A Clean Cartoon


Donald Trump has a very strong position on the environment. He’s against it.

Last Tuesday Trump issued an executive order that he didn’t forget to sign. This one rolls back federal regulations issued by President Obama to protect the environment. One detail of the new order is that the government isn’t to consider environmental impacts when making decisions. Who needs national parks and polar bears?

This brings us to coal. Trump likes to say “clean coal.” He can’t even say it convincingly. There is no such thing as “clean coal.” Did you know that the people who came up with the slogan for Las Vegas “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” are the same ones who came up with the “clean coal” campaign? Just because you heard it in an ad doesn’t make it true. Coal is not clean, herpes won’t stay in Vegas, and Trump does not make America great again.

Trump says the war on coal is over. Never mind the fact that it’s literally poison. Our new director of the EPA won’t buy that because he hates things like science and the EPA. Trump is promising to bring coal jobs back. Once again, he’s a liar.

Coal production today matches the same output it had in 1981. The world is moving forward in other energy sources. In 2015 the solar industry employed 260,000 people in the US, while the coal industry employed 70,000. In 2016, the number of people working in the solar-energy industry rose by 25 percent. Wind-energy employment spiked 32 percent. We are not going back to coal.

China leads the world in renewable energy with the U.S. coming in second. The U.K, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Japan, and even Russia are making advances in the field. They’re not looking at coal. Where will we be by the end of Trump’s term (whether he finishes or it’s handed off to Pence)?

I understand workers in an industry watching their careers and jobs go away. I’m in the newspaper industry. No one is hiring political cartoonists. I’m sure if a politician told me he was going to bring my job back that I would know he was a liar and was only pandering to me. I would feel disrespected and then I’d draw him as a shit weasel.

Coal miners who voted for Trump were bamboozled just as much as all those people who benefited from Obamacare and those who’ll get screwed over by his budget. If you’re in the top two percent, hey, you’re golden.

Coal miners should realize that Trump’s lies are dirtier than their coal.

Creative stuff: I really liked the way the black and white version turned out. So I decided to send that version to GoComics, as an experiment. Plus, I’m posting it here.


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  1. When I first saw this, it was B&W. Here, in color, and I can’t decide which I like better. I just posted it on LBILA on FB, and it’s in B&W. Love the piece. I’m still trying to figure out which is the lesser of two evils, Pence or Ryan. Aack!

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