance away from Trump and across the table. That didn’t stop Donald from playing fanboy and reach out to suck up to Putin. The problem with this is, it’s Donald Trump and Russia. No members of Trump’s staff accompanied him for this conversation. He relied on Putin’s interpreter to translate. Another issue about this is, they kept it on the down low.

Do you think Trump would have negotiated a deal to put his name on a hotel by relying solely on the other party’s translator? He needs to take the business and security of our nation as seriously as he does about slapping his name on a sham university or some chewy steaks sold through The Sharper Image.

The White House only confirmed the meeting Tuesday after reports surfaced that other guests were surprised and icked out by it. Trump is doing a very poor job proving he’s not Putin’s puppet and that the Russia story is “fake news.”

Trump tweeted, “Fake News story of secret dinner with Putin is ‘sick.’ All G 20 leaders, and spouses, were invited by the Chancellor of Germany. Press knew!” and “The Fake News is becoming more and more dishonest! Even a dinner arranged for top 20 leaders in Germany is made to look sinister!”

The dinner was not a secret and was reported. His hour-long conversation with Putin was not a well-known subject. Trump didn’t bring it up with his conversation with reporters on the flight home.

Trump met with Putin for two hours earlier that day. He had been briefed before that meeting and brought along Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to minimize Trump’s fuckery as much as possible. He was not prepped with flash cards before his later bromance with Vlad, neither was he accompanied by someone from the United States who, well, knows stuff.

At their earlier meeting, Trump asked Putin twice about meddling in the U.S. election. He didn’t tell him we knew he did it. He asked. They then agreed to disagree, move on, and not bring it up again. So what did they discuss at the dinner? We will never know if it was small talk and pleasantries or if Trump gave him the keys to NORAD.

Trump used this opportunity to show that he prefers a closer relationship with Russia than with our allies. If it was the Kremlin’s goal to get Putin, an experienced negotiator and manipulator, alone with Donald Trump, mission accomplished.

On Tuesday, Trump announced the appointment of Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia (though, naturally they misspelled his name during the announcement). Huntsman was formerly ambassador to China and a few years ago Trump accused him of giving our nation away to Beijing. Maybe that’s the idea with this appointment to Moscow.

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