Drain The Sewer


While everyone, including myself, has spent the majority of the Trump era focused on Russia, the real danger for the orange stain on the presidency may be corruption. Make no mistake about it, the Trump administration is corrupt.

Donald Trump refuses to release his taxes, and we can only speculate based on the trails of Russian money and the popularity of his condos with money launderers, where the bulk of his income comes from. He also refuses to relinquish his businesses. Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm when he sought the presidency in order to avoid the appearance of conflict. Trump is taking money from foreign hotel guests who visit Washington.

The fact is Trump is making money off the presidency. Foreign dignitaries make sure to stay at the Trump Hotel in Washington to curry favor with the administration. Trump rents office space to the Secret Service at his properties, forcing the federal government to pay to protect him. Every time he goes to Mar-a-Lago or another of his resorts, he makes money off employees of the government and foreign dignitaries who rent rooms, purchase meals, rent golf carts, etc. He hosted the leaders of Japan and China at his Florida digs so he could use the ruse of diplomacy to make a buck off his guests. He even charges the Secret Service rental fees for the golf carts they require to follow his chunky ass around on the course. I’m starting to think it’s not really about the golf.

Ivanka’s fashion business has won a lucrative trademark in China, rare for a U.S. Company. Her husband Jared, the most powerful man in the country who can’t obtain a security clearance, is using the White House to negotiate business loans for his debt-heavy NYC properties. He’s attempted to obtain bribes from Qatar, and when that failed our nation initiated a blockade on the Persian Gulf nation.

The precedent for the rest of the administration is set at the top, and slime slimes downhill. Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency has caught heat for his expensive travel and purchasing a secure phone booth in his office that cost $43,000. Pruitt also has an around-the-clock security detail that consists of nearly 30 people, which should finally stop the long history of assassination attempts on EPA chiefs.

One of Pruitt’s excuses for traveling on military and luxury flights, like Emirates which has those snooty Jennifer Aniston commercials, is because when he flies coach other passengers tell him he sucks.

When Pruitt goes home to Tulsa, which is quite often, he charges the government for him staying in his own house. Seriously. Now, it’s come to light that he’s had a sweetheart deal from a lobbyist to rent a Washington, D.C. condo at $50 a night, but just for the nights he stays there. Pruitt’s daughter was allowed to stay for free in the condo less than a block from the Capitol. I’m going to ask my landlord if I can deduct from my rent the nights I’m not home.

The condo is owned by a lobbyist’s wife. This lobbyist has hosted fundraisers for Pruitt in the past and represents companies that need approval from the EPA to poison the environment. The EPA approved Canadian energy company Enbridge’s plan to expand a pipeline carrying oil to the United States from Canadian tar sands.

Washington is an expensive place to rent. The average rental in the city is $113.00 a night and condos in the same building as the one Pruitt rented go for $5,000 a month.

Pruitt gave an interview to Fox News on Wednesday night. He probably figured it was as safe as a $43,000 phone booth to plead his case to an audience of one to keep his job. As it turns out, Fox’s Ed Henry was actually tough on him.

Pruitt claimed he had just found out about raises totaling over $84,000 that went to two of his friends in his agency, despite the White House declining to authorize the raises. Pruitt said he found out about the raises Tuesday, and he put a stop to it. No answer on who gave the buddies, who followed him from his job as Oklahoma’s attorney general, those big pay bumps.

Pruitt also challenged the host to go on Craigslist to discover his rental price for the condo was in line with D.C. rental prices. Is there an alternate Craigslist out there, because the one I looked at doesn’t list any condos a block from the Capitol for $50 a night? Maybe there’s a special lobbyists Craigslist for corruption. If you stay at a place in Washington for $50 a night, you better enjoy stab wounds.

Trump has been defending Pruitt and even called him to reassure his job was safe. But, a phone call or a promise from Trump can be the kiss of death, especially if he’s made up his mind.

Trump does like the job Pruitt is doing rolling back Obama-era environmental regulations. Plus, you know Trump doesn’t care about corruption. Pruitt may not make it through today, but that would only be because of public pressure.

Scott Pruitt is corrupt. He’s a thief and he’s stealing from us. He has to go. His boss is also stealing from us and he should go too.

The slime runs downhill.

Here’s the video.

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