Pruitt Gets Bounced


One of the arguments in favor of the richest cabinet in American history is; they’re already rich, so we don’t have to worry about them fleecing us. That’s a horrible argument. Are they telling us that if they weren’t wealthy then they’d be dishonest, untrustworthy, and a gang of thieves? As it turns out, that’s what they are anyway. Maybe it’s how they got rich in the first place. I own five guitars, but I’d like to think that if I didn’t own any that I wouldn’t go out stealing guitars.

Last week, California representative Maxine Waters called upon the public to harass and get in the face of Trump’s cabinet members in public and tell them how the administration is destroying America. Immediately, Trump accused her of calling for violence against his team (which she wasn’t) and hinted that violence would happen to her. She was painted as the crazy face of the Democratic Party (they were ignoring their own Jim Jordan). Even a lot of Democrats distanced themselves from her. As it turns out, her strategy is working.

For months, everyone in Washington, even Republicans, have wondered out loud how in the hell EPA chief Scott Pruitt still has a job. There are at least 14 current investigations into the guy’s corruption. For a president who ran on “drain the swamp,” Pruitt was the very definition of Swamp Thing. Other cabinet members had been fired for less while Trump continued to lavish praise on Pruitt. And then, a video went viral of one mom confronting Pruitt in public and that’s all she wrote. Maxine is looking less crazy now.

Kristin Mink, a teacher in Washington, D.C. confronted Pruitt while he was having lunch in a D.C. restaurant. While holding her two-year-old son, Mink calmly said to Pruitt, “This is my son. He loves animals. He loves clean air. He loves clean water. Meanwhile, you’re slashing strong fuel standards for cars and trucks for the benefit of big corporations. We deserve to have somebody at the EPA who actually does protect our environment, somebody who believes in climate change and takes it seriously for the benefit of all of us, including our children. I would urge you to resign before your scandals push you out.”

Is it crazy to think that after months of intense investigative journalism and even an Oval Office campaign from Chief of Staff John Kelly to get rid of Pruitt, that one mom’s criticism of Pruitt is what did the job? Not at all. This is a president who works on optics. The rest of Trump’s cabinet may wanna start bagging their lunch and eating at their desk. I’m looking at you Betsy DeVos, Ryan Zinke, and Ben Carson. You never see Ivanka and Jared at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Trump Baby’s Swamp Baby has been a very selfish, greedy, and petty little boy. The man seemingly engaged in one corrupt act after another to see how far he could push it and what he could get away with.

He is being investigated for travel, using first-class flights when it’s not necessary and viewing his office as a means to visit as many exotic locations as possible. He argued he couldn’t fly coach as people would tell him he sucked (which was true). He even traveled to pitch for corporations he was supposed to be regulating.

He rented a condo from a lobbyist at a sweetheart deal. As it turns out, despite the cheap rent in an expensive area of D.C., he was lousy at paying his rent.

He required round-the-clock security and even needed them on trips to the Rose Bowl and a trip to Disneyland. There were a lot of questions regarding how much of our money he was spending on his security. He spent $43,000 on a soundproof phone booth for his office. He paid a business partner of his top bodyguard $3,000 to sweep his office for listening devices.

He instructed staffers to help his wife get a six-figure job, a Chick-fil-A franchise, and to run out to expensive hotels to purchase him fancy schmancy hand lotion. He even had one attempt to buy him a used mattress from the Washington Trump Hotel. He’s also had them pay for his hotel rooms with their personal money and later refused to pay them back.

Over White House objections, he gave pay raises worth tens of thousands of dollars to two buddies he hired. Staff members who spoke up about Pruitt’s actions were harassed, punished, reassigned, or demoted.

On top of all this, he was using multiple email accounts. I do recall something during the campaign, and non-stop ever since, about “her emails.” It turns out, he was keeping a secret schedule from the public, scrubbing controversial events from his calendar. There are also multiple inquiries into violating lobbying laws.

Pruitt’s shenanigans ranged from the petty to the ridiculous. He was even asked to stop eating at the White House Mess so often. The biggest reason he kept his job for so long was that he was still doing the job exactly the way Trump wanted him to, other than the negative headlines.

In his resignation letter, Pruitt blamed “the unrelenting attacks” on himself and his family, which “have taken a sizable toll on all of us.” White Christian men are always the most victimized people in this nation. Can’t a guy buy a used mattress from his boss and expensive hand lotion from D.C. hotels without getting so much flack? The investigations won’t end with his resignation.

Pruitt had asked his security detail to use their sirens to run red lights, so he could get to expensive French restaurants quicker. Let’s hope he hits every red light on his way back to Oklahoma.

Watch me draw.

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Haz Mor Corupshun


EPA Director Scott Pruitt’s defense that he used his position to unethically seek a Chick-fil-A franchise for his wife was that he really likes fried chicken. That’s like defending yourself of taking kickbacks by saying you really like money.

On Thursday at an event at FEMA HQ, Donald Trump said to Pruitt, “EPA is doing really, really well. Somebody has to say that about you a little bit, you know that, Scott.” Yeah. Somebody has to say it because nobody else is saying it.

Over 100 lawmakers, including Republicans, have called for Pruitt to resign or be fired. Chief of Staff John Kelly, who has defended a wife beater on his staff, has lobbied for Trump to fire Oklahoma Scottie. The restaurant in the White House basement in the West Wing has requested for Pruitt to stop eating there so much. One of his top aides, Millan Hupp, has resigned with reports saying she was tired of being “thrown under the bus.”

Pruitt may be the most corrupt member of Trump’s administration, which is a hefty accomplishment among shitweasels. He attempted to give Hupp a raise of over 50% and involved her in all sorts of schemes, from buying a used nasty mattress from the Washington Trump Hotel to goad Chick-fil-A into giving his wife a franchise. After hearing the rumors of what Trump had Russian prostitutes do to a mattress, that’s the last thing I’d want from a Trump hotel.

There are currently more than a dozen investigations into Pruitt’s scandals. So many in fact, that Republicans are trying to decrease funding for the watchdog agency tasked with the investigations. With that many investigations, a lot of people wonder why Pruitt still has his job. I’m wondering why he’s not in jail.

It’s a long list of scandals for Pruitt. They include him getting a cheapo rate for boarding at a lobbyist’s condo, excessive travel expenses and security, spending around $1,500 on fancy pens, attempting to spend mega bucks on a portrait of himself, buying a soundproof booth, buying expensive doors for his office, wanting his security to use their flashy lights and sirens so they can run red lights and get him to get him to French restaurants quicker, and the pay raises, Trump’s mattress, and now Chick-fil-A.

Let’s hope for Scottie that the investigations are also closed on Sundays.

Watch me draw.

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Doped-Up Demons


Louisiana televangelist Jesse Duplantis said, “I really believe that if Jesus was physically on the Earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey. Think about it for a minute. He’d be in an airplane preaching the gospel all over the world.” With that argument, this jackass wants his followers to buy him a $54 million luxury private plane.

But he claims he doesn’t want you to buy it for him. God does. He tells us, “God said, ‘I want you to believe me for a Falcon 7X.’  The first thing I thought of was how am I going to pay for it? And a great statement that he told me in 1978 flooded into my mind, and he said, ‘Jesse, I didn’t ask you to pay for it, I asked you to believe for it.” I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, God wants you to buy him the plane, that God is talking to him, or that they’re on a first name basis.

If you do help him purchase the plane he wants, a Dassault Falcon 7X seating up to 19 with an optional on board shower, you won’t be saving him from commercial flights. You’ll be saving him from the other three private airplanes he owns.

Megachurch charlatans hate commercial flights. Fellow grifter Kenneth Copeland claims he too famous and important to deal with “this dope-filled world, and get in a long tube with a bunch of demons.”

He has a point. Doped-up demons are the worst kind of demons. And flying commercial does suck. But if you really believe you’re doing the Lord’s work, isn’t dealing with a tight seat and the tiny bag of nuts in a long tube full of doped-up demons worth it? If Jesus can sacrifice himself for your sins, can’t you sacrifice enough to deal with baggage claim and layovers?

In fact, these shitweasels shouldn’t be using their suckers’ money on building megachurches, living in $50 million tax-free mansions, riding in limos, and flying in private jets with optional showers. They should be living in two-bedroom houses, preaching in adequate buildings, driving Toyota Corollas, and flying commercial seated between the fat guy with stinky feet and the crying baby. I would rather see the money go toward an organization like St. Jude, which saves children from cancer and their parents never see a bill, than see it go to these jackasses’ luxurious lifestyles.

For that matter, EPA chief Scott Pruitt needs to start living a more modest lifestyle. Pruitt hates commercial flights himself and considers it dangerous to mingle with the filthy public who may approach him and, “You suck.”

For all the swamp draining Trump has promised, it’s amazing Pruitt still has his job, less enough not facing criminal charges…yet. Currently, there are nearly a dozen separate investigations into Pruitt’s corruption, from private expensive flights, to renting a condo owned by people lobbying the EPA, to giving his buddies hefty pay raises, to purchasing a soundproof booth, to several other shenanigans.

Trump could have been a televangelist. He looks like one with the stupid hair, spray-painted orange tan, and the constant stupid expression. He sounds like one too by emitting a constant stream of nonsense and lies. They’re all con artists.

I wonder how people can be dumb enough to throw their money at TV preachers so they can live in luxury, but then I remember, around 60 million people voted for Donald Trump.

What I’m arguing for is to make commercial flying even worse. Can you imagine being seated between Pruitt and the guy afraid of tube demons? Personally, I’ll take my chances with the doped-up demons.

Watch me draw.

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Drain The Sewer


While everyone, including myself, has spent the majority of the Trump era focused on Russia, the real danger for the orange stain on the presidency may be corruption. Make no mistake about it, the Trump administration is corrupt.

Donald Trump refuses to release his taxes, and we can only speculate based on the trails of Russian money and the popularity of his condos with money launderers, where the bulk of his income comes from. He also refuses to relinquish his businesses. Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm when he sought the presidency in order to avoid the appearance of conflict. Trump is taking money from foreign hotel guests who visit Washington.

The fact is Trump is making money off the presidency. Foreign dignitaries make sure to stay at the Trump Hotel in Washington to curry favor with the administration. Trump rents office space to the Secret Service at his properties, forcing the federal government to pay to protect him. Every time he goes to Mar-a-Lago or another of his resorts, he makes money off employees of the government and foreign dignitaries who rent rooms, purchase meals, rent golf carts, etc. He hosted the leaders of Japan and China at his Florida digs so he could use the ruse of diplomacy to make a buck off his guests. He even charges the Secret Service rental fees for the golf carts they require to follow his chunky ass around on the course. I’m starting to think it’s not really about the golf.

Ivanka’s fashion business has won a lucrative trademark in China, rare for a U.S. Company. Her husband Jared, the most powerful man in the country who can’t obtain a security clearance, is using the White House to negotiate business loans for his debt-heavy NYC properties. He’s attempted to obtain bribes from Qatar, and when that failed our nation initiated a blockade on the Persian Gulf nation.

The precedent for the rest of the administration is set at the top, and slime slimes downhill. Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency has caught heat for his expensive travel and purchasing a secure phone booth in his office that cost $43,000. Pruitt also has an around-the-clock security detail that consists of nearly 30 people, which should finally stop the long history of assassination attempts on EPA chiefs.

One of Pruitt’s excuses for traveling on military and luxury flights, like Emirates which has those snooty Jennifer Aniston commercials, is because when he flies coach other passengers tell him he sucks.

When Pruitt goes home to Tulsa, which is quite often, he charges the government for him staying in his own house. Seriously. Now, it’s come to light that he’s had a sweetheart deal from a lobbyist to rent a Washington, D.C. condo at $50 a night, but just for the nights he stays there. Pruitt’s daughter was allowed to stay for free in the condo less than a block from the Capitol. I’m going to ask my landlord if I can deduct from my rent the nights I’m not home.

The condo is owned by a lobbyist’s wife. This lobbyist has hosted fundraisers for Pruitt in the past and represents companies that need approval from the EPA to poison the environment. The EPA approved Canadian energy company Enbridge’s plan to expand a pipeline carrying oil to the United States from Canadian tar sands.

Washington is an expensive place to rent. The average rental in the city is $113.00 a night and condos in the same building as the one Pruitt rented go for $5,000 a month.

Pruitt gave an interview to Fox News on Wednesday night. He probably figured it was as safe as a $43,000 phone booth to plead his case to an audience of one to keep his job. As it turns out, Fox’s Ed Henry was actually tough on him.

Pruitt claimed he had just found out about raises totaling over $84,000 that went to two of his friends in his agency, despite the White House declining to authorize the raises. Pruitt said he found out about the raises Tuesday, and he put a stop to it. No answer on who gave the buddies, who followed him from his job as Oklahoma’s attorney general, those big pay bumps.

Pruitt also challenged the host to go on Craigslist to discover his rental price for the condo was in line with D.C. rental prices. Is there an alternate Craigslist out there, because the one I looked at doesn’t list any condos a block from the Capitol for $50 a night? Maybe there’s a special lobbyists Craigslist for corruption. If you stay at a place in Washington for $50 a night, you better enjoy stab wounds.

Trump has been defending Pruitt and even called him to reassure his job was safe. But, a phone call or a promise from Trump can be the kiss of death, especially if he’s made up his mind.

Trump does like the job Pruitt is doing rolling back Obama-era environmental regulations. Plus, you know Trump doesn’t care about corruption. Pruitt may not make it through today, but that would only be because of public pressure.

Scott Pruitt is corrupt. He’s a thief and he’s stealing from us. He has to go. His boss is also stealing from us and he should go too.

The slime runs downhill.

Here’s the video.

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A Clean Cartoon


Donald Trump has a very strong position on the environment. He’s against it.

Last Tuesday Trump issued an executive order that he didn’t forget to sign. This one rolls back federal regulations issued by President Obama to protect the environment. One detail of the new order is that the government isn’t to consider environmental impacts when making decisions. Who needs national parks and polar bears?

This brings us to coal. Trump likes to say “clean coal.” He can’t even say it convincingly. There is no such thing as “clean coal.” Did you know that the people who came up with the slogan for Las Vegas “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” are the same ones who came up with the “clean coal” campaign? Just because you heard it in an ad doesn’t make it true. Coal is not clean, herpes won’t stay in Vegas, and Trump does not make America great again.

Trump says the war on coal is over. Never mind the fact that it’s literally poison. Our new director of the EPA won’t buy that because he hates things like science and the EPA. Trump is promising to bring coal jobs back. Once again, he’s a liar.

Coal production today matches the same output it had in 1981. The world is moving forward in other energy sources. In 2015 the solar industry employed 260,000 people in the US, while the coal industry employed 70,000. In 2016, the number of people working in the solar-energy industry rose by 25 percent. Wind-energy employment spiked 32 percent. We are not going back to coal.

China leads the world in renewable energy with the U.S. coming in second. The U.K, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Japan, and even Russia are making advances in the field. They’re not looking at coal. Where will we be by the end of Trump’s term (whether he finishes or it’s handed off to Pence)?

I understand workers in an industry watching their careers and jobs go away. I’m in the newspaper industry. No one is hiring political cartoonists. I’m sure if a politician told me he was going to bring my job back that I would know he was a liar and was only pandering to me. I would feel disrespected and then I’d draw him as a shit weasel.

Coal miners who voted for Trump were bamboozled just as much as all those people who benefited from Obamacare and those who’ll get screwed over by his budget. If you’re in the top two percent, hey, you’re golden.

Coal miners should realize that Trump’s lies are dirtier than their coal.

Creative stuff: I really liked the way the black and white version turned out. So I decided to send that version to GoComics, as an experiment. Plus, I’m posting it here.


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Making EPA Toxic


I really hope The Simpsons are not on a roll with their political predictions.

In 2000 The Simpsons had an episode where Bart has a vision of the future and his sister, Lisa, is the new president of the United States. She makes a comment about the huge deficit and how the country is broke because of her predecessor, President Donald Trump.

This was in 2000 and the idea of Trump being president was supposed to be a huge joke about the stupidity of Americans…and the disaster a Trump presidency would bring.

If The Simpsons’ predictions keep coming true then within the next four years the Environmental Protection Agency will enclose a toxic American city inside a giant glass bubble, not let the citizens escape, and hide it from America, which was the plot of The Simpsons Movie. Eventually EPA (as Grandpa Simpson called it) will attempt to destroy the city and promote America’s brand new Grand Canyon, promoted with help by Tom Hanks (who also comments during the closing credits “If you see me in person, please leave me be.”)

Donald Trump has nominated a climate change denialist to his cabinet as head of the E.P.A. Scott Pruitt is the Attorney General for the state of Oklahoma, where they got rid of the environment. Pruitt is an advocate and puppet for the fossil fuel industry. Pruitt has sued the E.P.A. multiple times.

Pruitt has stated there’s disagreement within the science community about Climate Change. There’s not. He has claimed it’s a hoax, and has vowed to kill the Paris accord which commits nearly every nation to take action to fight climate change.

A 2014 investigation by The New York Times found that energy lobbyists drafted letters for Mr. Pruitt to send, on state stationery, to the E.P.A., the Interior Department, the Office of Management and Budget and even President Obama, outlining the economic hardship of the environmental rules.

If this man will allow oil and coal companies to write letters on his behalf and on his letterhead, he’ll let them write regulations.

Trump met with Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio to talk about the climate. His daughter wants to advocate to fight Climate Change. Trump campaigned stating that Climate Change was a hoax created by the Chinese (surprised he didn’t blame Comet Ping Pong Pizza), but has since said he’s “open minded” about it.

No. Trump is not open minded. He’s placing Ben Carson (a man who doesn’t know anything and has said he’s not qualified) to head HUD, a woman who hates education in charge of education, and reports are coming out now that he wants a fast-food CEO who hates the minimum wage and wants to replace human employees with robots, to head the department of Labor.

So if Trump and Pruitt imprison a U.S. city inside a giant glass bubble, can he get Mexico to pay for it?

Psst. See the fish in the cartoon? I told you watched way too much of The Simpsons marathon last week.

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A Really Nasty River Runs Through It


I created this cartoon for The Independent in St. George, Utah.

The toxic chemicals that leaked into the Animas River in Colorado are now seeping into other rivers into Utah and other states. The leak originated from Gold King Mine which was abandoned by the company that owned it. The EPA attempted to clean it up and inadvertently dumped the toxins into the Animas River. The state government in Utah and others are now threatening to sue the EPA. How come these states aren’t going after the Gold King Mine? Because these states are run by Republicans.

When oil companies contaminate the oceans, they’re usually (sometimes) held accountable cost wise. At least they get the blame and public scorn as well they should. If you rape land, abandon it while taking all the profit, destroy the environment, then you can wait for the federal government to take the blame and the tab. Of course the ones paying the tab are the taxpayers.

I had fun creating ‘Tale of the EPA and the Terrible Animas Contaminus’ for The Independent. I got to draw a lot of happy little trees.

Fishing Out Hillary’s Server


Hillary Clinton said she wouldn’t hand over the personal server she used while she was Secretary Of State. She also claimed it didn’t contain any classified emails. Wrong and wrong. She has now turned the server over to the FBI and apparently it contains a couple of classified emails.

Hillary’s campaign has gone from inevitable to probably.

If her server did end up in the Animas River, would the pollution in the river ruin her server or would her server ruin the river? Would we blame the EPA?